New Found Land 2 Iii/nitrouse. .Jhm. Short films from the Scottish filmmaking iriitiati‘~.'e that attracts such big names as E\.'~.'an tvchr'egor. Sherla Hancock and Brian Cox.

Waiting For Happiness Carrier). Kidd/inf. Parable about (I()lllllltlllli‘, and alienation from Alxler'rahmane Srssako. one of Africa's leading tilmriiakei's.

Document: Shorts I'i/riiliousc. (Sn/7‘. Short films that are also


Be thankful for the title alone

All About Lily Chou-Chou Because it's sheer sodding poetry. Mind yOu. the Bollywood film Kali/ii Kushi Kahlil Ghani gives good lyric. Say it out loud. Baadasssss Cinema Because it's gonna get spelled wrong all over the show. Just remember: pronounce with two 'A's and five ‘S's. baby.

Cinemania Considering the Film Festival gets more than its fair share of butts lnerds. if you want to be ottensrve). the title of this documentary is also a term which describes what many of its patrons suffer from. That probably includes yOu.

Hoover Street Revival Clearly the groomest title of the Film Festival. Mister Pu That's just rude.

Once Upon a Time in the Midlands Cheeky evocation of the spaghetti western, although we should perhaps refer to the film as a ‘balti western‘.

The Pram Daft title. especially as it's a film from 'swinging 608 Sweden'.

Spider Simple. direct. unnerving title all in a mere six letters. Volcano High This rocks like a mutha.

However. the winner is . . . Every Day God Kisses us on the Mouth It's beautiful and senSLlal and odd. and it's got length. too.

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rlocuiiientaries. see? Including one. Sky High. about an Edinburgh roofer who does yoga on top of burldings. Cineworks GFI'. (Sp/ii. Showcase of short films made through the Glasgow-t)ased community filriiriiaking outfit.

Le Souffle film/rouse. (Sp/ii. Both lyrical and brutal. this is a pastoral drama from hot young French talent Dariiieri Odoul.

I David Holmes UGO. (3pm. 5‘10 iS‘-1.53()i, See Joaguin Phoenix feature panel.

Changing Lanes UGC. i'pm. See panel.

Hoover Street Revival OOO (Xi/nee. Zorn. See Thu 22.

Sex is Comedy OOO UGC. Torn. Loosely based on the making of A /'\.”l’(1‘ Seer/ff. but commenting on Catherine Br'eillat's work generally. Anne Pariilaud plays a tactile director who'll stop at nothing to get that intimate moment on screen.

I Tadpole OD... Fi/rri/iouse. Zorn. Fifteen-year-olds \.'.'ho duote Voltaire are a rare breed: those who ‘.'.'ar‘t to bed their stepiiiotl‘ers are rarer still. Although. when your step- mum's played by Sigourney \‘v'eayer it's easier to see ‘.'.'hy an older i.'.’oriian i.'.’ould seem more (titl‘iiCZtl‘J? than your scplionioi'e chums. That's the conundrum facing Oscar l't this remarkable romantic comedy Angela 0.. Farm/rouse. Born. Although. as ‘.'.'ith its American gangster llt()‘.'l(} counterparts. Ange/a ends on a crinie does-not ~r)a{. dou'xnbeat note. the substitution of macl‘o yiolerice \.'.'i‘.li a mob unife's persona dilemi'ia makes for a r‘etr‘esli.rig addition to the genre.

I The Last Great Wilderness O... Cameo. hymn. Charlie iii/fona'cl7 o." f’te Ole/Vs Alistair MacKen/‘e. is in a riiotor‘xxay service stator . on his way to a house burning ll‘ Skye. when he meets Vincente. a mad half' Spanish gigolo or‘ the run ll'(}.'l‘. a cririie ior'd. He agrees to give him a lft. It's an improbable but {it’l)l)ll‘.§l ;ritroduct'cii to a film that stretches reality to br'eak'ng poin‘. '.'.’litl()lii e‘.'er letting :t s"a_l;. the pair rur‘. out of petrol in the reiiiote '.'.'estern llrgha'ids. and end up seeking shelter l't a refuge filled '.'.'ltll eccentric characters. stuffed animals ai‘d an atinospiieie of foreboding that is pure l'flcker' i"/i'a.". Some of these fr'ir‘ge figures could do ‘.'.'i’.ri lletrig a little more fleshed out. but the l as.’ Urea: '.'.///t:'erriess is a great Britsli ‘ilm. br'ii'iantlj, shot. tender. angry and full of hilarious. economical dialogue. '.'."!tlt a firie soundtrack by the Pastels. How could you d=slike a tilni tlfat co'itains the tire: 'Masturbation changed my life. Do you masturbate. Charlie?" -.Janies Macklini

Marlene Dietrich - Her Own Song 0. (3/ I. 8.5)‘(lprn Dietrich's grandson. .J t)a\.id Hiya. had intense (Z()tl£il)<)'£tii‘.(f help in bringing the lie storj, of triis '.'.’orider‘ul l’ri ssiar‘ Princess to the screer iriotably from those car'ating t'ie Dietrich ()o’iectior‘ a‘. the l ili'i Museuii‘. Bellini. Yet hs H". is as dust, and (tr, as a (,ear old

li‘iarirlerillarg cake

lllltll l l H INSOMNIA oooo Smart Hollywood

Move over Steven Soderbergh, there’s a new wonderboy in town making the kind of great genre movies Hollywood don’t produce much no more. Having impressed the hell out of us with Memento, young Londoner Christopher Nolan re-directs the Norwegian thriller of the same name as a smartly-plotted (by Hillary Seitz) American crime drama which balances fine characterisation and thematic concerns with stunning set pieces. The film centres on a battle of wills between Al Pacino’s veteran cop and Robin Williams’ disturbingly normal killer (if that latter ain’t oxymoronic). Said battle occurs in the northern Alaskan township of Nightmute, a place of perpetual daylight where Pacino’s Will Dormer can’t get no satisfaction, never mind sleep. Doesn’t help that he accidentally (or perhaps not) kills his partner Martin Donovan, something that Williams witnesses and takes advantage of, not so much by blackmailing Dormer, but by attempting to convince the cop to write off their respective crimes as mere mistakes. You’re unlikely to see such confident genre filmmaking come out of Hollywood again this year. See

feature. (Miles Fielder) I UGO. (’53 Add. (“iii/n}? 'l‘-1.:’>()-.

Lightbox [flirt/rouse. Sip'rr. 531.5%) 'f‘Ji‘i. Mirr‘orbali prory'arninc- collecting the ‘.'.'or'k of the x'xor‘ld’s top photographers Nick Knight. Craig McDean. Soly Sundsbor ‘.'.'tll(3t‘ blurs the line bet‘.'.’een stills ar‘d the l‘.l{)‘.llttt image.

Cinemania O... (Mateo. fibril. tllll‘ buttery is taken to a unhole 't(?‘.'. lexel as this documentary folloxrs a small group of Neu'.’ York based hut‘s

as the. spend their li‘.(?i§ ‘.‘.'at<:’iing

lllt)‘.lt?f3 aiirl obsessing oxe' ther". is ten. l'kely you'll be ahe to kid? ti“ some of the guirks of these people. and ‘.'.'ith this realsatie". come

Breath Control: The History of the Human Beat Box 0... UUC.9:7"!:‘-5.:'>(3i:‘.1.;\.le"‘;ie histon. of "in lion's iii.n‘.‘ir‘ heat box phenomena and a flint as yri'a'it as hip nor? culture itself rust th‘: sure to

excase T"e ‘.'.a"ki. (tlif'flle‘ti‘ttxXt