death. bigotry and ayykyyard redemption. ‘l‘hrx ix xo bleak it makex Sti'iridberg'x .lliyy .lrr/re look like a lake lull ol' laughing morikeyx. (ir'cat pei'lor'mancex tliotrgli. Vikingar (inertia. l.argx; \cyy l’ictur'e llotrxe. St Andreyyx.

Mujhse Dosti Karoge it‘i iluolr min. .-\xian cinema prexentation. ()deon At The ()uay. (ilaxgoyy; l‘(’l. lidrnburgh. Mulholland Drive r 15) .000 ll);t\ id l.y rich. l'S. Still] 1 Naomi \Vattx. l.aur'a lilena llar'r'iiig. Juxtin 'l'herou\. Homin. (iiyeri the troubled production hixtoi'y ol' l.ynch'x latext xlice ol' nightmare rioir it \y ax originally a pilot lor a [S teley ixion xer'iex \yhich \y ax cancelled it'x nothing xhort ol~ riiiraculoux that .llti/lio/luni/ l)rri'e xhincx “ith the lilmmaker'x idioxyncratic brilliance. Although xet in the prexent day talbeit \yith retro xty ling l. l.y rich drayy x on hix laxciritrtiori \y ith 40x and 50x llolly hood and itx xecret hixtory ol' crime. here inyoly irig tyyo actrexxex. amnexiac Rita illarringi and amateur xleuth Betty t\\'attxi. The proceedingx \cer into the kind of waking nightmare territory that either llummoyex or delightx \ ieyyerx ax Lynch mixex the Marne. almoxt laughable “ith the momentx ol electrilying tear. l'(‘l. lidiriburgh.

Nine Queens r 15» 0000 tl'iabian liielinxky. .v\rgentina. 2002» Ricardo Darin. (iaxton l’aulx, lgnaxi Abadal. llSmin. 'I‘yyo xmall-time xyyindler'x meet xecrriingly by chance in a Buenox .-\irex com cnience xtore and agree to team up lor the day. .-\nd then an opportunity to pull a maior-leaguc xcam laridx on their lapx. ax an c\pei't lorger contactx Mar'cox about a xet ol' rare xtampx l'rom \Veimar (ierrriaiiy. the xo-called .\'ine Quecnx ol the title. A huge hit in itx natiye Argentina. Bielinxky ‘x laxl-ttioyitig .\'i'ne Queens ix both an engroxxing con-artixt yarn and a xly commentary on a xociety' currently in economic free-tall. L'(}(' Renl'reyy Street. (ilaxgoyy.

No Man’s Land (IS) 0000 Tanoy‘ic. Bosnia- Herzegoy‘ina/Sloy'enia/ltaly/France/L'K/Belgi um. 2002i Branko [)juric. Rene Bitanajac. Katrin Cartlidge. 98min. And they say satire is dead. Set in the middle of the Bosnian conflict. .\'(2 Man 's Land xeex tyy'o Bosnian xoldierx wander into xaid territory. formerly a rather idyllic piece ol' farm land. btrt mm a grim yenue lor trench \yarlare. They bicker like heay ily armed children. belore a good deal ol political xkulduggcry bringx in the rnedra in the lorrri ol a ruthlexx Britrxh

telcy rxrori coi'r'expondent «('ar'tlidgei and a \enal arid ambitioux Brrtrxh l‘.\' general iSrmoii (‘alloyy i. (’an the xrluatiori be i'c-xtilyctl'.’ \Vk'll. Hot by any ill lltlx lot.

'l‘anoy ic xpai'ex no one. and the comedy rx ol' the kriid to make you \yiricc ax you giggle. l’l'll (’iricma. l'alkrr‘k1.v\darri Smith. Kii'kcaldy,

102 Dalmatians ch .0. lKL'\lll lama. l'S/l 'l\'_ jtltltli (ilL'llll ('loxe. (ier‘ar'd l)epardrcu. loan (irulltrdd, Ullmrn. (‘ruella'x back .'\lltl thrx time xhc'x lulla. 'l'hankx to a xhot ol rmnd altering l’ayloyiari treatment


Martin Lawrence is out of time in Black Knight

during her xtay at Her Maiexty 'x l’leaxur'e. the larger than me baddie ix releaxcd into the comiriunrty ax an animal-loy irig philanthropixt. ()nly \yhen Big lien xtrrkex tyyelye doex thc xpcll xnap. letttrig her r‘eyer't to character. her paxxron lor Dalmatian lur r'eneyy ed. III.” ix a generation on l'r'om the original cute cariinex. btrt the xhapc ot the xtor'y ix \ir‘tually identical. \yhrle the xcr‘rpt'x too caught tip in the machinationon the human \yorld to gi\e the dogx enough ol a look in. (‘incyyorld l‘alkir‘k.

One Hour Photo tcet‘t tbct tMark Romanek. l'SA. 2001 i USmin. Starring Robin \Villiamx in an unuxual but highly com incing role ax Sy l’arixh. a laxtrdioux photo dey eloper obxcxxetl \\ tilt the xeemingly per'l'ect Yorkin tamily. llix dexperate attemptx to yyorm hix way into their liy ex hax horrilic rcxultx. \Veirdly emotiye ax \y ell ax appalling. l-‘ilmhouxe. Iidinburgh.

Panic Room t 15) 000. may id l'incher'. [3. 2002) Jodie l‘oxter. l’orcxt Whitaker. Jared l.eto. ll2miri. l’nnii Rim"! may \y ell be more xty le than xubxtance but it neyerthelexx xoori hax the \ ieyyer‘ gripped. Jodie l5oxter'x rich. emotionally bruixed diyorcee and her teenage daughter hay e barely taken poxxexxion of their next Manhattan home \\ hen they hay e need ol' itx l'ortilied. hidden chamber aka the panic room. On their lirxt night in the place. they are l'orced to take r'el'uge there yyhcn three rritr'uder'x break in and “hat lolloyyx ix .1 tenxe. cunning game ol cal and mouxe. l'ioxlct' gryex xlitttle\ l0 her character that the xcript doexrr't dexcrye. and ot the bad guy x. \Vhttaker' ix dolel'ul and honourable and l.eto ix cartoon-like ax the loud-mouthed Junior. .-\dam Sriiitli. Kirkcaldy.

Passport to Pimlico it‘i tllcnt‘y ('orneliux. l'K. l‘J-Wl Stanley llolloyyay. Margaret Rutherford. Basil Radt‘ord. 84min. A London borough Lllxcoy'cr‘s an ancient charter and declares its independence and exemption from rationing. Wonderful wit and fun as the Ealing Studios xatirise British red tape and bureaucracy. See Rough cuts. OFF. Glasgow.

Pauline et Paulette (PG. 0000. (Liey'en Debrauyyer. Belgium. 2002i Dora \‘an der (iroen. Julienne de Bruyn. Roxemarie Bergmanx. 78min. Pauline iyan der (iroeni ix a (i(i-ye;ir'-old yyoman \y ith a mental age ol lottt'. yy ho ix looked alter by her doting xixter. Martha tde Br'uyni. lloyyey er. \yhen Martha diex. her \yill xtatex that Mr either ol' l’auline'x xriobby xixterx. ('ecile and l’aulette. to get any money. one or them muxt look alter l’aulrric. 'l‘he xtr'eilthh ol' l)cbr'au\ycr"x tilrri liex rri itx xrmplicrty. ax he putx character belore plot. and ciixui'ex that the emotion ol the tilm ix gerittirie. l’aulirie ix pr‘exerited ax a pcixon. rather than xorricone \\ ith a dixabrlrty. \y ith l)ora \aii der (iroeri'x unriianriered perloriiiance being xiriiply xplcridrd, (il‘l'. (ilaxgoyy.

Pollock t IM 0.. tlzd llarrrx.l S. lellli lid llarrrx. Marcia (iay llardcn.

IZZmiri Yet another tortured artixt xtory. The

Inc ol .'\ltlL‘l'lC;ttt abxtract cyprcxxionrxt painter .lackxoii l’ollock ix recreated \y ith a lor'rnulaic approach. rey ealing riotlirrig neyi about the lamoux painter. 'l'hough the acting and directing remain r'clatiyely urillayycd. the xcript lallx llat. lt alxo i‘equrrcx the audrericc to be m erly xy mpathetic to .i \yorrianixrng \yil'c-beater'. \o thankx. (‘irieyyor'ld l'alkrrk; .-\dam Smith. lx'ir'kcaldy.

Reign of Fire I l2: 0. iRob Boyyman. l'S. Illllli (‘hr‘ixtiari Bale. Mattheyy .\lc(‘onaughey. l/abella Scorupco. 102mm. ()l~ all the tilmx thix xummer'. the lilm \y ith the bext poxter ix undoubtedly Reign or fire. Problem ix the tilm completely lailx to deliy er on the promixe ol' itx publicity. \Vc xec no liery attack on I.ondon. ax the tall ot‘ the capital ix coriyey ed by a montage ol neyy xpaper headlinex became the xetting ix .\‘orthuriibcrland l ft in the year 3020. l)expite the occaxiorial appearance of a xolitary dragon. the grcatcxt entertainment comex t'rom the context bctyyeen dragon-xlay erx Hale and .\lc(‘oriaughcy to xee \\ ho can ha\c the trioxt rixible combination ot haircut and lacial hair. See r'ey reyy. (iencral releaxc. Resident Evil t 15» C. «Paul “S. .'\lltlL‘l‘\Ull. l’S. lllllli Milla .loyoytcli. Michelle Rodrigue/. l'.r'rc Mabrux. lllllllllll. lla\ irig xuccexxlully put .llortu/ ly’inn/nrl into our crneriiax. .'\lltlL‘t'\Hll tr'rex the trick again \\ rtli a riotoux lake on /\’i xii/en! la 1/. .r\ltcr‘ a xecret e\pci'rriient releaxcx the l \irirx irito an underground genetic r‘cxcarch lacrlrty krioyy ax ‘l'hc llrye. .'\|rce iJoyoy rchi ix lcd mxrde by crack comriiaiidox Ram ()campo (Rodriguc/i and Matt .v\drxon iMabiuxi on a mixxion to dixcoy cr \yhat cauxcd the leakage. lt'x actrori all the \yay. and ax “ith the gamcx the t'ur'thcr into the adyenture \ye go. the more drt'ticult the opporicritx i/ombiex in thix caxei are to oyer'corric. But the tilm xyyil'tly tlcxcctttlx tttlo an action flick lin' prcpubexcent boy x. llence all ol gratuitoux xliolx ol‘ .JU\(\\ tclt'x cottxttlct'ablc lttlctilx.



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ci"u8irr£ EDINBURGH Paniiirriiriori ii. IN srrrcrrn CINEMAS NAiioriwrnE


index Film

Selected t'L‘lL‘ttxe.

Return to Never Land it» 00

(Robin Budd ck l)onoyan (‘ook. l’S, Ztltlji \orcex ol llai‘i'ict ()yyeii. lilayne \Vcay er, (‘or'ey Burton. Mm tbc. Wendy hax gt'oyyn tip and mm hax tyyo children ol' her on n. The oldcxt. Jane. hay mg \y itnexxcd the deyaxtatiori cauxed by the blrt/krieg conditrorix ol' \Vorld \Var II. no longer belieyex in Peter Pan and stories Ul‘ ‘laith. mm and piyre duxt'. 'l‘hat ix uritrl the night bel'or'e xltc is to be L‘Htctttttctl to the countryxide. \y hen ('aptain llook kidriapx her mixtakerily beliey irig that xhe ix Wendy. Jane redixcoyerx the magic unlortunately the \ ieyy er doexri‘t. liyerything about the film ix dated. l'rom plotting to animation. Ster ('entury. lidinburgh; ('ineyyorld. l’alkirk.

Revengers Tragedy tcet't the» (Alex (‘o\. I'K. 2002» 1 13min. 'l‘he Jacobean claxxic ix tranxpoxed to poxt-apocalyptic Britain in a laritaxtic \ixual l'eaxt. .-\ man \yorkx hix yyay into the court ot' the duke to ayenge the murder ot' hix \yit'e. (’amco. lidinburgh.

The Royal Tenenbaums l ISiOOOOO i\\'ex .v\nderxon. l‘S. Ztitili (iene llackriiari. Angelica lluxtori. (iyyyneth l’allt'oyy. llllinin. 'l‘he it'llL‘lll‘dtlltlx are no ordinary lamrly. l)excendcd trom a long lme ol'

oy erachrcycrx. thexe \C“ York genruxex are non m \ltlllllytll}: decline. The riicriior'y ol the brilliance ol the young 'l’eneribaumx hax \lllc‘L‘ l‘L‘L‘lt L‘l'ttxc‘tl l‘} l\\t‘ tlL'c'tttlLN ill betrayal. larltrrc and doriicxtic dixaxter. moxt ot \yhrch ix pei'cery ed by the tamin to be the lault ol abxcrit lather. Royal tllackriiani. Then. at the may inoriicrit hrx three groyyn- up children hayc. l'or' \ar'ioux reaxonx. all moy ed back into the rambling home ol their mother. Royal decidex he \yantx hix tamily. \Vith linen/mun“. .-\ndcrxori tRiii/iniorei hax xurpaxxed himxeli \y ith an enchanting. odd tale of an au kyyard family and itx member‘x impoxxible magnetic attraction to each other. l'(‘l. ('lydebank.





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