0 The Strokes 9.20-10.30pm

Back again. this time to top the bill. NYC's most wanted know how to rock.

0 Pulp 7.35-8.50pm Sheffield's most

debonnair dilettantes return for more heart- warming pop genius.

O Jane’s Addiction 6.05-7.05pm

After a decade in limbo the pioneering rock quartet come to blow some more minds.

0 The White Stripes 5—5.45pm

Brother and sister? Husband and wife? The stripped down blues rock explosion is all

that matters here.

0 Elbow 4-4.40pm Expansive. melancholic rock magic from this smart Manc quintet.

O The Vines 3.10-3.40pm

The one export lrom Aussie guaranteed to drive more people mental than Castlemaine XXXX.



UST ' r 0 Leaves 5.20—6


0 Guided by Voices


\u‘.'l<1‘t.t1i'.it}!;"~{i‘><1‘.(iLL) indie rock fizz-.itgifitei

Hot; l)::-:Eai:l .'"£‘.v\-irfl his

trip-:21. (jut/tit.

O The Bellrays 3.30—4pm

/\\..(.~ i. sini zit: .iaiatii;

:iiter‘. "v '. .’i

O The Datsuns 2.40-3.10pm

[(Ixi' \..().. \Jrlizltr'.,_>'\ri'i\ fit": 3hr, \ i. l" r/I\.‘:\xlnil"’l \

O The Polyphonic Spree 2.25—2.55pm En masse Beach Bog; meets Beatles prog lunacy.

O The Moldy Peaches 1.40—2.10pm Stupid costumes. pEacK humour and tales frc'i‘ the scooter side of N (I.

O Aerogramme 12.55-1.25pm Bearded bi-polai bornbast from the excellent Chemikai Underground act.


O Feeder 8.30—9.30pm

The triumphant return of the chiselted- cl'ieekboned rock trio.

0 Stereo MC’s 7.20—8.10pm Manchesters soulful hip hop veterans continue to spread good Vibes.

O Reindeer Section 6.20-7pm

Scotland's indie ans'.'.'er to Emerson, l. ake and Palmer out to show that 27 people can I, ; 3. 5-1 '

combine to male: great Pam Oake‘nfow


O Longwave 1.50—2.20pm

NY act. out to make an 'lY‘tNCSSIOH on their

own after their support

slot With the Strokes.

0 Simple Kid 1-1.30pm

A lam-ante of Radio is Mark and Laid over

‘iorii |reEan<l kicks off

the day's eritertain'itmit.


0 Carl Cox 8.30—10.30pm

lite .'l"{tf3i(‘:t of bag and beastlg. techno takes

0 Paul Oakenfold 6.30—8.30pm

Hit: original superstar

DJ spins an eclectic set of cr< wripleasers. still riding high from his debut album. Bunk/(a.

O Herman Cattaneo 5—6.30pm Argentina's greatest expert since the hand of God brings more :iiternational flavour.

0 Tom Stephan 3.30—5pm

More considered \"\-’eegie friendty deep house flavours.

O Desyn Masiello 2-3.30pm

Extending his talents to :n‘press on the decks with a breadminded seiect:on of t)l'()gt'(}t§f3l‘.‘(}

The Vines

O Paolo Mojo 1-2pm Digging through the funkier side of the global dance scene with a diverse early afternoon selection.

0 Huggy noon—1 pm Local lad done good as the Edinburgh spinner opens the tent With a sele(,:tion of glammy but rugged house treats.


0 Kush 7—7.30pm More mysterious rock faces to top this fest of [10W ll‘itlSlC.

O The Dendrons 6.10-6.40pm

An energetic. eclectic young indie rock outfit

I Driveblind 5.20—5.50pm

l-‘rom oop north. this sextet influenced by the likes of the Byrds. Led Zep and the Faces.

O Zuba 4.30—5pm Eclectic mix of world. funk and pop.

0 The Roughness 3.45-4.15pm

Reggae meets hip hop meets drum & bass in this dancefloor-friendly live mix.

0 Babacool 3—3.30pm

A slightly unhinged gang specialising in lmatts'n'breaks layered With guitars and emotive vocals. but take heed? They have a digeridoo.

0 Big Big Sound 2.15—2.45pm

Livuig up to their name. Bound to blow away those early Sunday cobwebs.

O The Storm Petrels 1.30-2pm

Openers are acerbic altrock infused with Beatlesy soi‘.g\.'-/i'iting principles.