appeal and Significance of blaxplonation. Although well researched and constructed. this falls short of bringing the stOry to a logical. contemporary conclusion. making only a Cursory mention of the black Oscar winners of 2002. Good but incomplete. ilvlark Robertsoni

The Trespasser UGC. 9pm. Edgy drama abOuI guilt. revenge and complicin from Beto Brant. Brazil's answer to Harold Pinter. allegedly. Tribute UGC. 9. 75pm.

July Rhapsody O...

Fi/mhouse. 9pm. History comes back in funny ways. Pain inflicted becomes pain endured. Old and new loves go round. mirror each other and cross generations with strange twists of fate. Such are the ideas at the heart of July Rhapsody. Gentle teacher of Chinese literature Yiu-kwok is Surrounded by chaos. The kids don't listen and his wife has been distracted by a figure from the past. So when a yOung student sets her intense eyes upon him. resistance is low. Echoes of American Beauty run through this beautiful film where a yearning for poetry. meaning and love struggle against the nOise and chaos of modern life. The tone is quiet. unassuming and deeply engaging. Still waters run deep. Ruth HedgeSi Spider O... UGC. 9.30pm. David iNaked Lunch. Crashi Cronenberg trades physical horror for a more psychological kind in his most fully realised film for some years iadapted by Patrick McGrath from his own noveli. Ralph Fiennes iall tics and mumblingSi. excels as Spider. a schizophrenic man released (prematurely. youd have to thinkl from a mental institution into 608 East End London, where the Sights. sounds and smells of his old community serve to remind him inot a good thingl of events that perhaps led to him being institutionalised. Cronenberg plays cleverly with time to heighten the sense of Spider's increaSingly tenuous grip on reality. in this involving and satisfying psychodrama. (Rod Whitei

New Work 1 Fi/mhouse. 70.30pm. €4.50 ICC}; MuSic films from the world's top pop promo and commercials directors.

Go 0.. Cameo. 10.30pm. Thoroughly enjoyable if hardly original alienated y0uth comedy drama which

benefits from tremend0us pacing. hyper kinetic filming and a smart. funny script.

Friday 23

Her Brother (Ototo) Fi/mhouse. noon, £4.50 (83/. Kon lchikawa's drama abOut family life. based on an autobiographical serial in a woman's journal and looking at the intense relationship between a brother and a sister.

Blind Spot: Hitler’s Secretary Film/louse. 7pm. Candid dOCumentary in which Frau Traudl Junge recalls her yOth spent working for the fuhrer as his personal seCretary.

It Kinda Scares Me O... Fi./mhouse. 1.30pm. The dynamics and relationships of a group of disturbed. teenage lsraeii boys are filmed as the creative process of putting together a play abOut their life experiences tames them. The film iS directed and produced by 'Tomer'. the youth worker who guides the troop. so the honesty of Situations comes through. Delinguent poets society rather than Dead Poets Society. this vibrant documentary. thankfully. has only some elements in common with the latter film teenage boys. mentor. good writing improves life and none of the putridin and schmaltz. But what makes the film so interesting to watch is the unusual inSight it gives into SurpriSingly charming characters that make up the younger element of the Violent street life on the outskirts of Tele Aviv. (Caroline Masoni

A Red Bear 0.. Film/louse. 2pm. This film does a pretty good Job of creating a thriller atmosphere from within the tired perspective of its central character. He's a man who can still look after himself but who realises that when he's hired as a getaway driver for a big heist. he’s going to have to do more than that if he's to help his ex-wife and child after the robbery's taken place.

Raven’s End Fi/mhouse. 3. 75pm. £4.50 (E3). Bo Wilderberg’s Oscar nominated 1963 Swedish claSSic. the stery of an aSpiring Stockholm novelist who longs to escape the despair WHICH engulfed his alcoholic father.

Explosive Fragments 3 Fi/mhouse. 3. 15pm. Programme of short films from all over the world.

MlNl-RETROSPECTIVE SHAH RUKH KHAN Bollywood god comes to Edinburgh


The lights dim as 2000 people cram into a giant, sweaty auditorium. Fans whirr round against the hot air, pushing it ineffectiver about the hall. And then the opening credits roll. A hush descends and suddenly he appears: Shah Rukh Khan, 20ft tall and towering above us. Whoops and cheers erupt spontaneously around the theatre. It’s 1995 in Kathmandu, Nepal, and this is the man we’ve come to see, not just the god of Indian cinema but the object of love for millions around the world.

I’d seen his picture adorning bedroom walls and in shops, heard him swooned over by girls and worshipped by boys. But it was only then, in the cinema, blown up in all his celluloid glory that I began to truly understand his iconic status. With a wink to the crowd and a nod that anticipated his rapturous greeting, Shah Rukh Khan charmed, fought, danced and flirted his way through the film to its inevitable triumphant end.

The experience of watching Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge was like no cinematic one I’d ever experienced before. In our air-conditioned, popcorn-scented UCls it’s hard for such intensity of excitement to brew up and explode with the appearance of the hero.

In India, film stars are deified into beings beyond our Seans or our Toms, second only to the sacred cow. Edinburgh should brace itself for the appearance of one of that country’s biggest. He’s used to the star treatment and is keen to meet his new burgeoning audience. So here’s your chance to pay homage to India’s biggest earthly god, the mighty Shah Rukh Khan. (Ruth Hedges)

I Shah Rukh Khan Fi’ee/ Life. UGC. 24 Aug. 3pm. Asoka. UGC. 25 Aug. 3pm.

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This year's Edinburgh International Film Festival closes on Sunday 25 August with the European premiere of Insomnia. Stamng Oscar winners Al Pacino, Robin Williams and Hilary Swank. this is a stunning police thriller from Christopher ‘4 Nolan, the acclaimed director of Momento. " V

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