with accounts of the guys she has shagged. Unfortunately the samey-sounding songs don't show off her incredible range. Jackie Clune is talented. intelligent and a great stage presence. yet she's so acerbic and bitter that it's hard to give a toss for her new show. The hour-long set is almost exclusively about her relationships. and unfortunately it bores. Her own life is too close to her, she needs distance. (John Binnie)


I Assembly Rooms. 226 2428. until 26 Aug,

8pm, [10—577 (59—570).


Foul-mouthed magic 0...

We all know Jerry Sadowitz's skit these days: the ugly magician who swears more than the average Tourette's sufferer. But that doesn't stop him from being riotously funny when his selection of good and frankly naff magic tricks are sewn together by his usual

Thoroughly engrossing Read 0...


verbal tirade against. well, what have you got?

The tricks act as a prop to hang his amphetamine-paced patter of bile and venom as he abuses everyone and everything. Add a healthy dose of self- deprecation and a few crude knob gags and that's the show. A polished turd. Not for the faint hearted. (Henry Northmore)

I Underbelly 0870 745 3083, until 25 Aug, 70.55am, 2850—810 (£7.50—EQ).

Punch-ups with Roy Walker, fights with mutes, spontaneous songs about the wonder of vegetables - hey, you’ve got to love this geeky guy who seems to have forgotten to take his Ritalin. The show, Words and Pictures, is a thoroughly entertaining mix of untraditional stand-up, animated cartoons and random observations. It features Little Howard, the world’s first six-year-old interactive, animated stand-up comedian and Read’s prodigy. Little Howard pops up throughout the show, provoking the audience to ‘awww’ in unison at his cuteness. Bless. Read gets the audience to participate in a human version of Guess Who, drawing one of the crowd and getting people to ask questions, which is brilliant fun, if not slightly surreal. The audience take well to this loveably daft man who duly leaves them in stitches. Read is fairly similar to Harry Hill in his spontaneous, random gags, however, his show proves extremely original and packed with in-offensive, general stupidity. Refreshingly enough, there is no reference to politics, war and other controversial subjects - except that of Edinburgh being rubbish

and of Glasgow being better and vice-versa. There are no obvious gags, only clever, if not pretty pointless, ones which keep the audience laughing due to Read’s hyperactive style and unpretentious, friendly manner.

This promising comedian is surely destined for better things, catch him whilst you get the chance, if not only to hear why aubergines are great or to see Mr Chips in a naughty catchphrase. (Carolyn Aiken) I Pleasance. 556 6550. until 26 Aug. 70.05pm, $850—$950


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