Squeeze every last drop of laughter out of the festival with our hour-by-hour rundown.


George Pena CO. A larger than life perSOnality coopled With an opera- trained voice. Gilded Balloon. until 26 Aug. 7.30pm.


We’re Gonna Bugger You!

COO Cruder split cabaret show. Pleasance. until 25 Aug. 2pm.

Simon Munnery 0.. Genius eclipsed by decidedly average anarchy. The Stand. until 26 Aug. 2.30pm.


Live! Girls! 0.. Mildly entertaining female double act. Pleasance. until 26 Aug. 3.35pm.


Fred Anderson 0... San Franciscan wacky entertainer. The Stand. until Aug 26. 4pm.

Express Excess 0.. An hour of gentle rhythm and rhyme. Pleasance Dome. until 26 Aug. 4pm.

Esto No Es Gual Disnei COO Pablo Munoz presents his bullfighting satire. Bongo Club. until 26 Aug (not 25), 4pm.


The Lords Of The Ring O... Chris Chilton and Stuart Robb deliver a perfect parody of obsessive anoraks. Gilded Balloon. until 26 Aug. 5pm. One Night Stanza Radio 4 regulars Rory Motion and Matt Harvey. Hill Street Theatre. until 26 Aug. 5.30pm. Big Word Performance Poetry 0.. ConSistently energetic comic poetry. The Tron, until 26 Aug, 5.45pm. Count Arthur Strong’s Forgotten Egypt O... Part-historic. part- anarchic lecture. Gilded Balloon. until 26 Aug, 5.45pm.


Art of Schmoozing 0.. Australian duo re-examine the rules of etiquette. Gilded Balloon. until 26 Aug. 6. 75pm.

Nicholas Parsons CO. The festival‘s resident agony uncle chews the fat amiany With Fringe regulars. Pleasance, until 25 Aug. 6. lSpm. Jason Wood ".0. Spot on vocal impressions and naughty playfulness. Pleasance. until 26 Aug. 6.60pm.


Noel Fielding .... A talking moon. a shadowistealing wolf: come bear witness to the Voodoo Hedgehog. P/easance. until 26 Aug. 7. 70pm.

Chris Addison COO Slickly delivered material but thin on the ground. Pleasance. until 26 Aug.

7. 75pm.

Susan and Janice O... A Scooby Doo—esgue romp through a

haunted house. Pleasance. until 26 Aug. 7.25pm.

He Died with a Falafel in his Hand ... Boorish toilet humour sets the tone tor this flatshare comedy. Gilded Balloon. until 26 Aug. 7..’;‘();)iii. Priorite A Gauche The French duo run down their greatest hits. Queen's Hall. until 2:3 Aug. 7. (30pm.

Omid Djalili .O... The short. tat Iranian With the Winning smile goes Behind Enemy Lines. Pleasance. until 26 Aug. 7.30pm.

The Treason Show A cosmic collision between biting satire and not: hits. Pleasi’rnce. until 26 Aug. 7..’5’(ipii:. Andre Vincent .... V:i‘.ce".t leaves his sick bed to confront cornea; taboos. Gilded Balloon. until 26 Aug. 7.45pm.

Around the World in a Bad Mood! .... Rene Foss fan‘s hard ass huiitorist in her expose of fine airline industry. Gilded Bat/con. iii‘fix 26 Aug. 7.45p/7).


Danny Bhoy ... Ciiaiiiiii‘g. l)e-(liini_)le(l gag iiierchai‘t. Pleasarrce. until 26 Aug. 8pm.

John Hegley O... A schizophrenic mix of pathos. s'hut ant' tatherson relations. Pleasance. .i.ii:‘ii" 26 Aug. 8pm.

David O’Doherty ... Movng. melancholic observations. Gilded Balloon Teviot. until 26 Aug. 8pm. Jackie Clune .O. Last year's Bitchin' lesbian gets to grips With her hetero—sensual side. Asseiiihiy Boo/its. until 26 Aug. 8pm.

Jimmy Carr O... Caiiibridge- educated i>s\,'chotherai)ist delivers a deluge of unrelated one-liners. Gilded Balloon Tewot. until 26 Aug. 6. lop/n. Addy Borgh ... Step inside a schrxophren-c mind. P/ei'isance [)onie. until 26 Aug. 8.20pm.

Boom Chicago - Rock Stars O... Flawless sketch troupe. Gilded Balloon lewot. until 26 Aug met 22/. 8.30pm.

Richard Herring .... Herring's real third-eye opener. P/ei'tsance. until 26 Aug. 6.30pm.

Sarah Kendall COO Sassy Australian Sheila. Gilded Balloon. until 26 Aug. 8.30pm.

Colin Murphy The Northern Irishman continues to be a ciowdi)Ieaser. Pleasance. until 26 Aug. SSS/mi.

46 THE LIST FESTIVAL GUIDE 22 Aug 5i Set, 20: ,Z'

The Lords of the Ring: two towers of satirical strength

Alan Francis COO. Sharp. dark tickle sticks from this Alistair McGowan's Big Impression regular. Gilded Balloon. until 26 Aug. 8.45pm. Francesca Martinez 0... The ex—G/‘a/ige l-lili'-er challenges expectations. Pleasance. until 26 Aug.

8. «1:3; )I i i. 9pm

Des Bishop This native New Yorker declares ‘».'.'ai'. Gilded Balloon Teviot. .i"..‘..’ 26 Aug. 9pm.

Otis Lee Crenshaw The trailer trash». faikiiig. h'g band singing Perrier ‘.“.’!llll(}l' comes over aii Pernicio;is. Assembly Rooms. until 26 Aug. 3);)m.

Over the Rainbow 0...

Geoffrey l-layes ( is'nes the dirt on his l-i’ainboi': playmates. Pieasance Dome. .infri 26 Aug. Sin/ii.

Reginald D Hunter 0.. The soiiorous-voiceri Yai‘k philosophises on relationships. Gilded Balloon. until 26 Aug. Flo/i).

Ross Noble ... Sari Bat. iiiipi‘o\.'ised and quite astonishing. Pleasance. until 26 Aug. 9pm.

Mark Salem 0.. The professor of psychology boggles the mind. /\f§8().’72.’)i’l’ Hooiirs. 26 Aug. 9.0:‘5pm.

Sean Lock...” Perrier nominee chock fiili of innovative ideas. Assembly Boo/its. until 26 Aug. 5). 75;)ltl.

Lucy Porter COO Fringe debutante who is instantly E:keable. Gilded Balloon lei/rot. until 26 Aug.

5). lop/it.

Sucker .O. Lawrence Leung's like-able expose of card sharks. Assembly Rooms. until 26 Aug. 5). 750/7). Sandy Nelson 0... Plenty of n‘usicai \.'itrioi tron‘ this boy next door. Illt,‘ Stand. until 26 Aug. 9.20pm.

Alan Carr O... Sharp ntaterial '.'.':th pitch perfect (l()ll‘.l(l timing. Pleasani:e. until Aug 26. 9.30pm. Adam Hills"... 2001. Perrier Noiiiiiiee returns With his intelligent tun. Pleasance. until 26 Aug. S)..’)‘()pni. Andrew Maxwell .0. I."lf§llll‘.£tll blessed ‘.'.’t°.ll the gift of the gab. Gilded Balloon. uni'ii 26 Aug. 9.30pm.

The Nonsense O... 2001 Perrier N(,“.'.7(I()ll‘(3l ‘.'-.’!llll(?t'f§ Garth Cruikshank and Fddie McCabe. lloneicomh. until 253 Aug. Elii‘tlpni.

Pam Ann .... Pain is as camp as ()liristn‘as and ten tiiiies as funny. Gilded Balloon Teviot. 22:") 2i'.")l. until

25 Aug. 9.30pm.

Rob Rouse mi Big. daft and out of control. Gilded Balloon Teviot. until 26 Aug. 9.30pm.

Daniel Kitson COO. Fond musings and touching stories. Pleasance. until 26 Aug. 9.45pm.

Men in Coats .0 We've seen it all before. Let‘s hope the Perrier panel agree. Pleasance. until 26 Aug. 9.45pm. Jason John Whitehead GOO

Laid back Canadian dread-head. P/easance. until 26 Aug. 9.45pm.

Dan Antopolski .0... Triple Perrier nominee Willi roguish silliness. Pleasance. until 26 Aug. 9.50pm.

1 0pm

Glenn Wool’s see A queasy concoction of medical stories. Gilded Balloon. until 26 Aug. 70pm.

Howard Read 0... Read shares the stage with his mini me. little Howard. All together now: AWW. Pleasance. until 26 Aug, 70.05pm. Omid Djalili .0... See 7pm. Queen's Hall. 23—24 Aug. 70.30pm. Paul Zenon 0.0 The self- proclaimed Sultan of Swindle. Assembly Poo/its. until 26 Aug. 70.30pm.

Craig Hill .0. Bitchy. camp banter. Assembly Rooms. until 26 Aug. 70.36pm.

Phil Nichol COO. Nichol gives the audience a good licking. Pleasance. until 26 Aug. lt').35pm.

Ricky Grover COO Autol)iographical. menacingly funny wide boy. Gilded Balloon Teviot. until 26 Aug. 70.45pm.


Brendon Burns .0. Rauc0iis. fou|~mouthed ranting. Plec’isance. until 26 Aug. 77pm.

Mickey D ... Cosy yet amusmg fare. Gilded Balloon. until 26 Aug.

ll. l5pm.

Mullets 8: Daughters .0.

Sarah Adams needs a little more polish to shine. Pleasance Dome. until 26 Aug. 71.20pm.

Rich Hall and Mike Wilmot O... The two American comedians prove that George Dubya is the Single best American president ever. Assembly Rooms. until 26 Aug,

1 7.45pm.

Cameron Blair .0. Free- wheeling New Zealand stand-up with a great barnet. Gilded Balloon. until 26 Aug. 77.30pm.

Silly hours

Ross Noble 0.. See 9pm. George Square Theatre. 22 8 25 Aug. midnight.

The Late Show Revolvnig line-up of Fringe firestarters. Underbelly 23—25 Aug. midnight.

Silky’s Midnight Run Trip the light fantastic With Silky. Club West (a) Crowne Plaza. until 24 Aug. midnight. The Establishment More late night comedy and musrc shenanigans. C. until 2:3 Aug. lam.

Late’n’Live Terrified comedians face a barrage of beer- soaked heckles. How we love and laugh. Gl/(TOd Balloon ".l'eviot. until 26 Aug. lam.