MAIN STAGE 0 Prodigy 9.30-10.30pm Rave's jaunty jokers turned gnarly beats and barks merchants top the bill.

O Offspring 7.35—8.50pm

The sizeable-shorted skate elders define the term pop-punk.

0 Slipknot 6.05-7.05pm

Look out for the flying animal entrails among the en-masse metal madness.

0 NOFX 5-5.45pm Veteran Californian quartet make their first appearance at the Green to show the young 'uns how punk was built.

0 Amen 4-4.40pm They may be label-less but this Casey Chaos and his vitriolic punk metal bandits are bound to make the heads spin.

0 Raging Speedhorn 3-3.40pm

Youthful brute force applied to the unsubtle genius of Motbrhead from these Brit contenders.

O Flogging Molly 2—2.40pm

More rock shocks for early afternoon masochists.

O The Dillinger Escape Plan 1—1.40pm Mind-bending math metal from this New Jersey quintet.


O Spiritualized 8.30—9.30pm

The perfect end to Saturday night space-rock lullabies from the original spaceman Jason Pierce.

l ' ‘“


O The Streets i 7.20—8.10pm

} Scottish debut with his

brutal but ingenious

3 mix of UK garage and

E hip hop.

O . . . And you Will

James Yorkston

a .


Mike Skinner makes his

l l l l

Know us by the Trail

of Dead 6.20—7pm

f A chaotic but


combination of

aggression and downbeat guitar

; intricacies from the Texan foursome.

O Cornershop 5.20—6pm

; A slouchy melange of

retro ticks and hip hop

and his Ioveably ecccentric cohorts.

10 THE LIST .v.» 55.4, ~

blips from Tjinder Singh

0 Haven 4.20—5pm Winsome indie bluster from this Travis—like. Johnny Man-produced quartet.

O The Shining 3.30—4pm

Psychedelic anthemic rock offerings featuring Simon Tong and Simon Jones. ex-members of the Verve.

0 Death Cab for Cutie 2.40-3.10pm Low-key indie rock quirks from this US quadet

0 James Yorkston 1.50-2.20pm

Brave stripped down acoustic skills from this lauded Edinburgh singer/songwriter.

When are they on? Will I get the last bus? All your GIG ON THE GREEN logistical quandaries are answered here. Words: Mark Robertson


p,‘..A:nd you Will Know us by the Trail of Dead

electronica and indie rock stylings.

0 Colin Tevendale 5—6.30pm

Another DJ making Glasgow fabulous. Commercially minded. but instinctively smart trance/house tricks

0 Geoff Martin 6.10—6.40pm

Veteran singer/ songwriter of 15 years.

0 Michael Kilkie 3.30-5pm

This Scottish institution has been an intrinsic part of Glasgow's scene since day one.

0 Amateur Guitar Anti-Heroes 5.20—5.50pm Self-explanaIOry rockers from the east (Fife. not China).

o Biffy Clyro

1—1.30pm 0 Jon Mancini o The Silver Pill

Stop/start jerks and 2—3.30pm 4.30—5pm

considered celebratory Famed for his industrial Edinburgh's own pop moments among strength beats dealt out SonicSmashingPlacebo the alt.rock maelstrom. from behind the decks PumpkinYouth.

; varied box of tunes.

0 Trevor Reilly

2 6.30—8.30pm

The first of a trio of

Colours/Clyde One's success stories with

at the Arches.

SMIRNOFF O The Hazy Janes EXPERIENCE 0 Iain ‘Boney’ Clark 3.45-4.15pm

0 Tall Paul 1-2pm Been-around-the-block 8.30—10.30pm Another Colours regular indie gang of note.

He's a very long superstar DJ indeed and he knows how to pack a feelgood party house punch from a

gives the punters the beats they need. 0 Kirby 3-3.30pm Female fronted edgy but

melodic pop shocks.

0 Fisher and Price noon—1 pm

The Fruitfly residents Open up with a flamboyant fruit cocktail of jacking house treats.

O The Waltzers 2.15—2.45pm

Not the fairground attraction but an attractive poppy proposition.


0 The Red Bee Society 7—7.30pm A careful blend of

intelligently minded and accessible house stompers

O Raar 1.30—2pm Psychedelic-glam- ; space-rock anarchy.