Eat out, drink up


Stirling’s foodie insiders tip up at intimate Olivia’s


5 Baker Street, 01786 446277 Mon-Thii 5~9.30;)m: Fri

t Opm; Sat noon-2pm,

5“ 1 0pm: Sun 3 ~me.

HW 57.1 1.25. £18.50

Speak to local foodies in Stirling and this is the place that man) will tip. It‘s something of an unknown gem. run by Laurie Veiteh for the past four years. A single shop-size dining room with space for about 4()—odd diners. it was recently spruced up with hillowy chiffon on the ceiling. new marhle look flooring and white linen. Fresh. local!) sourced (well. at least. Scottish) produce. cooked to order is the highlight here: Cockhurn's black pudding and hacon salad. fillet of Kippen lamh served with asparagus and mint hollandaise. seared king scallops with papaya. coriander and chilli salsa. These are just samples; the a la carte menu changes every couple of weeks. And should ()livia‘s signature modern Scottish cuisine fail to turn you on. a Thai chef cooks a host of dishes as well. such as heel salad or duck with coriander. coconut. pineapple and cherr) tomatoes. Bookings are recommended. + Fresh produce

w No weekday lunches

Stirling examples

Over the last month, you could he forgiven for thinking that the capital was Scotland's o/i/y city. Rousing from your festival Stupor. you groggily remember that. in fact. the country boasts Six cities and x'rhat wetter way to beat the post-fest blues; than get out and explore them. hanging; yOurself some quality iiosri |.'l the process?

This |SSUO. The List profiles eating; Out in Stirling and you'll see it can he a cosmopolitan affair.

I Note that HW denotes the cost of a bottle of house Wine, while the price in hold type is the average cost of a two-course -)V(BI)/litj meal, exc/us/ve of drinks or gratuity.

The Bamton Bar 8: Blstro

" . : . £7

With high ceilings. loads ol' window s iplus mirrors to reflect l|f_‘lll during: the da} l. the Barnton liar tk Bistro lorcsaw hack in the earl} fills the trend that the pith trade would take with a inoxe awa} li'oin ding}. snioke lilled drinking; dens. l'ood is serx ed till 7.30pm. with last orders e\tendcd an e\tra hour lrom .llll until Sep. the menu ollet's hard} larc; especiall} the whopping; hie steak cluh and smoked sausage cluh sandwiches. liarnton‘s ‘all da} hreaklast' options are alwa} s axailahle. the blackboard lt'ullll't‘s a lew dail} specials as well. and the stall don't mind dealing with


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linickct} eaters or those with dietar}

restrictions. The llarnton is as good tor a cup ol collee iscr\ ed iii its own liai'nton hi'anded inuesi as it is tor a pint ol' lager. r (‘asual amhiencc

('luttei' ol' games machine Beanan "3 . “1.. ":.. :3’. 1:“ ";.. \Vclcoining to all: with hoth adult games tee Scrahhlei and plent} ol stull that should tat least tenipoi'aril} i entertain children. it's also conipletel} non-smoking. Once a week ll\L‘ acoustic llllhlt‘ rather l’l'lt’llt/V l’hoehc like hut alwa}s in tune is tcatuied In the e\enin;_'. l’.spl‘csso lXIscd col'lees. sweet things. sandwiches tsuch as red 'l‘hai chicken or lixe heart huminusi and a tapas menu tduck and port pate to root \egetahle plattei'i are licanscene culinar} staples. sold li'oni the morning till late. In the e\ eniiie. lht )li is encouraged with a minimal

corkage charge. + l-‘riendl_\ ainhience .\'o treshl} prepared sarnies


.. . £20 llerniann‘s oll'ers a refined atmosphere with solid preparation ol l'resh ingredients. There is a handlul ol signature .'\ll\ll'l.|ll dishes such as iager schnit/el. escalope ol pan- l'ried will with a red wine and mushroom sauce. as well as traditional w iener schnit/el tow ner llerniann .v\schaher was horn in the ‘l"\rol i. llerinann's dining space taliiiost entirel} smoke li'eei includes an atmospheric conserwitor} to the rear ol' the ground floor. l'pstairs an elegant room with Mackintosh inspired design can he hooked prixatel}. ln contrast to the a la carte dinner menu. lunch is set price at UN)” l'or two courses and {I I5“ lor three. + Assured ser\ ice and cuisine

Slightl} unad\enturous

Smiling Jacks .i, ,. at. ,_ ,.£ ,- 5L... ,1‘ ’: i of £12 ll ine\pensi\e. lilline meals are what )ou seck. look no lai'tlter than this cheap. cheerlul diner in the cit} centre. The papier- mache heads donned w ith somhreros ollet’ a laid} strong hint that the specialities here are in .\le\. and the menu leatures a range ol' enchiladas and l'aiitas. as well as chimichaneas and whopping plates ol' nachos But it's not all south ol' the horder larc: hurgers. ('rcole pork steaks. rihs and surl and lint. too. The most popular e\ ening meal for those with big; appetites has to he the £13 so called ‘hucket ol honcs.‘ It's a howl chicken w mes. pork and laiiih chops. rack ol rihs plus chips and coleslaw. + \‘alue l'or mone}

You call that a tot'tilla',’

Tolbooth Restaurant and 63%] Bar

t "'. £15.50 The loll‘oolli is Stirline‘s new name lor music and the arts. Within the historic huildine. architect Richard .\ltirph_\ has created contemporar} spaces in the £0 million reno\ation that complement the stone structure. The 'I'olhooth's a la carte dinner menu. which changes e\ er} lew months. is modern Scottish, with an emphasis on l'rcsh produce. The 'l'olhooth ma} he w ell-known lor its spooks hut the onl} spirit we sensed was the enthusiasm that went into the cooking. Smoking: onl} allow ed in har. + Succulent pork loin

l'ncoml'oi‘tahle cal'e chairs


Sunday Lunch

()n Sana/av afternaon 0117' e/Jefl‘ prepare

w a super!) and innovative nzenn. Relax

and enjai' a ii’mzdet‘fnlfina—eanrxe lane/J and agflaxy aflf'z'zz.

Excellent value at £17.50 per person.

12 Ashton lane

'l‘el (HM-334 5007