The indispensable guide to festive cheer

' or SCIENCE 3 Making fun out of physics

Child abuse, rape, genocide. Probably the subjects-which still lie outwith the realms of comedy material. ' Add science to that, and you have the definitive unholy quartet. Yet, Simon Singh and Richard Wiseman will seek to convince us that, yes, particles, thermometers and mercury can be a source of merriment. Their I actual act revolves around the psychology of magic and deception, and theories of probability. Enjoy this 5 electric appliance of science. Laughing last and, thus. ' I Pleasance, 556 6550, 23—26 Aug, 6.30pm, £10(£9). longest

Omid Djalili (pictured) Just because you're doing material about 11 September doesn't mean you can't also have a laugh. Or belly-dance. Pleasance. 556 6550. until 26 Aug, 7.30pm, Clo-Ell (SQ—£70): Queen's Hall, 668 2079. 23 <3 24 Aug, 70.30pm. E 7 l (C 70).

Noel Fielding Among the thinnest comics on the Fringe he may be. but lightweight he most certainly is not. Let him cast his Voodoo Hedgehog spell all over you. See review. Pleasance. 556 6660, until 26 Aug, 7. l0pm. L‘Q—EIO (EB—E9).

Sean Lock If there's a more pure stand-up show this year than Lock's. then it'll be well worth seeing. Serioust hysterical stuff from the former Rubber Bishop. See review. Assembly Rooms, 226 2428, until 26 Aug. 9. 75pm. BIO—El 7 (69—270).

Ross Noble One thing's for sure with Ross. no two shows are the same. But when he's hot. boy he's hot. See him sizzle in snaZZy leather trews in Sonic Waffle. Pleasance, 656 6550, until 26 Aug, 9pm,

L‘ 7 O—i.‘ l2 (EB—E l 0); George Square Theatre. 662 8740. 22 8t 26 Aug, midnight. L‘lO—E l2 (ES—£770).

Peter Kay The Lancs lad takes time off from Phoenix Nights to give us a contemporary version of the end of the pier. And just think. your support could help buy his ma a new bungalow. Bless. Assembly Rooms. 226 2428, until 26 Aug. 10.30pm, fl 1—1312 (610-1?! 7).


Phil Nichol’s tongue has been working overtime since arriving in Edinburgh. But what’s been the top five things he’s licked this festival? (‘I found it really hard to limit it to five, you know.')

1. ‘Shannon Cochrane is my friend who's in my show and she deVises a completely different ending for each show, I lick her every night. She doesn't lick me back. Just so you know. it's a one—way licking relationship.”

2. ‘Beau the beagle licked cheese off my chest while l lay naked and blindfolded in front of the crowd. l was topless and had cheese all over my chest and he licked cheese off my nipples. I thought it was Shannon I kept going: “Ooh. you got a bit of a moustache. Shannon.“

E 3. ‘Mick Moriarty of Gadflys fame. He accompanies me in my show. it's weird

l because he drinks every night and I often get drunk Just from licking him. You know how you lick a frog and you get high? I licked a woman one night and

i she tasted of curry. It tasted like a nice curry. though.‘

i 4. ‘A lamppost outside Pleasance Dome. l've been trying to date her. but she

works nights.’

: 5. ‘Cashew Nut Pie at SUSie's Diner. It's a vegetarian cate that | eat in all the time. Last year I ate in there every single day. It's Just one of my favourite places in Edinburgh.’

I Phil Nichol in Things / Like. / Lick, Pleasance. 5:36 6:360. until 26 Aug.

. 10.35pm. 68.60—89.50 ($760—$850).

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