I Evol Birthday Party at the Liquid Room. 7pm. EA line entry to Evoli. (it) Aug Only. Start of a night of Eyoi goodness as they celebrate their eleventh birthday mt." this band-showcase to get you ll‘ the mood. Featuring Piiotean. X ligers. Gt: Commando and Sons and Daughters.

I Fringe @ Iguana at Iguana.

9pm— 3am. Free. Weekly. Jazz house lllSlOl‘ With a t0uch of soul for good measure ‘(O'l‘ Colin Cook iUltragroovei ‘x-Jith sneeizr guest Joseph Malik dropping by 23 Aug.

I Guaranteed Pure at Madogs. Midnight—3am. Free. Weekly. Amanda Lyoit and Steve Wilson perform live renditiu's ::‘ classw tunes.

I Immersed in Music at Piyt; Caffe. 9pm—1am. Free. Weekly. lne awarzl- Winning Czech theine hai launches a nez'. DJ schedule. featuring the cream of ‘:;(:£i! talent (and a few Glasgow-r lads- sum“ as George T. Kris Keegar‘. he Jif’l;}£i"t?liilf; and Huggy.

I Mixed Bag at PopFiokit. 9pm- Tar". Free. Weekly. Styler iSolefusion. and Spanky (Snatch Club) dig deep in the' funk. SOul and disco knapsack.

I Opal Lounge at Opal Lounge. noon-9pm. Free. Weekly. Fuav‘ Ft?"§).l81)l‘ gets things started nice and early '.'.’l'.l‘ a jazz mix. followed by soul and funk froi“ Bertie (5-9pini.

DJINNIDITTO Clubbing meets art

Not many clubs can claim to have an exhibition installed (at Ego 26—27 August) as well as boasting a top line-up of DJs and live acts for their final festival bash. ‘Our main aim is to provide a platform for artists. musicians. performers, whatever,‘ says promoter Paul Mcgee.

And their “Anti-Fringe party’ promises to be massive. ‘I think we have a balance of what electronic music is: the Magnificents are really hard edged and industrial. ProForma are new-wavey stuff and BIS are just crazy electro pop.’ And of course there's the inimitable DJ Twitch. who needs no introduction round these parts.

But why anti-Fringe? You’d think a bunch like this would embrace the Fringe wholeheartedly. ‘Anti-Fringe as in I don't agree in the fact that performers are charged to perform, so you only get peOpIe who can afford it.’ says Mcgee. ‘It's a bit of a sham.‘ And this is just the place to put that right. (Henry Northmore)

I Ego, Picardy Place, 478 7434. 30 Aug, 9pm—58m, E 70—2 72.


I Oxygen at Oxygen Bar anti (2' fl. Eiixi‘ 'aii‘. free. Weekly. On a rota‘. 4*,"al oasis, (Iraig Smith District. suuri -::-:; t;i"e<>tli and soulfui house ‘.'."‘.i‘-:; (Jigi g (Eeri- l'eefz‘iil takes he fired up (Wit funk. approach.

I Provocateur? at Magoo's Base'i‘ent. Spin—tare. free. \‘i'eiéklh Sll‘.(3l{]li’)t)‘.-§3l presents a fresh direct rt" at a ne‘.'.'. tttiened venue. [)Js ext: 12's,- ?“e e:‘i-:;-::°.i<: '-::-a ms of ii‘aeltine funk. {1 fusion of €3Xl)t}-’ll‘.‘(:"i£il house. elest'o. |lll(3|il{](?.".i feelii‘o £l"(l a!‘ things l)-'2'.r:>;f. I Quality at Madogs. for" 'l‘ in ;;."-t. l'ee. ".‘r’eekly. A set-nut {)l‘ “" this help kiim start your "~;;.'i°. t" a part, up select-on.

I Soulful Sessions at l.'"2(;' Yard. Siix‘ lginr Free. Il-i Autil testinal tiaity .'."lll soulfu. :ti3<::: grooms; ‘ioi“- E 7k l)a Viking.

I Tokyoblu at lento Y-iir'i ‘;i"‘_ F’-.;-::. ‘."‘/ei:kiy. Pre-clul) sets; :;i‘s 1’”; at, anrl :goining house 'i:>.i:;-:: a::‘..

I YO! Below (if Yul

‘iurn -nii<lnigi‘t. l we. ‘.'.'v:.-t.-kl._ f'w: :;.;+;" :;t‘.!-::- bar gets the House ar‘i 't';‘-.""-:,- 3,“! soul ‘il'ezitti‘ieiit "i>"‘ l en" [ <:.'.gi,"t5;.

Club I Angel Delight at

Thin—3am. :i‘ 3‘ r 5-4:. . .. “v:

.tlinl/t, tip (1"(: ' H .'. .' .1” .. l.’ '7 .1,

\ltifzf)lf>;l..l‘1:tl '-,.-.. .:' 'a' f’teug" .‘:'-" .i : ..'.

'.?.e<t a'tu ::’;:,.:"': z:"-’:':: q: " .

I Beat ::'. :2 tak:"o a : Hui»- \lex-f. 21'." " t; 1. I Bio-Rhythm presents . . . Groove Armada 52'. la 5-2-2 «3- "; v- I

t t, .. ./t.r\..t. .. . \ilzk. )l\/\/-. ". (inilr .t, II

Dolphii‘ Bo, 2‘ -;. 5:3 . ~ I CC Blooms sit i:f: 3-:

~he <. zzks '- .ri.‘ : . w in'r‘i.'.z‘:':: (- seler’i ,‘ " .:"‘: i' : in “kisses. " 9:; .' . : :i . .: ' <ll‘t(l\l<l"f,t:tt~. ::' _:'

I Djinniditto (:1 E g): .‘I Ear" :‘.

Alli}. h" "'." .. [x "':.'. 8'

‘tv’ :ir’..s'.s; .'.y'k":: " l"t.-il

i"u5;<:a i::: :. 1’, exit :" :..'. ,<:..:~":

The electro. Law a. 1-.- ‘7" "flfl. .)

.ou" “osfs [)tl T)"t:.'.. '."<: I);:"’i‘- 315.. I).

V‘"§l()'§lil aw: "‘a::°. i" :;:~- 3‘:

questsIt‘t;’\/1asfe' TL‘ I)r‘:"-’>i"’:" 63:2,. ',

for; Mau"‘::er‘ts Prof '.<;- ji":l

BlSi arle the“ 'A']'.' F' ":le Partfi. Ase cheek .'.".'.'.'..f:~:hi" £1lt<lEglC"flféff%1"f3"'f§f[I’m‘flffIJ

exotitioh o': t"-:3 9i} 8. 27’ /'\..::. Sue


I Dogma vs Monox vs Syntax - btkl\lx1 1/... Vt,.\‘/t,i/l d1}! i': . ~, Au“. Nit, t .. Um}: .. ,. ',.' 1.0.). l’ 't,(, H !. t,t)ti . i? > ‘l (\r.(~/\'\‘,r(‘ 1‘ ‘l»(- (‘th-i r‘lsul" {uh i, upon t, Hum out.

I El Segundo at Hz;

trim 5:;ii7‘. 3‘8. .28. Aug. i‘vl;:"'."'.. “1-; i‘ot:

.ntr‘. a ‘.€:f‘:(tt)€2"1;l"K!f;f::.l)\Jii€:t' a' : liai' a" t)-: atmox Ps3, "f V gi' txi‘r". .1 gits'sl ‘C -' r‘ Oar.) u" a r: li' i est-9' i' l 'r ."k ' t' :“w

I Evol a‘. fit-oi :iuio Rooi". 7().L‘}fii;"‘ oant. 3‘13. ‘.'.‘eekl,. E :l"‘i:;;'gi"':; longest "g i":i.t: "gt". ::~::-~::-t;':‘:'.-:.~s 3f;

' it fia. in at, AA: usual

n‘x :27 '."-f:- two-sir .""-.’:".'. in: ya u

<1!.(:l' a.‘.r;, Htsssoafl es. l1. « "t , f/\l‘9'\{,l")"(j i‘;, I (r !‘I"*' "l"! “4;, .r-' i éi'friifl'. 2‘."fl .'.'l'." '."'I: ‘irfi":"°. Qifltl' '.1 '.""

l.£t<:r< room. on, "r; '.; l'-/log.'.'a. t"-:.- tonne ‘ormt, we: a "are. ofaoe "or a f"i'\;;s f '.o?.

I Faithless at Ho,;i‘ ilgtli‘;i"’l (Lir‘t'e. Elm" Quirk 3W}. .7: Aug; o" A ‘.v’,- st”.

i'tLl‘l l (Himftféf; "(Etiilfi l'Hf; (. ltlfi'RDUi 'il‘.t’.'.

tracked Z" <;i.il '- a: n ‘i' .' i' l :teei2t:1(;<;f";ii:; house, é;r,i..'"i‘ ()' .fJJ Sin‘o" l u, "as l,-::<:'I a""<,.i":t-.:a: ~;r. 'a' mum? of. t:.‘(l.‘:’.'. f‘l’,’-_’: t: i,-: ,' l . in“! 81"." t'



I A Fistful Of Baba

llt;'ie3.::o"it;. ,Aug :,' ‘x,1)"l'l‘}£i'll.

l l) ia..".:" ::ar‘;. '7." Hatmeooi aso

M :-t3;ii. I Funkey Magic a“, ();:::t-r:-;i.. Lounge f:’:.'."t;'.£i'f; a'. l g4. Mo'f" Next date ' £841..

I Funkeymagic + 1 at t"-:; Venue. "(La-3'15": ST". STE. :7; Aug. ll‘e Fume, Mag :: guys ::t.‘. 5': " gt

" v- ' Mt," .t: .:n s< "i.’ 'lf>l :.s"':S<" 'i". f' ' «Milyl ant.“ i;-',.: IGo-Go i'. (, :Lu' ’:«’ 2 Jilin. ~f‘ ,»\..:2 M: ' °' . S ' :' ;; nos garage ;;‘ '."-f- "2 'x ' tr.“ ' 'lrsao 8:: H

if... I. .i. .< I. .'.’£‘:""£if,-L.'f1,"‘11).530;}.l'i&B£i"flr§i3ii/. sitar" ":: '."-i.- ug"“.-::o..s la l’au / liar. Argus A (io»(3o and Kti'fiv.” (Lani-t;

I Indicator at T"-::- l--l.:;"~::-',<:::"‘.t:, l~.’1':"'."

Next tat-x- Ever.

I The Ma bo Club a‘. Mann); (3 "it"; 3‘5. é~'- . ‘.‘.'-t3e'< .. 'l"‘-r': ." :i'

'i l ' t" -x I. ' ii;‘-"~. 'agga watt iii; 'l'f ' 1:? M t;:>r>r:"r"‘"'

" ' i.s 0‘ ha '\

I Manga: International Part 2 ii'.

lift t:/\"I}-"-.. ‘E’E'W.

l'.’ A..‘.' .~ ' S'fi/ .. SKA/xli ti ;1 5!. l,.~ II I L I I IV]? u "r\'\ I ~' 1 I I l‘ '* TI (‘ \I\'* \ i u ' l |)\J5. t) \, (ii/y' t I lsl'»/ ' Itl in. ..',i l .,. ., t , ., . g, ' k,‘ i..' I (i i' .t \ w :1, " ')I~ 4'1 I I [3w " II""‘ It /‘ i I l)\Ji i ‘. :'-I I I :l '\ "2i \1 ' ' (.r,"' :1 . ;:_~ ..:.€,' '. . .X.‘ I Modern L vers [w ' : ,. t: S-t. lull .. /\ w... .(I :I X ., i1" .3 ,_I. ll.l"" ' .riz/zz'tl 'zrtimnzz.» \I’trl

.Ja"~ S'T’i'fi" Ma”. " (La-xi: " a \I: ..

lA" l3". IMoodyJif‘.'.‘e:hf-7t:.:lizi' “: ' ', E‘f} :3. ji-l : i'.l ,' " .x i

.l ' ' "i "- i' 2 a.“ ') -i l ' 2

g’ {3' l' ' .:"'1 ' ' Him-i. " lUKiSJ .".:l) ‘:)i'.f ' (I'i t ' .s-:,. {,'-.. M: .: ' i :-'- ‘v-e Min

I Nameless a'. l Be (: ,\"g;-:2-::.

:lafe f/‘fi Set: la" P::::<;-,.

I Nuklear Puppy at figs. tiiwi-f-‘irw'i. ‘."‘ ;;’:'. lla"::'

no”. ‘ra;‘:t.." "g; "<23; :ie"'.s Jase“ Corte/

ahzi l)". York.

I Opal Lounge at Goa

5?: 3 .4; I tit}. l _)'.'

5)::“1 ‘Sa'o. 31>. nook", linked or; ‘.;::‘.;i 't,\.s.<.a' (l 31"\' :l: is s r 2(3 .'."."\Je/ll it '1 ' 2‘ ' a//. H818 :i":: :ia'aLie "l x.

I Opium 21'. Ohio"? axon!“ free. \.'~."-:;ek See I Planet Earth at (7 fun; (3 t.::.

“Hp” ‘..,,. \ \x‘rfllfl‘t '1’”). liy“;r‘ f) it) 3' If) r) If,' t) it“) (l'-\l g~~ .. ., \,,~,,r»,,.;\. 1 ,t on)” ,\'\I‘~ )\/L‘r. .. in ME. 1,ti.: .11” t/ 1,Xi/'(,ltt i... Q“ ,_‘,t,to H ,..o .I N,\ .n /\ .,\, o ( {Itl' JUN 'tf'tfmt't, ti',§).f>t ~15) ‘\/'< i) ii. I Pure a. t. ..i,i .«oai \. /\.'\ quy ~/« . r: .4. A... A.“ t, i‘., t, it. \.'-\, , ' r: /\ .I I \ I 0 I' [\V\r| I' I it I i I i l'\I '( ‘/ ...'~} l(i\. ‘, ., x \ t , .t. a , . , , l' ) ' 'l' l i iI! I \I l I ' nvll; I r;‘ .l\(‘ "/\~l-.I\‘/‘ /~'..[\ F2(;(‘I)I;' 0“

l'.'.'.f::"‘ :i":t' li';t"‘f;f::i"i. '."‘e Bl. Sa":i". Pars tJ'" a":: Hot: [)y a" are i:: oer: li‘. l S::<‘:"<:es .15. I The Rhythm Room a: O liar.

Eitz'n ' 1‘8, 113‘: Aug}. See l”...

I Roadblock zit l”: Na Na. Sitter t-Ea't‘.

.-‘,;ii'1,5\- ~

"‘ i.t .o I ' ‘/t N/t‘ I

>-- to tau-Hot. .\ l.\..t.€.'\._

...t/i, 1 Lil ;i\i hitth .. 1.“ a 1

am: hock mum" treats.

I 500 Delicious .if (I<:"i"i:7lex

‘t:"'i-;:~.' 3, (far \léi‘.tt t'i;"i -'-;i"i. :‘tl' "EL? /\..::. Oh?" "\i "i:;"'. ‘1" Tl‘i:; tl(?r?f7. \l'f‘h far-x. "ruse 5;" ".l'gt. li(‘f§tli"‘ii§ 8..

l)-L7°.'Ir()‘.'.'ét" .i":l ‘ll;;" St'eef' l.’1.t'}\:ir-::

(oinetl oy eo-hosts Luver and GP

Patterson. To'niny Kay and SpOCk’tl guests Bru to F-K and Deer:g'oo\.'e.

I Spectral at \i‘Jee Reo Bar.

‘toin—liain. $76 27 See. Monthly. Residents Dave Anderson and Phil Dekson spin the host t ja/x-teeh and the :ieeoest tough. funky house grooves. Surfers (:an sr‘oop \.:'.r-.'.i\.r./.s:)e<:tral.org.uk ‘or more info.

I The System at the Venue. 7—fOpm. 21% Aug. Fortnightly. Metal. rock and alternative tunes at this launch night for the new under 18s special.

I The Time Tunnel at Club Mercado. fluent—3am. \.i’\.’eekiy. Trer‘dy \J'Vendy. Sl‘()‘.'.’l)'/ Jase av‘u‘ Betty Ford disrupt tf‘e space time (:o'itir‘uuv‘i with tunes from the iiiis. 713s and 83s. Or rnaybe it's iust the aice'io.

I Tokyoblu at Ego. Next date 18 Oct. I Trouble at the Blue Note at the Beat Ja// Basei‘ie'it. Born—5am. 532—535 ‘ree before fiiomi. \.'r.’eekc,. Improvised [am [am sponsored by the egeneary Blue Note Records. This fortnight we have a Bye-note records party ‘ro'n the Trotioe "es dents "'ee CD. posters and 'YEfE’C'téi!‘ :se to g we away ‘23 Aug . F ze’a‘iiEast R 3oo"<ls drop by for a" "ll;"(2‘.»8(2(l set o‘ urlx n grooves. hip hop. garage and R88 i312 Augi.

I The Vault at the Venue. ‘IJ.;iiii;"t-f%ain. E.".'o<;. 21% Aug. Monthly. Lauren i‘igi“. ‘or tits neu‘.’ nieta'. rook and

Chart & Party

I Cyber Subway a: Suhx-xay Vales: E'ld. Toni {sa'n 33.3- \‘Jeek An. interactive <: at: ex::-':"v<:-“::e for Fuse sad puppies

1, ix. 'atl‘e' my tax o ieoole Voie In


away we the drums pro-".iotions and

1:, ov‘: "e or oy SMS or use too 'o‘ oita ::\.l:-IE" é§titt‘.'.'£i". po? 'r‘g stations'

i' u' t,’ ‘.(:'.L.f: (I'i titO "igl L. Stir! .0

.'..sut,.'.a\. .'.£,-s.eiid.<,<,_uk tor more .nfo.

)f' —t5<il‘.. Estes. \.’.’(:O»<l\. Cominereal

aa ue. Toa'n. ' onoa, giveaways Club i8-

I Ibiza Foam Party at Rex'ofut or‘.

, a; nigh~ lor‘r'

I Office Affair :it Suhx'xay \r‘.’est End. ~Z—Eii;r". E“ \"Jeekly. Chart tu"es. izt.“ef and cheat) drinks ‘.'.'hat e‘se do you 'iee:l to make a too o" you-“self in

t et.::o'l.::~agu<‘;s'.> I Push! at Peooer'ni‘t Lounge. Cunt-dam 934511 “do oe‘ore "idnighti. ‘.‘\.’-::«-::-k C"a"f. dance and R88 tunes. f" ‘u'k a";i f"l) t‘oi: .l‘ the back room. I The Subway at Subz'ray. Sip'ii—Ga'ii. free ::-::-.‘::'e ‘i:"i: 3‘8, .. \fi/eek'y. See

if . .. Edinburgh Saturdays


I Beluga at Beuga Bar a":i Ca'itee” Restaurzr‘t. 8i)”. ~~‘ai'i. Free. \‘x’eekly: House. garage ai‘u Ira/x". heats from Eric Da \"»<"g a":l friends.

I The Closing Party at l":i go Yard.

:ii)!‘:— a"i. F'itti. an Aug. Cos-r g lhilfl, tiatr‘twnti .o' l "‘ Festxa nuts ‘../.. MC

t't."'< ‘r‘o'n F eai‘ia'ket ai‘u \Jl"l'Vt‘,’ James. I Fabio and Grooverider Official Pre-Club at C ti. Ca‘e. Eii>i‘i—3am. Free. 7-1 At“). 'l"~::- o“ :f'a! mariner) sessren for Fabio a";l Gooxer net’s set at tf‘e Litto'tl Rooms: :‘i "nste'y DJ to tie dorxxfl‘éieil, { /

I Fringe @ Iguana at Iguana.

:iiuni Again. Free. \“Jeek Deer) house.

;i' see amt it'ook' harty gains for this Sat

" :if‘fer. th's ‘:>"tn gt‘t Gay Sutheranu :lreos ::\. Augv :i"(l Gi'ie. Mr Todd" and guests "os'. the Iguana Fest ya C‘os'ng Party 3‘ Aug}.

I Guaranteed Pure (1'. Mauogs Mtiitight 3am. Fee. 9-1 Aug. See F";

I The Haunt at the Jekyé' ant: Hyde. fififiyo truth: free. \.".’eek\..

Asoer‘s or"s Dill X sfa'ts a (ore—(:lub sess. on o‘ uotli sores at the soookest o" traits. U

I Immersed in Music at Pxo Ca‘fe. :iiti". ‘av‘r l we. ‘.".'eeki\.. l"‘e Creel: style

lil' rtt.'\."t:§) ti ".1.“.'. tn."t‘(ltit‘. .\) QC". 1W:- itgi'f‘. starteu " a. i‘v'otiressAno "ouse