TrOy. have left the Troian women bereaved of their men. Here. three exhausted but reSilient females try to come to terms with the tragedy before they face a life of enslavement in Greece. Unlike other modernisations of Greek classics that tend to overcomplicate the text. this new version of Euripides' anti-war play is clear. well-paced and unpatronising. letting the themes speak for themselves. The yOung actors give mature performances. heightening the play's intensity with an uneasy calm, though the clumsy traverse staging sometimes interrupts natural flow. Nonetheless. this very much deserves to be seen. (Mererid Williamsr I C Cubed. 0870 70]

510:3. WM 25 Aug. 7 7.30pm. £76.50 0.13.50).

AZATHOTH The Hammish Inquisition O.

In the minutes leading up to this production of HP Lovecraft's Azathoth. l was scared shitless. l needn't have been.

The company: Total Fear. The show: half an hOur of Sitting in darkness. In a circle. Facing outwards. Isolated from other audience members. From behind. v0ices ask philosophical questions. YOu must respond (lLllely. Your answer helps the show progress into an exploration of what tear actually is.

This needs an interactive and pseudo- inlellectual audience to work properly and its

TELEPHONE BOOKING Book Festival 0131 624 5050

Fringe 0131 226 0000 lntemational Festival 0131 473 2000 Film Festival 0131 623 8030

elitist verbiage suggests that alone. Otherwise. we get nowhere QLllely, with the temptation to turn round and tell them to fuck oft getting the better of us.

(Mererid Wiiliams

I C. 0870 707 5705. until 25 Aug, 7am. £5.50 $41.50;.


Unique Freaks 0....

“Things Just get better!‘ is the oft-repeated mantra of Sideshow compere Shep Huntleigh. and he Sure ain't kiddin'. Check this! Vibrant. witty and sexy. the show comprises four cartoon weirdos who bound onstage. whips a— cracking and nipple piercings a-Jangling. But be warned: these cartoon \.’l"lLl()SOS are anything but cucicily. While tnere are old chestnuts Lke tongues nailed to tables and fisnnooks througl‘ eyelids to really start your arse itcl‘:i‘g. Tiger Lil's (It‘élitliSét‘JJ throcigl‘

Looking Up at the Assembly Rooms



Backed by John Kerr's haunting music and Simon Carroll's unique time-lapse video images,

Shaktl dances dying body and soul ascending to a spiritual ecstasy.

Venue 81 Garage Theatre

"Empire of the Senses" Aug. 4-26 17:00 (17:50)

I Company East The Golden Pavilion Venue 31 Garage Thegay A as!

\\i V 0*“ V

"Realm of Desire"

Aug. 4-26 22:00 (22:50) £9 / £8

Venue 81 Garag heatre

A "peek" into the secret chambers of our souls. Explores the sexuality of . human nature - innocence/experience , bondage/freedom - with a voyeuristic notion.

Story of dedication,

obsession, and sacrifice. Incredible

theatrical experience following last year's 5 star "Medea"

Aug.4-26 (not 12, 20) 15:15 (16:15) £9 / £8

"A piece that provokes the subconscious and challenges the perceptions of eros and ecstasy."

/ fag 89:, .9 THE LIST FESTIVAL GUIDE 77