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. Borges-inspired cine-poetry

How do you ensure you win the best film award at a festival? Simple: invent your own festival and create the sole entrant. So, Derevo (already making Fringe waves with La Divina Commedia) have . produced Sild.Grenze (South.Border) for the EIFFFF aka Edinburgh International First Fringe Film FesfivaL

It’s a dreamy, confusing fairytale borne from the mind of the group’s director Anton Adassinskij but what is the Borges-inspired image—led movie actually about? As the director himself insists, ‘South.Border is my present to myself, a little window to the house I will never be able to build, a house of silver and light.’ Fair enough. I Assembly Big Top, 226 2428, until 26 Aug, 4pm, £10-£1 1 (ES-£10).


What they‘re saying in the foyers

Sheila Boyle, Glasgow. 5-) w I 2.: -- X”;

Ira Brand, Dorset . ,1

rguson, Edinburgh. .'~ 'i‘w .; It : .




The final festival gems I La Cuisine The acclaimed Tattoo company visit the international festival for the first time in a decade with this script from director/designer Mladen Materic and acclaimed Austrian writer Peter Handke. Dealing with the emotional and spiritual dilemmas that take place in the space of the title. this promises intriguing entertainment. Royal Lyceum, 473 2000. 22 Aug. 7.30pm. 536—223. I The Blind Maurice Maeterlinck's classic continues to intrigue European theatre audiences. and this production from Theatre Ubu, Montreal, looks to be an exceptional version. Using a video installation concept. the production seeks to explore the anxieties of a group of blind people abandoned by their guide in the wilderness. Festival Theatre. 473 2000. 24—30 Aug (not 25. 28). 7pm & 9pm, £70. I The Happy Sideshow A kind of contemporary visit to an old fashioned freakshow. this Australian combination has all manner of spectacle for you. Cringey humour. some scarily dodgy uses of the body and Spectacular stunts make this an entertaining evening for the strong of stomach. Assembly Rooms. 226 2428. until 26 Aug, 7 7450/77. 5370—5] I ’fgwf 70/. I Silent Engine Julian Garner's moving and intelligent examination of grief and reflection is a quiet winner. Examining the story of a couple who have lost their baby a short time after its birth. this is a sensitively performed and directed piece with a philosophical turn. Gilded alloon Cori/gate, 226 275 7. until 26 Aug. 72. 75pm, $760—$850 ($660—$750). I Nouvelles Folies Delightful French mime group Fiat Lux Company present a cogently told and accessible tale about a couple on a nightmare holiday in a remote Breton village. The pranks that a group of local fishermen play on them are. by turns. delightful and mischievous. Not a profound piece. but a very amusing one. Gateway Theatre. 317 3939. 22—26 Aug. 2pm. £78 (£6).