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Kissing Jessica Stein l ISi COO t(’harlex llerman—\Vurint'eld. l‘S. 2t)()2i lleather Juergenxen. Jenniter \Vextt'eldt. 00min. \Vextteldt pla} x .lexxica. a neurotic tournalixt \tho‘x led up \\ ith the xtring oi loxer datex xhe‘x had in the paxt. ()n a \\ him. xhe anxtxerx an intriguing uoman xeeking uottiatt perxonal ad and meetx llelen tJuergenxeni. a xe.\uall}

curioux art galler} miner intending to embark on her tirxt lexbian attair.

'l'he pei‘t‘ormaneex are xuperb u ith a rd) xtrong xtipport eaxt \\ ith xome great Manhattan location \xork tnot an eaxy aehiexement in xuch a \‘ixually familiar city). thix hax oodlex of quirk)‘ independent appeal. Recommended. FTH Cinema. Falkirk.

0 The Ladyktllers (PU) oooo (Alexander Mackemdrick. ['K. 1955i Alec (iuinnexx. ('eeil Parker. Katie Johnxon. t)7min. .-\ bunch of not-xo-hright erookx planning a daring robber} get more than the} bargain for \\ hen the} xet tip headquarterx \\ itli a xeemingly harmlexx little old lad}. \Vr} lialing coined). with (iiiinnexx ax uxual outxhining a plethora ot’

\ igoroux comic character actorx. See Rough cutx. (ii-“ll (ilaxgott.

0 Lantana t is. oooo tRa}

l.a\x rence. .-\uxtra|iai( ieriiian}. 3002 i .v\ntlion}’aglia. (ieollt‘e) Rtixh. Barbara llerxhe}. lllmin. 'lhix xmall cinetiiatic gem t'\pltit'ex the great Illt‘tttt‘\ ttl' lti\ L‘ and lonelinexx in a \ei'} quiet and conxidered manner. l‘oiir marriagex in total are brought into pla}. each of them \trought \\ ith guilt. pain and lonelinexx. and becauxe the tilm openx \\ itli a cloxe tip ot a dead \toman’x bod} concealed in a denxe thicket. \\ e kno\\ that in the courxe ot the action. one of the mai'rtagex \\ ill reach the ultimate end. Part murder iii}xter}. part px} chological drama. part lme xtot‘}. l.(ll1/tllltl keepx _\ou on )oiii' toex \\llllL‘ it alxo makex )oii think about the ua} x in \thich \\L‘ deal. or rather don't deal “llll emotional paui. See re\ lt‘“. (ieneral lik'lL‘il\L'.

O The Lavender Hill Mob it“. C... t(‘hai'lex ('richton. [‘K. l‘)51i.v\lec (iuinnexx. Stanle} llolloua}. Sidne} Janiex. ~(S'imn. (’harmiiig lialing coined} that hax mild-iiiaiinered batik clerk (iuinnexx being dragged into a gold bullion robber}. Smaxhing xatire and cracking car chaxe. Se Rough cutx. (il-"l‘. (ilaxgou.

The Lawless Heart I tit 0.. (tom llunxuiger’Neil llunter. l'K. It")! i Bill \igh}. l)oiig|ax llenxhall. Tom Hollander. llilllltil. 'lhree o\ erlapping xegiiientx. each tilmed in a dixtinctixe xt} le. \lltt“ the xanie tangled e\entx lrom the \ reupouit of each ot the three men‘ Dan t.\'igh_\ t. a l.iithlttl iiuxband and |o\ing lather; i‘extaurateur Nick illollanderi. \\ ho \\;t\ Stuart'x ga} lo\ er'. and the \\.t} uard 'l'im illenxhall l. \\ ho had been the dead man‘x bext l'riend bet'ore he left to tra\ cl the “mid. .-\lthough it \tould ha\ e benetited t'roiii write or the melancholic intelligence that intornied l)a\ id Kane‘x xtinilar 'I‘liix )i'ur'i lme. .\'eil llunter'x xcript hax PlL‘lll} of ur'). telling humour. l-"l'll (’inenia. l’alkirk; Adam Smith. Kirkcald). The Lord of the Rings it’(ii ooooo tPeter Jackxon. .\'e\\ Zealand/l'S. 2001 i Ian McKellen. lilijah Wood. l.i\ T}lei’. Cate Blanchett. \‘iggo .\lortenxen. 178mm. .»\t long laxt. a x\\tirLl and xor'eer'}‘ ad\enture that real”) delhet‘x the goodx. J.R.R. Tolkien'x great achievement \\ ax to create an linglixh m)tholog_\. located in a t‘antaxtical )et belie\able \torld. Jaekxon'x great achie\ement ix to bring the author‘x l()()() page tome to lite. not merel} realixing the iillllihlik‘ L‘lL‘lltL‘nlx \\ tlh \pL‘Cttll L'l‘l-L'L‘[\ xpectacle ithough the} are \'('I'\ xpectaculari. but through xlol‘)tellittg flare and marx elloux perlorniancex trom hix caxt. \‘ixceral and breathtakingl) dramatic. Hit It l/un \llll) u! [/I(' RHIL‘ ix an inxpired labour of [in e and a monumental achieiement. ()deoii. lzdinburgli.

3 Lost in La Mancha 1 Hr 0.00 tKeith l‘tilton and ham Pepe. l'K. liltllt 89min, ,1”! III I,” .llimi'liii operatex around tuo \er} cruel ironiex: 'l‘err) (iilliam tailing to complete hix teii _\eai' iotirne) to make a mm ie baxed on (‘enantex' [hm (jiuwlt'. the xtor} ot a deluded old man undertaking a

chnalroux quext. ‘l‘he xecond iron} ix that although (iilliam'x production ot I'lii' .llim ii/in Killi'i/ Hun Qiiimli' tell apart. ttio other tilmmakei'x. litilton and Pepe. \\ ho \\ ere on hand xhooting a ‘making ot" documentar). got a tilm out Ullillllétlli‘S lailure. .-\ll ot \thieh makex [ml in [1! Mum/iii nioi'bidl} interexting \ ieu ing and pro\ idex an inxight into the tortuoux procexx of making mo\ iex. (iI’I‘. (ilaxgou: l‘(i(‘. lidinbtii'gh.

Lovely and Amazing t tit 00.. (Nicole liolot'cener. ['S. 2002) ('atherine Keener. Brenda Blethyi. Emil} .\lortiiiier.

() I min. lt'x rare for an American tilm to otter xuch a xtudied glimpxe of the female px_\‘ehe. bttt Holot‘eener hax created a tainin of dyxt‘unetional women that triex to co\ er every angle of neuroxix. The tamin .\larkx comprixex mother Jane tBlethyn). who ix about to go into hoxpital for a mixguided lipoxuction operation, oldext xixter Michelle (Keener). trying to xurViVe ax an artixt uhilxt languixhing in a lox'elexx marriage. [iii/abeth t.\lortimer). .xtruggling to make it ax an aetrexx. and adopted black xixter Annie

tRa\ en .\Iarkxi. Packed full or \H'} obxer\ationx that are er} xtallixed b_\ a xtellar performance from (‘atherine Keener. l'(i(' Renti'exi Street. (ilaxgou; l'(i(‘. lidinburgh. 0 Man in the White Suit moi t:\lexamler Mackendrick. l‘K. Nil I .'\lec (iuinnexx. Joan (ireenuood. (‘ecil Parker. 85min. .-\ dixlmaxher in a textile mill imentx a fabric that net er uearx out or getx dirt}. \lttt‘ht‘lttlt'ick tttltlx tt tottch til. ttt‘ltlil} [0 the lialing coined} l'oi'iiiula. (iiiinnexx ix xpectacularl) good. e\ploiting hix trademark xiiiarminexx to great ellecl. See Rough ciitx. (il'wl‘. (ilaxgim.

Memento l tfli ooooo it‘hriaopher Nolan, l'S. jtititii (iii) Pearce. ('arrie .-\nn .\loxx. Joe Pantoliano. lltinun. Beginning

\\ here moxt other tilinx \Htllltl end \\ ith an act ol \engeance. \\riter-director .\'olan tellx liix xtor) b_\ graduall} \xorkiiig backuardx in time. l.eonard Shelb} tl’eat'L‘L‘l ix tihxexxt‘tl \\ 1th a\ enging hix \\ it'e'x rape and murder. 'l'rouble ix l.eonard xutlerx trom a condition ot' xhort-term mentor} lo“, and xo he reliex on an elaborate x_\ xtem ot' menientoex

that“. ptilttt'ttttlx. boil} ltlllotix [0 piece together the cluex in hix imextigation. .\ compelling. elliptical reconxtruction ot the re\enge thriller. \thich xkilttill} e\aminex the connectionx betneeii inemor}. identit} and perception. ('ameo. [:dinburgh.

Men in Black II iP(it 0.. tBari} Sonnenl'eld, [‘S. 2002) Will Smith. 'l‘omm) Jonex. l.ara l~’l_\nn Bo_\le. ltlfiiuin. ‘l'he tagline l'or .tli'ii Ill liliiiA // xumx up the tilin quite xuccinctl}: ‘Same planet. \eu xcum'. ()r. to ptit it another \\a_\: Saute lilm. .\'e\\ xpecial ellectx. Once again \\e are introduced to the quaxi oilicial goxernment agenc}. \llli. \thich xecret|_\ policex the iiiiiltittide of alien iiiiimgrantx “ho. unbekiio“ n to .loe Public. hate made a home on [faith .-\nd once again .'\gentx .la} tSmithi and Ka} tlonexi don xhadex and black xtiitx to xaxe the \\Ut'itl in cool. laconic taxhion. ‘l'he gagx come thick and t'axt. the L‘hclllixlt‘} betueen Jonex and Smith remainx and Sonnent'eld directx \\ ith the kind or t‘lare he completel} loxt on the dreadful ll'i/i/ ll'i/i/ ll'ml. (ieneral releaxe.

Minority Report: ID .0. tSte\ en Spielberg. L'S. 2002i Tom (‘ruixe. Samantha Morton. Max \on S)do\\. l-Hmiii. Submerged beneath Spielberg'x patented layer ot~ xentimental xchmalt/ and another

\ igorouxl} xeltlindulgent performance from (‘ruixe ix a halt-decent t'uturixtic thriller. The xcribex get the credit for thix: xcreeiixtriter Scott Frank and the late \xriter Philip K. Dick. In the )ear 2054 the murder rate in .-\merica'x crime capital t\\'axhington l)(’t hax been reduced to NH» through the introduction of the contro\erxial pie-cruiie police di\ ixion. l’x} chicx predict tiiuiderx bet'ore the} happen. (‘ruixe'x l)etecti\e lohtt Anderton ari‘extx telonx tor criniex the) \\ ill tor rather \xon'ti commit. But “hen .\lorton'x ‘pre cog' pi'cdictx a iiiuider committed b) .‘\nderton himxelt'. the l)etecti\ e goex on the run. (ieneral releaxe. Monster’s Ball t 1M 00. t.\larc lioi'xtet'. l’S. Itltlli llalle Herr}. Hill} Bob 'l‘hornton. Sean ('ombx. lllllllll. \\'.illo\\ in the deep South mire \\ ith thix pamtul tale ol