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V I saw you Jenny. looking at tne while pouring a pint. Did we have a special moment'.’ I think I love you. [7/449/1

V I saw you at the Tron drinking red wine + smoking. l was alone. yott with a crowd. Tuesday ()Ill August. Reply".".".’ [7449/2

V I saw you in doorway in ()ban. Romantic night out. Huh. It was fun. kletchit baby. [7/449/3

V I saw you you left handed freak. Yott drinking water. There's a scare on. Madman. [7449/4

V I saw you working as a waitress in a coffee shop. You

w attted mermaids - all I had was decorative eagles. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. [.7449/5

V I saw you & can't slop thinking abottt you. ('an I be your skateboard1’1"? [7449/o

V I saw you on the underground then [81' working (0 'I‘inderbox. Wow! Shantha the pantha!!! l.uv u. . .Pete's pal. [.7449/7

V I saw you walking ottt of the (EFT. Wiin I'd said hello. smiled. something. Sunday I I August. Noon. [7/449/8

V I saw you handing the that ilyer - it really got me going. Max you sexy beast xx. [7449/9 V I saw you dark hair. pony tail. track suit top. sitting at the bar ('ul-de-Sac Saturday l()th Attg. Very sexy. [7449/l()

V I saw you Jal. never thought anyone could have stupider hair...You go gall Izzy. [7449/l l

V I saw you hanging around in ()ffshore. .\'o cable tie eye loss yet I'm afraid. Blonde fairy on yer butt. Think you're cool do ya. Word. (ittess who'.’ [7449/l 2

V I saw you short brown fut'. running through forest. I think your name was Pete. those were the finest pair of legs I've seen brave warrior. [.7449/l .3


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124 THE LIST ’22 Aug 5) Sop 700?

V I saw you at the "Stagger Inn" in Ardlui on the evenittg of 7th August. You were at a large table of women-the only man as I remember. A blonde woman in your patty had a phone that played "The Sash". I sat at a table by myself. though next to you- but not close enough itt my opinion. After eating we breiily conversed. You were trained at a Station close to where I now live. I wish I had asked your name? I long to see you again. (Set in touch and we can meet together. I would love that. [7449/l4

V I saw you on the tube on Sat night 27 July. You had clumpy' (but nice) shoes. black coat. reddish skirt. and world's most gorgeous smile. I had glasses. grey coat and world's stupidest shyness. ('an you cure me‘.’ (for the shyness. i mean - l'tn pretty mttch stuck with the coat and glasses!) [7449/l5

VI saw you in Bar II). (ilasgow. You had to run with your peg leg. Wood like to see your eyes without the patch. [7449/ l (i V I saw you on the l7:3() (ilasgow to London shuttle on Friday 9th August. You. in beige jacket & jeans carrying a huge pink hat box. Me. in blue check shirt & jeans. Too scared to say Hi. but you are gorgeous - can we meet up'.’ [7/449/17

V I saw you in room 219. handing ilowers out of the window to lesbians and leather queens. lets have another snog. and hopefully the bears will cheer some tnore. [7449/l 8

VI saw you sttn 4/8 sunny Brel garden. then (0 optimo. [7 showed olfur podium skills! llavent looked (a‘ a girl since! If u fancy some T. call my directline. [7449/ I 9

V I saw you "ilugh Boss" man. on the (ilasgow underground on Sat 3rd Aug. Me blond in blue suede jacket.

I like a man in a suit! [7449/20 V I saw you leaving: JennytxZ). Jeremy. Alan and many many more. (‘ome on you \Ys - gel otti tltete and get a life! [7449/2l

cuscow Alto EDINBURGH mamm-

V I saw you Simon on train to iidinburgh. you catne to my exhibition. 1 was sorry I didn't get your number. Shona. [7449/46

V I saw you raking the bins behind the Italian (‘entre last Saturday for (‘adbury's Snack bars. You: Specs. red-eye. l)ttndonian. Tourette's. slow tnoving. Me: Iinjoying watching your missus buying fancy lingerie with your credit card in La Sen/a. Sort it out Bursny. [7449/39

V I saw you Su/anne the beautiful Boots pharmacist at Sauchiehall Street 8; (ilasgow Airport. With your lovely eyes. luscious long hair and delightful detneanottr you're a certain cure for any sniflles or tickly' coughs. l‘ortunately I don't have any of those. but I do have a headache I'd like you to remedy. caused by not being able to snatch a quiet moment with you and saying 'hi'. dtte to your work. What would you recommend for this particular condition '.’ The Peach water doesn't seem to do the trick...[ 7448/l 3

V I saw you Alex. but how could you leave tne like lliis'.’l We're so close and I never thought we could part. At least my sailing trip will take my mind off you. ('ome back to me in 3 months months time. so we can M().\'I'I'()R each other once tnore. All my love. Iirank xxx [7448/l4

V I saw you Thomas on Saturday August 3rd.Wc danced the night away. Sunday Attgust 4th cant stop thinking about you.You wanted to see me again. i wasn't sure what I wanted.llow about we have a drink and find out. X [7448/]5 V I saw you in Va Sorca: wherever you see me. frankly...[ 7448/ I (i

V I saw you making free coffee and giving away sandwiches. You perfectly proportioned. theres nothing worse...Me. well I'll btty you a drink for fecking you over. [7448/17

V I saw you on the no.l l bus friday atn. 26/7. Me blonde glasses reading. you tall. dark handsome. Stniled as you got off gibson street.l"ant.‘y a drink sometime'.’ [7448/] 8


V I saw you behind the bar at blue and would like to meet you! [7449/22

V I saw you (iod of the free alcohol in the l-‘ilmhouse bar. My red hair flames more at the thought of you. [7449/23

V I saw you hair w rapper with shoulder length brown hair. You were there with 2 young children - one was about i I. one about (i. I think you are pretty. [7449/24 V I saw you tall handsome punk with green hair and dog with red attd yellow hair. I think you are gorge. [7449/25

V I saw you. You had big lips. a big nose and a big heatt. I saw you in the (‘anongate with your guitar. lid l lo\e you. [7449/26 V I saw you. Hey Blondie. wooah. . .atomicl Hope you survive safari and that morning after was memorable. Lots of love your baby girls. [7449/27 V I saw you Keith in the ('ity ('afe Sunday night. sorry for being a prick. [7449/4i)

V I saw you Mr () outside Favorit that night and you thought only computers liked you. . .in the Westie tnug please and sixteen squeezes. [7449/28 V I saw you sexy lady! lilame red hair. classy trousers. Liz. I can‘t spell. Dartmoor‘s nice. Adatn. [,7449/29

V I saw you sleeping at Luvely. Shore. l()th August. Wish we had chatted tnore. Did I pttt you to sleep or would you like to meet for a drink/coffee'.’ Please contact Mike (Meadowbank ). [.7449/30

V I saw you North London girl. I walked you safely to Assembly Rooms I l.3()pm I I August. Hope you had a good festival. Peter. [f/449/3l

VI saw you adorable Black Medicine guy with "too much tip top". (ireying admirer mesmerised and intrigued by your beauty. What makes you tick‘.’ In any capacity? Be flattered. Be bold. Reply! Talk! [7449/32

V I saw you again Bobby Joe. looking for things to stick in your book. thought this might do: Ilappy llolidale. [.7449/33 VI saw you Was this the face that launched a thousand ships??? I saw you. Starbucks / Waterstone's. Mm-mmmll [.7449/34

V I saw you blonde curly (‘anadian sashaying tip and down in lgttana in your sexy black pants. (irrrr! [.7449/35 V I saw you Hanover Street Friday 2nd of August. You gorgeous tall dark handsome (ireenpeace volunteer. Me'.’ I'm full ofenergy. you know where l workl Lets save the world together'.’ x [.7449/36

V I saw you at DJ Shadow. lind of the night. you were looking beatttiful & I said so. I couldn't hang around. but if you want to meet again...[,'/449/37 V I saw you You work in a (‘anongate sandwich shop. You are short. cute. friendly & front the southern hemisphere. i work next door. atn taller. forgetful. only intermittently socially skilled. Wattt lunch‘.’ [.7449/38 V I saw you whoring your trade in the Assembly Rooms box office. One look at you and "me 'eads spinnin'". Will you take me to Paris for a coffee and eclair'.’ [.7449/4l

V I saw you standing at the l‘ilmhouse bar on Monday 12 August and wished that we were still friends. [7/449/42

V I saw you Landscaper of Leeds origin in that place that neither of its go to. And I saw more of you later. The Baby Oil is still available - bttt maybe I didn't live up to the message on my t-shirt‘.’ [7449/43

V I saw you and your big red apple 'pinny shame' Bryson. l)irty I atn not - well. only on special occasions. Shant reveal quite yet - enjoying watching you sweat...['/449/44

V I saw you on August 4th playing hacky sack in Princes St (iardens in the sunshine. You in your baggy green trousers. tne desperate to improve my ball handling skills'.’ [7449/45

V I saw you and your tattoo! You horny mian You drew me - literallyl'l'hanks for those few naked days - much fttn. Pity we didn't get time for the other half of the Kama Sutra - propet‘lyl If you're ever passittg... From the Big ('at that got the (Squirtyi Cream!" [7448/29

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V I saw you in lispionage on Friday 2nd. I had the ring. an angry friend and too many shots. Think about you all day and would love to see you again. [7448/30

V I saw you acrtic foxtyi - saw u too. whiskers and nose twitching. wondering when u were gonna come over and trap me! I wouldn't run or fly irotn you. I promise? Lets burrow away together. c u soon

- llying rabbit [7448/3l

V I saw you fabulous tall smiling dark haired baker goddess. in Scott's. 'lollcross. with your lovely helper maidens. You're a sight for sore eyes in the morning. Love the bread too. [7448/33

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