2.30pm. 57/5131. Culture. dreams. space and identity are at the heart of this pair of Bookernominatert writers. Alain de Botton Consignia Theatre. 3pm, 5‘7 (5‘5). If DaVId Starkey is the man to put history firmly into the minds of the nation. de Bolton has done pretty much the same for popular philosophy. This year's tome The Art of Travel has cemented that reputation.

Russell Banks 8. Wayne Johnston Studio Theatre. 3.30pm. 5‘7 l5.‘:3l. Banks (see Sat) lS joined by the author of the big tome. The Nay/gator of New York. Kathy Reichs Field and Lawn Marquee. 4pm. 5‘7 l5‘:3;. See Saturday Harold Pinter Consignia Theatre. 4.30pm, 57 (5‘51. Arguably. the overt o‘ the festival. See Top right.

Tom McArthur 8. Andrew Dalby Studio Theatre. :3pm. 57 l5.‘:3/. How many versions of the English language are there in the world?

Imprisoned Writers Field and Lawn Marquee. 5.30pm. tree but ticketed. The final slot of the season discusses the resnience of the written word il‘ an event entitled “The Resilience of the Written Word'.

Roget’s Thesaurus Cons/gnu! Theatre. (5.30pm. 5‘8 l5‘o‘l. Roy Hattersley is among the minds getting to grips with a synonym or two ‘or a (:0uplel as they celebrate a century and a half of the number one thesaurus. Paul Scott Field and lawn lt/li'lrguee. (5.45pm. 5‘8 (5‘61. Scott chats about his diverse life through the auspices of his autobiog A 20th Century l ife.

Sally Emerson, Sara George 8. Ahdat Soueif Studio Theatre. fibril. 5‘8 (5‘6). Turning historical characters into fictional creations: how do you do it?

Theresa Breslin, Irene Watts 8. Kevin Crossley-Holland Children "s Theatre. 7.30pm. 573.50. Turning history into fiction for kids: how do you do it? Alain de Botton, Michael Frayn & John Gray Spiegeltent. 7.30pm. 5 ‘8 (5‘6). Hot philosophical debates take place as this trio get their heads round concepts which would have most minds caVIng in on.

David Starkey Consign/a Theatre. 8pm. 5‘8 it‘ci. The man who has done more than most to put history on the iconic map tSimon Schamas supporters can disagree all they wanti gives us some chat about how good television is as a medium for p; ssing on knowledge.

The Great Gaelic Debate Studio Theatre. 8.30pm, 5‘8 4‘0). A clutch of interested parties chat about language and the importance of keeping it alive. Charlotte Robson Field and Lawn Marquee. 8.30pm, 58 l5,‘(>‘r. ContempOrary Russia is brought to life. Spiegelbar Spiege/tent. 9pm. free. See Friday.

Monday 26

Des Dillon, James Robertson 8: Donny O’Rourke Sp/ege/tent. 70.80am. 57/516). Poetry links this trio though Dillon has perhaps made a bigger name for himself With a series of idiosyncratic novels (Me and ma Gal and /t(:hy(,‘ooh/ue among them; while Robertson's period hopping drama The Fl’t/il'it/c set many pulses racing.

Daisy Waugh Fro/(l /W(ll'(/ll()t3. llanz. 5‘7 '5‘:'>i.

some heip ‘.‘.’|tlt The .«\'e.'.' .ou \()\1/'l‘.’.".’(il Kit.

Roy Hattersley (Ionsvgyia ltteafre. ll.()"()arn. '5‘5), "' ' Buster. the Leader is a fest ya drau'x. aizii . muses over Met"-;,:t st gun. John \i‘.’esie\.;

Sue Lawrence Statue l',"i}(i.'/'i’,‘-. l.-l:')';;/t?. food. And some c'iat about t. Suhayl Saadi & Shyama Perera Field and r‘ i'vl't'i.’flil(,"t?. 555/. Identity. roots. a"<: c. 'ningli'g are a'. fine “ea”. at 1" s. ’24:?» work. Glasgou'; itased ’l"(2'.i§" Saar: chats lvloscog'.‘ t:’.:"‘ ::";arii:asi'.-:;r

(no a;.t":;" Perera.

‘orn‘er l anon {)tEtMif‘,

(\I— f

Frank Kermode \z.)’ an a (9pm. . A :::>i:: f‘l" ' '5‘ Mt

As the great man brings his vast intellect to Edinburgh, we pause for thought with a selection of his best baddies.

ins .ead 72g t"-::-::' sf (it: '."-:§ l":iex <>-" (3e: so's" :; ~:><:t;."e.

Carol Ann Duffy 8- Kathleen Jamie Said/o lnearre. “‘55:. Do event by. rearing [Du‘fifs Hes/rialPsit/iei'rxnrk ai‘ii .Jaines J.’//€?". Tracy Chevalier l 1.2:; l '7

i'vli'i/gaee. Joni. 5 / 51'). ilax'i‘g

Goldberg Probably the first of many subsequent setbacks to the cause of J)’.(>‘(),'>!7?. Zionism. The Jewish guy with attitude became the man who caused Stanley :>.i' poefit: wet: for tit s a nervous breakdown in The Birthday Party.

The lnterrogator in One for the Road. this arch manipulator grills a man whose wife and children are being held in a mysterious military-style prison. Ruth She‘s either a hero or a villain, depending on how you look at it. But in The Homecoming she gets off with her husband's brothers in front of him. Some things are hard to be relativistic about.

Davies Definitely a dodgy down-and-out. He tries to evict poor old Aston her i a home owned by Mick, who turns out to be Aston's brother.

Jerry He has a long—term affair With his best mate Robert‘s wife. Emma, in Betrayal. and seems to get as many jollies out of traducing his pal as he does with the girl. The bounder.

I Consigni'a Theatre. 25 Aug, 4.30pm, E 7 (£5).

crafted t‘er art .il‘il-(Ef i’tti Tutorslrp of Malco:rn Bradbury {il‘It Hos-'2 l'ei"a:'i at l as‘. Artg ia. (:".(:’.(tlt:l stuck git: :2 ‘.'."llll (ii/l i”e;s.'l l

Jane Asher Show; l"e;:‘.":>. 5‘/ 6‘5». Sit-:2 ina‘. ilt',’ Y“f>'(3 fit!"(l..f3 ;' ilitT-frfl E3"

']";.rv‘r‘f v‘r

ber cakes ano i‘;i‘.."g

Macca. but si‘e's nor.

forge a path as a lt}i3t)(:(it(3(l T‘ii’)‘.€}.'f3'..

Ruth Dudley Edwards with r- r‘ . r”

Owen Dudley Edwards 5 ed ’2. [3‘ 1 | I

lai'i'r.‘ i'vlarguee. .">..’;‘()‘.'r'i‘. r-- i . r“

While ()‘.'.’(}'l t‘as turnksrw: t 'l‘;..:" :;'.:."t' I O | I-

on the likes of <)s::ar “it: aw: .

Sherlock Hol'“¢2s. «unit» New "as The List has teamed up with the Edinburgh

made a naive International Book Festival to otter all readers

W3 Omrttit: (Mt-K 2 for 1 tickets with the voucher lmlOW. With our handy voucher you can get a tree ticket to Robert Sahtzag at his 7n 1‘. event or to Peter Guralniclr with Roddy Doyle later on

Sandi Toksvig (I. >w:;._:,-r~

(5.30/10). re re. f3t)""tti." in the evening on Saturday 24 August When you purchase another one.

I’ieiif'e. ‘-;,- a..'."‘ioi. f31£tll(l;ll)(lfttliii. general bop

"‘liltl. 'lt.€:i:" aw: :;ha'.s ai><>..‘. lit,” forthcoming Iiaptwiglue l?l(}"‘.()-t. Edinburgh Review / felt: arm: I l'l/la/guee. (:‘.-Z:':rv*‘. :8 Eli. two centuries <:‘ l ’i'tllNllttf‘i re‘. caning. Neal Ascherson Studio l‘r’>ea!re. 7pm, 5‘8 I5‘(>‘r lhe arch intellectuai and grand lllf;i()ll£t." discusses his own delwng .nt<> 8:11;? a" :‘i; (.ttf3i maybe drax'xing some (tonciusions about our present.

Dream State and the ‘Freedom Come All Ye’ Ceilidh .‘;.'i,~_.,-t>.'e'~f. 71.30pm, 5‘8 l5‘(>‘i. l>:>etrj.. anr: n‘u(:li dancing in t'iit; 'til !at<:7 (ililfitf’. Donny O'Rourke anii .J<;<:k lawman?) Bairns aie it'l‘U'ttt those you.

Roger McGough (Io/‘3; Hit.’(.’i'l(?. 8/)17). 5‘8 #555,. A fitting tii‘air: to the festival, unless you're gagging it to high heaven with the (2(2llltlll. l ‘.'eij.one's favourite scouse poet bestows his prose upon you.

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