Shows covered this issue.


Chris Addison Alarmed

Auld Reekie's Oxters Azathoth

Bachman and Evans Bagpuss

Alistair Barrie

Battery Operated Birds Beasts of Holm Bhukham and Sarpagati Big Bad Duvet Terror Bisexual Alphabet Alan Bissett

The Black Sleep

The Blind

The Blue Orphan Bongo Club Cabaret Bounce

Buffan Soldiers Jason Byrne

Canto Vivo

Jo Cauldfield Caveman, Inc Cincinatti


Club Mozart with Rainer Hersch

Jackie Clune

The Comedy Clone Colours Live

Julian Cope


Daddy Take me to

the Funfair



Dialig 2

Omid Djalili Djinniditto

Dr Bunhead and

the Kamikaze COWpats Eccentric Arts

Elvis the Girl

Empire of the Senses Esto No Es GuaI Disnei Evol Birthday Party Fabio and Grooverider Faithless

Fear of Fanny

Noel Fielding

59 Minutes to Save the NHS 5678

Filler Up

Moyna Flannigan

Folk the World

45 Six

Julian Fox


Holiday Weekender Ful

James Goldsbury Goner

Richard Goode Groove Armada

Peter Guralnick

The Guys

The Happy Sideshow Happy with Half your Life The Hare and the Tortoise heatre-élévision Adam Hills

Howard Hodgkin Horse Country Shirley Hughes Reginald D Hunter Indian Classical Dance Insomnia


Peter Kay

AL Kennedy

La Cuisine

(The Kitchen) Ladyboys of Bangkok Simon Lipson

Sean Lock

Looking Up

Lords of the Ring Love

The Love at Last Macrocosmica Madame Galina

Paul Magrs

Maria Stuart

Andrew Maxwell

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47 54 49 77 49 65 52 75 79 53 65 64 42 5O 74 79 68 7O 56 49 69 52 74 79 65

49 50 48 88 69


73 67 7O 81 45 9O

65 74 68 54 4 7 67 89 88 73 52 48 74 64 81 49 82 50

Men in Coats Milestones and Evergreens: Arne Jacobsen

David Milligan Trio

The Mole who Knew it was None of his Business Mothergroove 2 Mumu’s Mummy Land The Mute who was Dreamed My England Navelgazing

Phil Nichol

Ross Noble

Notes from Underground Nouvelles Folies

Dara O'Briain

Deirdre O’Kane Oedipus Rex with Symphony of Psalms Oleanna

On the Edge

Outlying Islands

Panic at the Circus Nicholas Parsons

Part Chimp

Harold Pinter

Planet Banana

Project 9/11 Provocations

Princess Barby and

the Wrestler


Howard Read

Realm of Desire Requiem for Ground Zero Ride

Rite of Passage

Roach Motel

Jon Ronson

Royal Bank £5 Nights Robert Sabbag

Jerry Sadowitz

Marc Salem

Secrets with Jacqueline Wilson

Sick Transit


Silent Engine

Slaves of Starbucks Slipping on Skin

Bob and Roberta Smith The Soundtrack of

our Lives

The Spookmaster David Starkey Stitching

Such Stuff as we

are Made Of


Hiroshi Sugimoto Summer Show Swimming in the Shallows Tadpole

Telling Wilde Tales Temptation

Theatre of Science Throat

The Trojan Women True or Falsetto?

Turn of the Screw

Cy Twombly


Victory at the Dirt Palace Alan Warner

Irvine Welsh

Louise Welsh


Who’s Harry


70. 78

36, 66. 68



65 6/ 7 I 79 80

36. 66. 69

6:) 36. 39 71

53. 54 36, 86 82

(34, 7:)

36. 66. 67

.41 40 79 79


A summary of the star ratings we gave out in the last two weeks.

Abstraction Al-Hamlet Summit All Things Wax

and Wonderful Almost Human

Fred Anderson

Dan Antopolski Around the World in a Bad Mood

Art in the Kitchen The Art of Schmoozing Aspects of Alice Aunty and Me

94 THE LIST FESTIVAL GUIDE 22 Aug-6 Sup 2002

Danny Bhoy

Bhukham and Sarpagati Cameron Blair

Baobabs Don’t Grow Here Big Bad Duvet Terror Blood

Boldly Blue

Addy Borgh

Bomb-itty of Errors Bounce

Bright Colours Only

A Broth of a Boy Spencer Brown

Brendon Burns Cambridge Footlights Steven Campbell

James Campbell’s Comedy for Kids


Alan Carr

Jimmy Carr

Chambers and Nettleton Charlie Chuck

Boris Charmatz

Chinvat The Ninth Bridge The Complete Lost Works of Samuel Beckett . . . Correspondent


Hal Cruttendon

Mickey D

Deep Throat Live on Stage Desires of Frankenstein Diarmuid and Grainne The Dice House

Omid Djalili

Dr Bunhead and

the Kamikaze Cowpats Dog Well Done DoodRock

Bob Downe


The Drowned World Dyball and Kerr

The Emperor’s New Clothes Express Excess


Falling Angel, Rising Ape Fanny and Madge

Filler Up

Fish Dancing

5065 - Fancy a Lift? Alan Francis

The Frog Prince

The Gallant John-Joe Gavin and Gavin

Merri May Gill‘s

Twisted Cabaret Gladiatrix:

She Wolf of Rome

Go Go: The Boy with

the Magic Feet


The Government Inspector Ricky Grover

Rich Hall and Mike Wilmot Hammerklavier

Happy with Half your Life Natalie Haynes

Head Games

He Died with a Falafel Hell for Boats

Richard Herring

Hey Y‘All

Craig Hill


Horse Country

I am Oscar Wilde

I Wonder if Heaven Gotta Ghetto



Jack Pleasure

Jerry Springer: The Opera John Laurie, Frazer and l Journey


Kasper Hauser

Sarah Kendall


Daniel Kitson

La Divina Commedia Lags


The Legendary

Polowski Murders

Live! Girls!


McCIoud and Black Francesca Martinez Mat and Mackinnon Mousson (Monsoon) Mullets and Daughters Simon Munnery

Must End Friday

My Matisse

Sandy Nelson

Nicotine Nights

The Nonsense

Phil Nichol

Ross Noble

David O’Doherty Obscenity



One Man Rant

One Fat LadyzDiva to Dosser On the Edge

Cram and Meeten Ordinary Miracles Othello

Out in the Garden Outlying Islands

Over the Rainbow Overkill Indulgence Painting with Colour Pam Ann

Panic at the Circus George Pena Performance Poetry Piano and Forte Pinocchio

Playing Burton

The Play 0' the Wather Polnische Grafik

Lucy Porter

Princess Barby and

the Wrestler

Project 9/ 11

Red Sky


Rite of Passage

Rob Rouse

Rock Stars

Ryman and the Sheikh Safety

School of

Sculpture Exhibition Seven Affidavits

on Authority

Shut Eye

Slaves of Starbucks Bob and Roberta Smith Snatches

Solemn Mass for a

Full Moon in Summer Somehow I Feel Dirty Something Else

The Sound of Paint Drying The Split

The Spookmaster Jovanka Steele

The Straight Man Stitching

Stone Crabs

The Story of Love and Hate Count Arthur Strong’s Forgotten Egypt

The Strong Room Hiroshi Sugimoto Susan and Janice Swimming in the Shallows Taboo

Take the Chair 2 Taikwon’Diamond’

The Taming of the Shrew Tiny Ninja Macbeth Tokyo Triangle

True or Falsetto? Tuesdays and Sundays Uncle Wolodja

Upside Down

Victory at the Dirt Palace Andre Wncent Wandering Willie‘s Tale Weather

We Don’t Talk Any More We're Gonna Bugger You Jason John Whitehead Who's Floyd Stearn? Glenn Wool

You Couldn’t Make it Up Paul Zenon