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'Bradwell nuclear power station on the day it was decommissioned with a cleaner alternative

2 Talk to. Her . . Fllm' Pedro Almodovar‘s'finest film in years isan examination into the love bestowed upon women by men. See feature and review, pages Band 14. GF'II Glasgow; Cameo, Edinburgh.

3 Carl Craig

Clubs The reclusive techno-jazz fiend plays a very exclusive show. See preview, page 102. Alaska. Glasgow.

4 Coldplay

Music More ‘Yellow' fever from the former ‘new Radiohead’ bunch as they launch the splendid A Rush of Blood to the Head. See feature. page 8. Parlophone.

5 GreyscaIe/CMYK Art Scottish artists Jim Lambie, Roddy Buchanan and Martin Boyce take their places in a simple yet ambitioust subversive show. See feature, page 12. Tramway, Glasgow.

Scotland’s waste on

o’burg agenda

First minister takes his place in eco-summit. Words: Ruth Hedges

ack McConnell, Scotland's first minister, will be joining

the delegation of British politicians at the World

Summit in Johannesburg (26 August—4 September) for discussions on how best to achieve sustainable global development. He will be joined by representatives of Friends of the Earth Scotland, WWF Scotland and Poverty Alliance.

McConnell faces the challenge of putting Scotland at the critical edge of ecological planning and development. It is lagging behind its European neighbours with slow progress on tackling issues of transpon and waste. George Baxter of WWF Scotland says: ‘Scotland has a lot to be ashamed of. It has an obligation to change c0urse.'

In the run up to the event. Friends of the Earth Scotland has named what it alleges to be our dirtiest corporate players. They include British Energy for promoting nuclear power as a green. sustainable option despite recent problems at its reactors including Torness; Lafarge for pursuing its proposed 600 million tonne superquarry on South Harris; Aventis Crop Science for mixing up its own biotech seed varieties leading to the contamination of Scottish crops; and Exxon Mobil (Esso) for being a prime mover behind GeOrge W Bush's decision to snub the Kyoto climate treaty last year.

Currently Scotland uses 20% more resources than can be regenerated. has one of the lowest levels of recycling in

6 THE LIST 22 Aug—5 Sep 2002

Europe and one in three households still live in poverty. In the

run up to the Summit. there had been fears that McConnell w0uld be prevented from attending because of Downing Street‘s attempt to limit numbers. 'The responSibility for Scotland has been devolved so it's important that we're

there.‘ says Baxter.

The Summit comes ten years after the Earth Summit in Rio where. for the first time. world leaders met to dISCUSS the problems threatening Our planet. But it is \Vldely perceived that progress since then has been disappointing. not least with the US' attitudes to enforcing targets. Reneging on the Kyoto agreement was an undisguised slap in the face to global efforts being made. The earth's natural resources cannot sustain the 6.1bn people living on it (half surViVing on less than 82 a day) if current methods and structures continue. And with the growth of multinationalism. it is

becoming increasingly difficult to regulate business practices. The strong presence of corporate groups at Johannesburg

has caused some fears that the agenda will be ligacked to promote business interests over enwonmental and human ones. And Kevin Dunion of Friends of the Earth Scotland points out that there are no US questions motioned in the summit. ‘They are consistently trying to dismantle the language of enVironmental action.“ he says.

‘They smell of piss. That must be where he’s keeping the

THE QUOTES drugs.’

Noel Gallagher is less

than appreCiative of the bouquet (not pair of trousers; handed to mm by brother Liam.

‘We’re hoping to get a few ciders in to celebrate.’

The Wurze/s' Tommy Banner plans a party after announcing they 're recording a cover of ‘Don 't Look Back in Anger', giving it the 'Oo-ar-Sis' treatment.

‘They’re so snooty, New York lawyers, aren’t they? Stupid little idiots.’

Harry Enfield reacts in a KeVin kind of way to news that he may be sued by Ozzy Osb0urne's people over similarities between the dove- chomper's reality series and Enfield's new sitcom. Celeb.

‘You don’t normally go up to someone you hardly know and wrap your legs round them.’

Charlie Dimmock expresses a modicum of concern over her latest TV documentary role as a Latin dancer.

‘I don’t want to seem braggadocious, but people keep telling me it’s the most famous house in the country, after the White House.’

The braggadocious Victor Recchia who built and lives in the lovely Soprano home.

‘She wondered if I’d thought about ending it all. I was very worried but I never ever thought about suicide. I’m life-affirming, me.’

Richard talks of Judy's fears over his infamous drinks - trolley inCIde/it.