How to place a Flats

The List Flatshare service is for people offering a room to rent in a shared flat and is a reliable and successful way of

finding a new flatmate. It is simple to use and here’s what to do.

When you telephone the Hotline you will be asked for

1. Your name, address, postcode and daytime number, including dialling code 2. Up to 30 words of description about the room, rent and type of person sought 3. A contact number for would-be-flatmates to ring

Flatshare Classified

Flatshare Hotline 09070 201 610

The List magazine comes out fortnightly on a Thursday and weekly during the festival. Your Flatshare advert will appear in the next available magazine and will be included for one issue only. Subsequent insertions must be telephoned in again. The deadline for flatshare is 11am on the Thursday before publication.

Each telephone call will be charged at 75p per minute and should last about 3 minutes.

Calls from non-BT and mobile phones may cost more.

If you need help or are concerned about anything, please call our Helpline on 0870-120 1504.

Please note that Flatshare is only for people seeking a flatmate. If you wish to place any other kind of accommodation advert, such as Rooms Wanted, Property to Let or Property Wanted, you should use the booking form in the back of this magazine.

If you are unable to get through please ensure that your phoneline is not barred from Premium Rate numbers. In the event of barring please contact your service provider or telecom company or use another phone.

Only those looking for a flatshare

when recieving enquiries about your;


I No single rooms in friendly Polwarth flat. sharing with two others. £225 pcm + bills + (‘T. Tel: (1131 228 3107 after 6pm weekdays or anytime weekends.

I Double room & single room in friendly double upper flat. Shared lounge 8: kitchen. £275 pcm & £200 pcm. Available end of August. Tel: ()1 31 477 9566.

I N/s sunny room in calm. quiet. clean. professional flat. (iay friendly. £187.50 pcm + bills + (‘T. Tel: 01 31 346 7620. I Haymarket/West End. Bright single room sharing with two mature students. All mod cons. Mature student preferred. Available from mid September. £225 pcm + bills + deposit. Tel: 07813 875 572.

I Room available, sharing with 1 other. £190 pcm + bills. Tel: ()l3l 623 5241. I Student wanted to share with one other. Spacious room in (iorgie area. £230 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 466 4099.

I No student princesses wanted to share llayrnarket Palace. with 2 others. £260 pcm + bills. Tidy. n/s. Tel: 07748 183 242.

I Double & single room in Moniingside flat. Would suit professionals. £280 pcm including ('1' + bills. Tel: 07929 397 832.

I Flexible term let. Double room available now in spacious (iorgie flat. near supermarket 8; main bus routes. n/s only. £250 pcm including ("11 Tel: (1131 443 8150.

I Large sunny room available in l)alkeith Road flat sharing with 2 others. £205 pcm including ('T. Tel: 01 31 662 0466.

I Room available for professional in (‘anonmills flat. £190 pcm + bills + (‘1‘. Tel: 0131 556 7382.

I Large double room in bright New Town flat. Fully furnished. (iC'H. wooden floors. lounge. well decorated. all mod cons & stunning views. Suit young professional. gay friendly. £350 pcm + all bills. Tel: ()l3l 557 6067.

I Large single room in very quiet New Town top fiat. Sharing with 2 others. Suitable for responsible. mature. n/s professional. £200 pcm + bills + (‘T. Tel: ()1 31 556 7659 after 23rd August.

I Large double room available in New Town flat. Would suit professional or postgraduate student. All mod cons. Sharing with 2 others. £289 pcm + bills. Available early October. Tel: 07719 162 351.

I West End. Single room in very central bright flat. Sharing with 3 others. Available at the start of September. £225 pcm + bills + (‘T + deposit. Tel: (1131 225 1495 between 7pm & 9pm weekdays.

I Young professional 8: final year student seek n/s. to share centrally located flat from 1st September. £250 pcm + bills. Tel: (1131 229 8441.

I Double room in Central Tollcross flat. sharing with photography student. 28. Would suit easygoing. n/s cultured student with top dish washing skills 8.: (iS()ll. £250 including gas & electricity. Tel: 0131 228 3970.

I Double bedroom available in Tolleross flat. sharing with a mature male student. Fully furnished with all mod cons. £220 pcm + deposit + bills. Tel: (1131 478 2212.

I Looking for a mature & responsible female student to share a flat in lbllcruss. £170 pcm. Tel: 0131 2290080.

I Responsible female student wanted to share a flat. Individual room. Tollcr'oss. £170 pcm. Tel: 0131 2290080.

I Bedroom & separate study in lovely double L'pper Stockbridge (‘olony flat. Available to [Xistgraduate or similar. to share with one other female & ginger cat. (i('1-1. flame fire in lounge 8; WM etc. Tel:

0131 651 13l0or0131 332 9341.

I Short term let. Beautiful large double room in gorgeous Georgian apartment. (‘omely Bank Avenue. Sharing with one other tidy. n/s female. £280 pcm including all bills + telephone. Tel: (1131 449 1009 or07789 777 342. I Morningside Road.

Large bedroom in bright sunny

flat to share with 2 others. £225 pcm. Tel: 07989 867 053.

I Single room in spacious Stockbridge flat sharing with 3 others. Available 1st September. £250 pcm. Tel: 07815 105 111. I Available now. Double room in spacious gay friendly flat. (iCH + all mod cons. £240 pcm + bills + ("11 Tel: 01 31 554 5822 or 07786 928 055.

I Attractive room in a newly decorated central flat in

Leith. Too many facilities to list.

lixcellent bus links. opposite 12 screen cinema 8; sharing with 2 others. £280 pcm all inclusive. Tel: (1131 476 3277.

I Bright airy single room in lovely Leith flat. Available now. All mod cons. (i(‘H. 1)(i. bath. electric shower 61; close to all amenities 8.: bus routes to (‘ity Centre. £225 pcrn + bills + (‘T. Tel: 0781 l 862 676 after 6pm weekdays.

I Flatmate wanted to share with one young. professional female. in modern two bedroom flat. near the shore in Leith. £300 pcm including bills & ("II Available beginning of September. Tel: 07776 2| 1 880. I Single room in lovely modern l.eith flat. to share with one other. Young professional female preferred. £270 pcm + bills + ('T. Tel: 07951 192 471.

I Female required for room in large Leith flat. sharing with I female 8; 1 male. £230 including (‘T. electricity 8.: gas. Tel: ()l3l 555 6576.

I Beautiful modern flat off London Road to share with one other. Double room available immediately. Would suit single person or couple. Very close to all amenities. £325 pcm + bills. Tel: (1131 620 0941 or 07929 1 10594.

I Leith. Large room in friendly flat with cat. Professional n/s preferred. £265 pcm including bills + telephone. Available from 26111 August. Tel: (1131 554 0927.

I Spacious furnished double room in Broughton Street. (iay friendly. Available September. £300 pcm + bills + (‘T + £200 deposit. Tel: ()1 31 556 4990.

I Room in Easter Road flat. All mod cons including cable tv. Recently upgraded kitchen. bathroom. clean & well furnished throughout. Suit laid back. n/s female. to share with one other female. £250 pcm inclusive. Tel: ()l3l 661 0708 or 07903 120 987.

I No rooms in sunny liaster Road flat. fully furnished. all mod cons. Double room £260 pcm. Single room. £170 pcm. not inclusive of bills. Available from 27th August. Tel: 07786 227 887. I Double room in Hat on llolyrood Road. Suitable for professional n/s female. £247.20 pcm + bills +('1‘. Tel: ()l3l 557 3184. I Newington. Large room in spacious flat sharing with one other. (i('ll. Suit young professional. Available 7th September. £220 pcm + bills + ('1' + deposit. Tel: 0131 667 6027. I Haymarket. Comfortable single room in spacious flat. share kitchen & bathroom. All mod cons & (i('1l. £64 pw. .\'o bills & no USS. Tel: ()131 667 6338.

I Quret mom in shared

Marchmont flat. professional/ mature student. all mod cons. £200 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 2296123. I Central. Large double bedroom & excellent shared facilities. £75 pw including (‘T. Suit couple. Also single bedroom £40 pw including (‘T Available from the beginning of September. Tel:0131 2295124.

I Room in shared flat available from the beginning of September. situated next to the meadows. Standard double room shared living room. toilet & kitchen. £225 pcm + bills. Tel: 07816 539 841 or 07989 193 607. I No females wanted to share a large room. Friendly & international flat. looking for tidy & n/s females. £300 pcm + bills + (‘T. Tel: 07876 565 492. I Beautiful flat in .\larchmont/Iollcross area. One female llatmate required. Large double room newly fumished 8; decorated throughout. views of castle & meadows. £285 pcm. Tel: 07967 985 038 after 18th August. I Bright room available in spacious Newington flat. Large lounge & kitchen. all mod cons & (3(‘11. Tidy. considerate. n/s female preferred. £250 pcm + bills + (‘T. Tel: ()1 31 6629283. I Newington. Fabulous double room in funky. colourful n/s flat. All mod cons. bnght 8; spacious. Suit outgoing. friendly person. £275 pcm + ('1'. Travellers welcome. Tel: (1131 477 0704. IRoom it 3 bed flat. llaynuirket. with swim pool. sauna. £250 + bills. Avail. now. Tel: 07786 123 230.

PERTH IS! Madoes, Perth. large mom

with cn-suite in gorgeous. sunny. fully equipped modern houseshare with garden. garage and cat. Suit m/f

professional or couple. £325 PC.“

+ bills. Refs required. Perth 5 mins. Dundee 15 mins A9. Tel: 01738 860 080e-mail: seymixmlcwlxitnnrilcom

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