Ticket prices are £7 (£4.50) unless otherwise indicated.

Thursday 22

The Key (Kagi) Fl/lli/lOUSG, noon. €4.50 (£3). An ageing couple refuse to accept their lot and instead spice their love life up in Kon lchikawa's sophisticated sex comedy.

Digging for Dutch: The Search for the Lost Treasure of Dutch Schultz O. Film/touse. 72.30pm. The old adage about finding gold at the end of the rainbow is literal in this charming-but-long dOCumentary about obsessive treaSure hunters in a small American mountain town. Their guest is to find a box which. legend has it. is full of loot worth millions. It was buried in 1935 by gangster Dutch Schultz. days before he was shot dead. Laura Levine starts the narrative declaring if she found the riches she would make a film about it. so we are led to believe from the eutset that she will. The shot compositions of the weird and v-ronderless folk she interviews are imaginative; ‘."‘.’ii|iO their stories abOut Schultz are all contradictOry. You'd be chuffed to catch this on the telly. but watching it in the cinema. it kind of goes on and on a bit. iCaroline Mason‘i

Fellini: I’m a Born Liar OD. Film/iouse. 7pm. What emerges from this fCil'OSDCCIIVC of the Italian master of the grotesque and excessive will not particularly surprise his devotees. but is still intriguing. Built around a long interview taped late in his life with the man himself. the film discusses Fellini's work with those who knew him best in the industry. Italo Calvino is insightful on the SlejeCl of Fellini's semi- autobiographical aesthetic. while Donald Sutherland is less complementary abOut working with him. Terence Stamp seems still to be perplexed and fasCinated by his work with the maestro. A very watchable film which breaks little new ground. (Steve Crameri

Cineworks Relaunch Event Cameo. 2pm. free event. Opponunity to meet the organisers of the Glasgow-based community filmn‘iaking Outfit.

McLaren Animation 3 FI/l‘l‘l/iOl/SG. 2pm. Showcase for new British animated films and an opportunity to vote in The MCLaren Awards. now in its 13th year.

Here’s your Life Fi/mhouse. 3pm. £4.50 (53/. And another overlooked classic from Sweden's cinema of the 60s. Jan Troell's film about the early life of a writer.

Explosive Fragments 5 Fl/lll/lOL/SC. 3. lSpm. Programme of short films from all over the world. New Found Land 1 FI/lll/lOl/SC. 4.30pm. Short films from the Scottish filmmaking initiative that attracts such

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THRILLER CHANGING LANES ooo Unpredictable urban thrills

Good Friday in New York City and two cars collide on the FDR expressway. Banek (Ben Affleck) is a high-flying

Wall Street attorney on his way to court to secure a crucial trust settlement for his superiors. Insurance salesman Gipson (Samuel L. Jackson), a recovering alcoholic, is en route to a judicial hearing involving the custody of his children, whom his ex-wife wants to take to Oregon. Rather than exchange information, Banek offers a blank cheque for the damages and speeds off, leaving behind a crucial work file. The stranded Gipson is consequently late for his case, and seeks revenge on the man who stole his time . . .

Co-scripted by Michael Tolkin (The Player) and Chap Taylor and directed by Britain’s Roger Michell (Notting Hill), Changing Lanes uses its tit-for-tat thriller framework to explore the moral choices (and their repercussions) of its competing protagonists. In a more predictable drama, our sympathies would perhaps be guided towards the little guy up against the might and arrogance of the establishment lawyer. Gipson, however (impressively played by Jackson), is an interestingly flawed creation his efforts to ‘do the right thing’ are constantly undermined by his hair-trigger temper. As his AA sponsor (William Hurt) tells him, he’s ‘addicted to


There’s an edgy electronic score from David Arnold, restless cinematography of from Salvatore Totino and some terrific cameos from Dylan Jones’s smirking credit hacker and from Sydney Pollack’s unapologetically cynical boss and father-in-law. Less satisfactory is the contrived redemption secured by Banek. (Tom Dawson) I UGC. 23 Aug. 7pm. 24 Aug. 9.30pm. £7 €4.50).

big names as Ewan MCGregor. Sheila Hancock and Brian Cox.

Cry Woman I... Cameo. 5.30pm. Caustic. Cynical tale of a life lived on the margins of society in modern day China.

Bashkim OD. Film/rouse. 6pm. Focusing on the life of Bashkim Berisha. a yOung man whose family fled to Switzerland as Kosovan refugees during the Serbian-Bosnian war. this gritty dOCumentary explores the family histOFy through his volatile kick-boxing career. Bashkim's struggle to keep his aggression inside the ring gets him into trouble. finally and fataily with police.

Something to Remind Me

0.. Fi/mhouse. 6.30pm. This tale of a fraught. thin-faced lawyer who falls in love with the mysterious Leyla is a balancing act between the conventional and unconventional thriller.

Once Upon a Time in the Midlands 00.. GFI'. 6.30pm. Shane Meadows follows A Room for Romeo Brass with this entertaining famin saga in which social realism collides with the spaghetti western. Out of Control Film/rouse. 7pm. The latest slice of working class life from Dominic Savage the yOung Ken Loach to some follows four teenage boys as they dabble in petty crime as an escape from their miserable lives.

60 THE LIST FESTIVAL GUIDE 22 AJg—z") Set; 2002

Hoover Street Revival OD. Cameo. 7pm. Sophie Fiennes iSister of Ralph: has produced an occaSionaily interesting dOCumentary. but one which urgently needs Cutting from its 101 mm length. The piece fairly meanders through the stery of Charismatic bishop Noel Jones. who. since his arrival in a downtrodden. poverty-ridden district of LA. has transformed the lives of many Of his congregation.

We interCut from one member of the church to another. each overcoming a struggle with one of the many Symptoms of poverty. and move through some Splendid gospel music to Jones himself. an undeniany powerful presence. But less would certainly be more here. (Steve Cramerl Intacto ODD UGC. 7pm. Stylish. genre—blending debut from Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. in which gamblers test their powers of luck in unorthodox games of chance. where the stakes can be as high as a human life.

Heartlands UGC. 7pm. Damien O'Donnell's follow-up to East is East: another comic tale. this a road movie abOut lost love. scooters and darts. The Clay Bird .0. Cameo. 7pm. This lovingly shot look at a famin living through late 60$ social and political upheaval in Bangladesh might bring Satyaiit Flay's Pather Pancha/i to mind.

I Frailty D... UGC. 7pm. The directorial debut of Hollywood supporting player Bill Paxton is a serial-killer film marked by its restraint and incredible psychological power as it explores lSSLleS of religion. faith. and family ties in a highly original way. Fabriqué en France Fl/Hi/iOL/Se. 8.30pm. £4.50 (E3). Showcase of the best French pop promo talent. including Michel Condry. maker of the White Stripes' 'Fell in Love with A Girl” promo.

Baadasssss Cinema ODD. Film/muse. 9pm. Until the blaprOitation eprOSion of the early 708 there had been little to truly define black cinema. The genre marked a first oppOrtunity for black actors to pertray heroes rather than servants or villains.

Baadassssss Cinema traces the roots of the phenomenon. from Melvin Van Peebles grOundbreaking Sweet Si/veetback's Baao’asssss Song through Shaft. Foxy Brown and Black Caesar to its eventual decline in the latter half of the decade. Samuel L Jackson. Fred Williamson. Pam Grier and Quentin Tarantino are among those attempting to pinpoint the