Re: Kitchen review (448)

I am ‘.-.'rrtrng in response to your review of Kitchen. I am the artistic director of nabokov the (:()rt‘.t)£ttt‘, producing the snow

Please understand l have no problen‘. with recemng uncorriplrn‘entar‘,‘ r'exre'vsrs. I accept that lvlererrd \‘r’rllrarhs did not rate our snow: that's frne. I earn a living as a rour'nalrst and crrtrc for national and web based rr‘edra and fully trrr<l<3rsstztrr(l iit() :rzrttrrt2 <>f tltt: business.

l do. ho‘.'./e\.’er‘. feel con‘pelied to express n“, drsapr>orhtment at her totai nusreatlrng and mrsr'er)resenfatror‘ of tl‘e play. Kitchen rs a satire on global capitalism and net. as your (Zl‘liKZ suggests. a kitchen srnk drama. The fact comersatron rs conducted throughout in corporate managert‘ent rargon rs sorrwfilnng of an indicator.

Your critic's assertror‘ tnat Kitchen ‘.'.'o.rld not look out of place on the British stage so years ago rs :rurte astonishing. The play is about glc'ba. caprtalrsv" for goodness sake. l can on", assun‘e -- and do not parish to sound condescervling ~ that l.our critic sav.’ a rowing couple in a dorriestrc setting and thought of Look Back Ange". l've been racking n“, nrarns for further similarities ‘.'."liil Osborne or any of his contentr>orarres all mornzng and have drau'xr‘r a corr‘piete blank. Not one ‘.'.'ord of Kitchen ats language or its then‘er .vould have been understood in the 70s. let

alone the 5):,s. l east of all the

chunk about the rrrter'rret.

React, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or React, The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

or email react@list.co.uk

If the play rs read as a (lorr‘estrc argument rand only if rt rs could rt be grven so srn‘plrstrc a re\.'rev./r. then perhaps: the fault Is rr‘. my production. l console myself in the fact no other critic has seen it on so basic a level.

As l'n‘ sure you will appreciate. I am very disappointed \‘Vrllran‘s missed the point of the play and chose to l)tli)ii8il her rnrsconceptrons to our detr'n‘ent. A few Ill considered lrnes can have a huge effect on the product of many rr‘onths' hard '~.'./ork.

Finally. the playwright's name was spelt incorrectly. Thrs rs Sllllt)l;. sloppy rournalrsn‘. James Grieve Artistic director nabokov

VIII (3/ 7 KM

SWORD OF TRUTH Re: Alex Cox interview (448) The s‘.'.'or<l—‘.'.’avrng psychiatric patient '.'./lt() was shot by Lugerpool polzce was Andrev.‘ Kernan. not Andrew Trernan. Kirsten Hey

vra err;a,/

SUBURBAN HYMNS Re: But not too late (448) You point out that an organisation calling itself the One O'Clock Campaign rs trying to stop bars and clubs opening late in the Merchant City. \"Jelt. stuff them. If you choose to he in the centre of a tOX'fill. that's because you value the life and sprrrt of the place. You can't then cornplarn when the life and sprrrt gets too n‘uch for you.

Far from rrtarntarnrng the area's '\.’li)t'£tll(2\," as the One O'Olock Campaign believes.

restricted licensing is sure to suck the vrbrancy out of it. People who say otherwise are merely importing suburban values rnto the city.

There are too many suburbs as rt rs: don't let them creep into the heart of Glasgow as well .

Sandy Griffiths

vra en tall

Re: What‘s the story? (446)


A lot of effort goes rnto creating Scotland's fortnightly entertarnmmtts guide. \"Je take great trouble to be as accurate as possrble. but occasionally we might get sornethrng \.'.Irong or ll‘lESES somethrng out. If so please tell us. Email

edrtorr: lrst.co.uk

In our opening Edinburgh festwal supplerrtent. p'oudiy

displayed a selection of the freebies and promotional bribes that

had come our way. They included a pair of chopsticks. a piece of

toast. a condom. a mrnrature of lvlartrnr. a cocktail recipe book. a

disposable camera. a bar of soap. a pair of' prnk knickers. a piece

of bubble gum a shot glass and a highway n‘an's mask. \"x’e

challenged you to come up wrth a story that irnked these disparate

items together.

Your re )lres rant ed from a hr< hly )lausrbie theoh; that the\ were . t . l , ,

)art of an essential survival krt for hen lllt hts rthanks. Andrea l .

Dunowskir to a tale of a colourful famrlv l'(3tll‘l()ll ethanks. Lorna

lvloonr. But for succrnctness and iOSiIM'le spirit. a‘.'.'arded first

prize to David Ball's entry below. Hrs reward’? All the above

mentioned stuff rmrnus the toast and the condon‘ which have

mysteriously drsappearedr. plus a whole bunch of books and CDs.

Well done. David.

Look Out for ticket offers throughout this niaga/rne and be sure to catch next issue. out Thursday :3 September. for the return of the A List club card. prr/e DVDs and other great (Zen‘petrt-orts.

The Hair of the Dog

ldrdn't even bother picking up the pair of chopsticks. loo hung

over to even focus on the menu. | nrbbled slowly on a piece of

toast and stared ruefully at the disposable camera and the cocktail

recipe book lying on the table.

The former had captured the cra/y festival l)-:}ha'.‘r<)tl.' fuelled by the latter. Flashbacks from last night's backstage party flooded

back: me dancing with that idiot wearing a highway man's mask

and a blown up condom over hrs head. And l had stripped down

rnto those ghastly prnk knickers!

I caught my head in my hands and felt a sticky piece of bubble

gum glued firmly to rr‘y skull. Another blurry flashback: the ladies

terlets. a penis-shaped bar of soap and friends cutting off chunks

of my hair v.rth a blunt parr‘ of scissors to get at the gun‘. I reached

for the shot glass and the miniature of lvlartrnr.

U I N Spy Kids 2, Odeon. Renfield Street. Glasgow

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Eilidh A? sti'xrt?

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