argument that traces beatboxrng back to the chants of pygrnres rn Afrrca.

I Buffan Soldiers UGC 9pm. In thrs black cornrc war movre. a cross between Kel/v's Heroes. Trarnspottrng and M‘A'S'H. Joagurn Phoean plays an Amerrcan soldrer posted to Berlrn Just before the fall of the wall who spends hrs trrne cookrng hrgh-grade herorne to flog on the black market. Davrd Holmes rs the DJ who provrdes the frlm's soundtrack. See feature. Decasia 0.. f'l/m/rouse. Sblfiprn. \vVarnrng: thrs frlrn rs a hard to srt through. even rf you are a hardened day-trrpper to the a\.'ant--garde. Eclrpsrng rts rrnmedrate antescendants —A the frlrns of Stan Brakhage and Canadran scratch anrrnator Norman Mcl aren frlmmaker Brll Morrrson has made a feature frlrn that rs culled from decayed frlrn footage. The result rs occasronally maracuious and beautrful. occasronally tedrous. Fverythrng rs scratched ano fucked up: crnematrc ghosts grab. punch and grapple ‘.'..'rth damaged space. Morrrson rs tryrng to say sornetlrrng about frlm preseryatron and nrtrate's rnevrtable decay. but hrs message rs protracted rn the extreme. Thrs rs. nexertheless. a fascrnatrng crnernatrc andulgence. 'Paul Dale. Australian Rules 0... UGC. 51-15mm. Paur (Bodrrtan's frlm about small town racrsm and footy down rnder paces rtself perfectly. rnovrng rorr: the guretly elegrac to a vrolent and emotzonal clrmax. then to a thoughtful conclusron.

Dragonflies DO. Fr’rrrhouse. lob/rt. Krn‘. rPus/ter'r Bodnra plays the sort of guy he 'nrght gust have become wrth a brt of luck m the frlrn for whrcl‘. he's best known. Here. Bodnra's managed to escape the crrrnrnal lrfe and found salvatron rn the arms of a lovely young woman rr‘. rural Sun/eden. But wrli hrs past leave hrrn alone? A happenstance rrreetrng wrth an old frrend suggests maybe not. as drrector Ivlarus Holst ‘.'.'orks well wrth the rdea of' an rdyllrc retreat grvrng way to a claustrop.’ obrc atmosphere when the two that's company becomes three that's a crowd. rTony Ivchrbbrnr Tattoo .0. Carrier). /' 7.30;)1‘2. ROOK-fi; coo Marc Schrader August De" s :r‘ t'te grros ()5 an aim gt‘t‘, (X)".‘-Z:-(I(;'.'.”". Caught by '."‘e f.r// rr‘ 7.".(3

\ f t" Ix‘ H 11" l_(‘ \“r :1 ("HH‘vw‘ 1/\-- n H \lo. \1. (I \ \r(a aluth (1\1 abaiww (run/a

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,Hw“ .3 ,.,)(.I ,\f ,Nto, H. L.“ N, If. ,"V‘ ,./,H\ . (,. It, (i HOE)‘ \}'(,(,'.

v. (1'! t()

that Robert

\)\; “If, .’<{,t) \)'«/‘-u 'l‘\/. x} (X. “(I “tiff


ar'ris s<:ua"e.y at twang (3<;"rr‘z‘r'r‘."s

(i, f)..’(," .(1 \)(,’/':,'4’ . \Sk‘r‘l \‘E) \</


regurrerner‘ts t'r‘en. thrs Se7en by numbers 's an over-stylrs >d. c rche- rldden prece of norr that more ciosely resembles an eprsode of The Br/r’ wrth rdeas above rts statron. rCatnerrr‘e Bromleyr

Saturday 24

Ten Dark Women (Kuroi Junin no Onna) Fr/mhouse, noon. §‘-f.:'3() rf‘t’ir. In Kon Ichrkawa's sex comedy ten women. all rnrstresses of the same phrlanderrng busrnessman, band together to exact revenge on the hrrn. It Kinda Scares Me O... Film/louse. noon. See Frr 23.

Fellini: I’m a Born Liar OD. Frrrrrhouse. lpm. See Thu 22.

Her Majesty UGO. 2pm. Heartwarmrrrg farnrly frlrn from New Zealand.

World Animation Fr/m/rouse. 2.30pm. Showcase of anrrnatron. culled from every corner of the globe.

Blind Spot: Hitler’s Secretary Fr/mhouse. 2.45pm. See Frr 23.

The Pram Fr/mhouse, 3pm. $31.50 ISBN. Desprte rt's sorrre\.'./hat naff trtle Bo \r‘v’rltlerberg's swrngrng (30s classrc rs a krnd of Scandanayran Jules of Jun.

Tattoo 0.. Frr 23.

Shah Rukh Khan UGC. (in/n. NO 411430;. See- panel. Dragonflies 0.. «180mm. See In 23. Heartlands Cameo. :3.I:">pm. Sec- Thu 22.

July Rhapsody O...

Fr/mhouse. :'>'.t’)‘()pm. See Thu 22. New Work 2 Frlmhouse. (3pm. ST-tot) IS‘SI. See Thu 22.

I Buffalo Soldiers GFT. (3.30pm. See Frr 21% and feature.

Spider O... Frr’mhouse. 7pm. See Thu 22.

I The Last Great Wilderness O... Cameo. 7pm. See PH 21%. Made in Japan Fr/m/rouse, 8pm. 52.1.50 r513». Mrrrorball programme shou'rcasrng rnusrc frlrn work from the land of anrrne and manga. Irreversible COO. Cameo. Hprrr. Forget at. tne'r‘eua’1ypeano s"r eks of ‘scartda". Gaspar Noe's /rr‘e‘/ersr.‘)/e

\l(,t)(,r.'\,:) tt/ \/\/ au’tjr'xfli \Ir'l tit) ()u,

Cameo. 3pm. See

F/r'n r/ rouse.

'r‘er'ts. It's a dasttrrb.”g and trr‘co'r‘pro'nrsr'tg journey of 'ever‘ge. r:g".‘. r“.()t1"-e"ear°. of d;trk"<:s;:321:‘:l

no ence that c’ta Lenges :3.." r>reconcerztrons every “are of We Baadasssss Cinema 0... ["rr’mhouse. 24 Aug. ftp/rt. See Thu 22. Revengers Tragedy Cameo. 9.30pm. Alex Cox updates the Jacobean cl; ssrc. relocatrng rt to

post apocalyptrc Brrtarn. Derek Jacobr. ()hrrstopher Eccleston and Fddre l//ard star. Changing Lanes 0.. 9.30pm. See panel.

One Hour Photo 0... Fr/mhor/se, 9.50pm. In thrs oddly rnovrng. slow burnrng tnrrller. a cast agarrrst type Robrn erlrams plays a lonely senror clerk rn a supermarket photo centre who becorrres dangerously obsessed wrth seemrngly perfect local famrly the Yorkrns, wrth rncreasrngly drsturbrng results.


Mirrorball McLaren Animation Fr/mhouse, It).(‘()pm, £34.50 1513/. Brrtarn currently rules the anrrnated pop promo world. accordrng to thrs Mrrrorball short frlrn programme. Volcano High 0.. Cameo.

I 1.30pm. What do Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Rebel ‘."/rthout A Cause and C/‘ouc/Irng l'rger. Hrdden Dragon have rn common? Yeah. you guessed rt. they all lend l/o/cano H/gh component parts. Punk rebel Krrn Kyung-soo's been krcked out of more schools than ermy Dean. When he arrrves at Volcano I-lrgh eager to play down the rnartral arts prowess that's got hrrn rnto trouble rn the past. he's rrrrrnedrately drav-m rnto a war between teachers and students over an ancient rnanuscrrpt. Plot swrftly drspensed wrth. thrs krckass Korean flrck cuts strarght to gravrty—(lefyrng kung fu actron. souped up wrth telekrnetrc combat. A frlrn for those who lrke a Irttle less conversatron and a lot more actron. baby. rlvlrles trelderr

Sunday 25

Best of the Fest Cameo. Fr/rrr‘nouse é; UGC. lhose frlrns that have proved most popular wrth the I-rlm Festwal's audrence. screened agarn for those who rnrssed them frrst trrne round and those who need to see them agarn, Check ‘wrth (:rnernas for lrne up from Sun l8 Aug.

An Actor’s Revenge (Yukinojo Henge) 0.... film/rouse. noon. .“-1.:’>() IFS». Kon Ichrkawa's

extraordrnary 1963 tale of a kabukr master‘s revenge on hrs parents' murderers rs an undenrable classrc. Ichrkawa was always a drrector out of step wrth hrs contemr)orarres. and here he creates a remarkable. completely successful blend of frlrnrc and theatrrcal tradrtrons. /-\n rncredrbly accornplrshed frlrn. from the gorgeous multr-frltered photography to Ku/uo Hasegawa's brrllrant dual role as the fernrnrne avenger YukrnoJo and the thref who befrrends hrrn Yomrtaro. Posrtrvely Shakespearean rn rts sweep. thrs was a key Japanese rnovre of the tE)(S()s. It would have been nrce. though. to see thrs screened at the Frlm I‘estrval alongsrde the rarely seen versron Hasegawa made wrth director lernosuke Krnugasa thrrty years before thrs. (Paul Daler

I Christopher Nolan UGO. l..’3()pm. 5‘10 «51/1451». Reel l_rfe masterch ss session wrth the ta ented young Brrtrsh frlrnmaker responsrble for r'vfemento and the Frlm I-estrval's closrng frlm Insomnra. See feature. Asoka UGC. (3pm. 531.50 (5‘3). Eprc retellrng of Prrnce Asoka's sprrrtual Journey from bloodthrrsty warrror to pacrfrst Buddhrst. Star Shah Rukh Khan comes to Edinburgh to grve a Reel ere masterclass. See Shah Rukh K'nan panel.

I Insomnia UGO 8pm. See panel.

for other FILM LISTINGS in Glas ow & Edinburgh see non- estival magazine

22 - 25 August 7.30pm Priorité a Gauche

23 & 24 August l0.30pm Omid Djalili - behind enemy lines

l3 September 8.30pm Rab Noakes and the Varaflames

25 September 7.30pm Schools Concert - Build Up

27 September 7.45pm Hey! Big Spender The songs of Dorothy Fields

28 September 8.30pm Guy Barker Septet

29 September 2.30pm Edinburgh Palm Court Orchestra

3 October 7.30pm Sigur Ros