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Keep the faith

One of the world’s biggest dance acts puts on one of the festival’s biggest ShOWS. Words: Henry Northmore

ou can tell things are still moving forward fast in the world of Faithless. As I catch up with Sister Bliss she‘s just leaving a photo shoot and our conversation has to pause as a myriad of air kisses are bestowed on the crew. Then it’s straight in a taxi to the next round of interviews before rehearsals at 3.30pm. Phew and you thought you had a tough itinerary for the day. Then four more weeks of festival duties (that’s Creamlields. not just this Fringe thingy) before a well— earned year off to work on the follow up to 2001's ()utmspet'tii't'. Sister Bliss. an impressive house DJ in her own right. forms one third of Faithless‘ core and takes care of the ‘fiddly bits‘. ‘Basically Rollo [who coincidentally is Dido‘s brother] is based in the studio: he’s more of a musical director] says Bliss. ‘Between us he hashes out a lot of sounds and he comes to a lot of gigs and just listens as a punter. But it’s always led to confusion as to what is Faithless. Well. we have an eight piece live band and three members. one of whom isn’t in the live hand. But he's integral to the whole situation. kind of like a Brian Eno figure.‘ The other figure that makes up this trio is of course Maxi Jazz. the laid back. silky voiced. Buddhist rapper who lends nearly all of Faithless‘ tunes their

88 THE LIST FESTIVAL GUIDE 22 Aug—:3 Set) 2002

‘Come into our intense little world for a couple of hours’

resonant. semi—religious air. ‘Maxi on record is very distinctive.‘ says Bliss. ‘There have been lots of rap acts before. but I think the tone and the melodiousness of his voice is unique.‘

And we‘re lucky to still have him with us. as he was involved in a serious accident while indulging in one of his passions. fast cars. last year. Not that their current touring schedule would give you any indication of its gravity (a fractured pelvis).

They have always inhabited a strange area in the world of music. equally at home at old school warehouse raves. on stage at Glastonbury or as background music at all the right dinner parities. ‘We are a dance act broadly. but we exist slightly outside most scenes and fortunately our fan-base have given us the space to do our thing. Luckily Faithless have gone on to straddle the live scene with some

conviction. I don‘t think there has to be a conflict of

interest. I want to make an album you can play at

home but I don‘t want it to be dull and lifeless.‘ Sister Bliss embraces

everything the Edinburgh festival

that kind of vibe. rather than a rock festival. The Edinburgh festival is such a great institution. so it's a little bit tmusual. And the Scots crowds have always been incredibly generous to us and we’ve had bloody fantastic gigs up there recently.’

Nice to see they are looking forward to us as much as we are. So what can we expect from these genre straddling. multi-million album selling dance gurus when we see them in the flesh‘.’ ‘l.ots ofenergy. music from all the albums . . . basically the Faithless Narnia experience. Come into our intense little world for a couple of hours.’ Sounds tempting. doesn't it'.’

The Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, 0870 1690100, 23 Aug, 9pm-2am, 220.

stands for. ‘lts nice to be part of

Pure (pictured) Quite literally a Scottish clubbing legend. Pure is one of the most respected and influential techno nights this fair country has ever seen. The residents (Twitch & Brainstorm, the Bill, Sandy Paris Jr and Rob Dylan) are back together for this 12th birthday special. also featuring special guests Live Sciences (live!) Studio 24. Ca/ton Road. 530 5540, Fri 30. 7 0.30pm—5am (tbcl E 70-8 72.

FRESH Bank Holiday Weekender Not one but two nights to take you through the weekend. FRESH are joined by Chicago house legend Marshall Jefferson (Sat) and then UK super jock Graeme Park for an exclusive DJ showdown with his wee bro' Scott ‘Jr‘ Park (Sun). The Honeycomb, Niddry Street, 530 5540. Sat 24 & Sun 25 Aug, 77 .OOpm—Sam, E 72 (£20 for both nights‘).

Colours Live! Now you might have heard of a certain Mediterranean island by the name of Ibiza. and on that island a certain club by the name of Space. Colours join forces with Space for night of the best of house as Jason Bye joins the residents. Liquid Room, Victoria Street. 225 2564, Sat 37 Aug, 77pm—5am, £70.

'. " Mothergroove 2 Those canny folk at Motherfunk and Ultragroove join forces for a night of the deepest funk and smoothest house. Ber/in. Oueensferry Lane. 467 7276. Sat 24 Aug, 77pm—5am, E5.

'_; Vegas ‘Return of the Ocean Terminal 1 1‘ sixth birthday special as the Suave Vegas crew take over the shopping mall by the sea. Expect all the trimmings as the boys (and girls) dish out the best in cheesy listening and scintillating swing. Ocean Terminal, Leith. 220 3234, Sat 37 Aug, 70.30pm—3am, E72.