Regular weekly clubs plus one off events are listed alphabetical by title. Clubs will be listed, provided that up to date details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Listings compiled by Henry Northmore.

Edinburgh Thursdays


I Baadassss Cinema Party at Indigo Yard. 9pm lam. free. 7? Aug only A blaxploitation therned party hosted by Motherfunk's (Sino. as part of the l- ilrn festival's late night entertainment.

I Ballistic at City Cafe. 9pm (5am. Free. 29 Aug. Fortnightly. Dangerously bass heaw funk and solid tunes from the Believe and Wreckage (Boogie Mo" Dynamoi.

I Bar Union at Bar Union. 9piii- 3am. Free. Weekly. Party people -l‘; tha house say 'fair' as Scratch DJ Lyley "ilXBS up the hip hop madness.

I Beluga at Beluga Bar and Canteen Restaurant. 8prii—‘iam. Free. Weekly. Deep grooves of the house and garage variety from Anthony Small and old skool ran from the inimitable Big Beat DJs Les. Stuart Bennet and Simon Hodge.

I Drop at the LiVing Room. 9pm~lam. Free. 29 Aug. fortnightly. Laying down the best l't techno (pints at Sit until 11pm a bonusl.

I Fringe @ Iguana at Iguana.

9pm lam free. Weekly. Ultragroove's Gareth SommerVIlle hosts this night of disco. U8 house and the odd lost (th ssii; I Immersed in Music at Pivo Caffe. 9pm lam. l'ree. Weekly. A new DJ schedule sees rotational residents Smokey and the Bandit. Silver Storik. Craig Cec- and Beany warm up for the ‘.'.'eekend With diverse takes on the funk, house model.

I In House at City Cafe. 9pm lain. Free. 2? Aug 2i 5) Sep. fortnightly. New duality house shindig from lee Murray Stuart Sanoeii‘ian and l uan James.

I Opal Lounge at Opal 'i ounge.

noon 81pm. Weekly. Global ia// grooves and soul With Bob Cairn With [)ava

il leauspini taking over the wheels of steel at fipm.

I Shadowskill at the l iving Roo'r‘i. 9pm lam. tree. ’2? Aug (‘4 5) Sep. Mix of tip top drum 8. bass action from DJ Atomic lSll(_t(i()‘.'.’f;kll| Recordsl.

I Suede at Madogs. 10pm 13am. l ree. Weekly. l ee ‘(Lurly' [)avrd takes us back to the heady days of Studio 5).: WIN] a mix of (llS(.‘(). funk. soul and Haiti.

I Yo! Below a'. Yo? Below SJp'ri la”i. i-l'(:(:. Weekly lhe sushi style bar gets tunked up I atiri Ja// and world i'i.isi<; from DJ l el.


I Audio Deluxe presents Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzales at lloiieyigoiiwu itiitipiii fiaii‘. 8‘15). 22 Aug only. Special lhu night session ll()ll‘. Audio Deluxe as they welcome Kenny 'Dope' Con/ales (Master At Worki one of the true innovators and shapers of the scene that we like to call clubland.

I Bacardi Festival Club at the Venue. 1 1pm—Sam. 24 (free With festivai Staff ID). Weekly. A heady mix of funk. hip hop. disco. SOUl and R88 from a stellar rotational DJ line-up incluoii g Allan Headspin, Jak (Smokey and the Bandit). Spider. the Blonde Flash. Wreckage. Debris. Beany BIUOTOOH‘ aiio Olli. All espeCialIy fer festival staff ‘i'lOugl‘i the rest of us are allowed to Join the tutti. I CC Blooms at CC Blooms. 10130;)ri1—3ani. Free. Weekly. Trip the ..ght fantastic to Hi~NRC dance actio". at this ever—popular gay bar.

I D-Break at La Belle Angele. limit-SENT]. Free. Weekly. Hip hop tuna and soul brought to you by Bertie Dfill‘iOll and friends.

I Fusion at Po Na Na. iUlIlll iiaii E‘I/I Weekly iexcept lledt'ux dates see below. [)J Mark H lStiirlir, ( iiar‘tfi may,

I Hedflux .it it

I Kinetic .r'. 1'»,- ' Chart & Party

‘1 .i\,:,l .I..‘ l,t.’ lat. '\'.,'.

Vii‘,! lixg'we, was gar-sf l’e'r;i<:><iis. Kag, l3 Smin‘m N L9

i‘i(;£i(lf$l)l". Steue Aiist " u the breakbeat {i'til "it; I Opal Lounge a: Om. 5. . ool Disco .i'. hr.

with blues ano soui fol <;.'.e: Steve G tiii‘eess . :i.scc and party t.."es.

I Opium at ()riui‘h. ‘1; Free. \.'.leek RXJK. ."..l-"

way .r'. 5.4 .‘l I The Rhythm Room a'. (J Bar. x - \‘ '

<21)ll'.;l(:l;zifi$fi. (iiitar. t;

it."il£ti):t:f> \flhil‘i .ltitffii itlJ/rrt'if’i ,-:‘\,

sday in the City . .i


The friendly face of drum 8. bass

It's a pairing that is as important to the history of the breakbeat as the words drum & bass. Since they met on the seminal radio station Phase One in 1987. an instant rapport was established between funk-and-soul Fabio and the hip hop beats of Grooverider. The duo have since become virtually synonymous with the genre in the intervening years. largely because they‘ve thrived on the airwaves. There was no greater symbol of the genres progression than watching their show leapfrog from the pirates to Kiss FM and onto Radio One within a few years. It is doubtful whether others in their place would have been able to anchor breakbeat in the nation‘s

mind as the smart guy's dance

music. although it wasn't until 1989

that Grooverider got his first big -

time gig at London's Heaven. They

went on to Rage. described as 'breakbeat's finest hour". It was

there that the pair were credited

With bringing artists Such as

Optical. Photek and Goldie

through. Men such as Fabio and Gr'ooverid'er. with both high

profiles and high standards. are

rare. Be thankful for theni'.“ (Tim Abrahamsl

Edinburgh Fridays l’lt' t hit; I Ad Lib

I Bar Union if :-.-.

I Bass:Trap Sessions 9 '

I Beluga ..'. :31' min. :2»:

ICentro.:f -. T. . ,i'i- i; '-

IDJ Kid... it. .