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I Insider noticed a funny thing about Edinburgh: the city's not much used as a location for films. New York. London. Paris these are cities alive in imaginations. even if cinema goers have never actually visited them. Not so for Edinburgh. Name five feature films set and shot (not necessarily the same thing) in Edinburgh? Shallow Grave and Trainspotting. OK. that's easy. Jude? Nope. Edinburgh doubled as Thomas Hardy's Christminster. The Debt Collector"? Sure. but hardly a high profile film. Comp/icity’? Ditto. Women Talking Dirty? DOuble ditto. This state of affairs may change. however. with a spate of films being filmed in and around the capital: Richard Jobson's 16 Years of Alcohol. Young Adam with Ewan McGregor and Tilda Swinton and Daniel Deronda have all recently completed filming in Edinburgh. Furthermore. actor- director Denis Lawson. whose shOrt starring his nephew. the aforementioned Ewan. Solid Geometry premiered at last month's Edinburgh International Film Festival. has said: “I'd love to shoot a full length feature here.‘ Ros Davis. production liaison manager at Edinburgh Film Focus. the outfit that promotes filrnmaking in the city. added: ‘We have one of the most varied film sets in the world. Our work is to ensure even more productions visit the area in the future.‘ One last thing: it's a little surprising. but wholly commendable that almost all of the films mentioned above have avoided a picture postcard representation of Edinburgh. Who'd have thought that in a city that thrives so on tourism?

I Over to Glasgow. now. with that city's filmrnaking daughter Lynne Ramsay and her new film Mor'vern Cal/ar. Fresh from premiering her second feature at the opening night of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Ramsay will appear at Glasgow's new music festival-cum- convention Musicworks to talk about the making of the film. Musicworks. which takes place at the Lighthouse and selected city venues 31 October—2 November. aims to examine music developments in film. TV, new media. games. video and radio and comprises a programme of seminars. exhibitions and live music. For more info visit:

I Back to the 'Burgh. Tasmin EastEnder's Outhwaite wins the “I'm famous look at the award at the year's Film Festival for the painfully unfunky moves she pulled after scaling the stage at the closing party. Insider. however. noticed that her stiff shimmies to Kool and the Gang

8 THE LIST 5—49 Set; 2001)

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and other wedding band faves «who was that atroCious Ricky Gervais alike DJ’?i were over shadowed by her dance partner who strutted around open~shirted nursing an almost empty vodka bottle in hand in a Slash from Guns N’Roses meets Ian Beale- stylee. Rock'n'roll. indeed. l-xcept: not.

I And back again to Glasgow. Gig on the Green was not the unmitigated disaster Insider heard murmurs about the week before: musically at least. it was a huge success. Highlights included the belated return of Jane’s Addiction and Perry Farrell illustrating what eight years of heroin and five years of rehab can do for you: everything. Farrell looked aina/ing. Insider also applauds . . . and you will Know us by the Trail of Dead who

Y’know, for kids

dragged a fridge full of Red Bull onstage at the end of their set to distribute to the crowd (more gently than the drummer from Saturday openers the Dillinger Escape Plan who apparently bumped a couple of noggins by tossing said energy brew skyward during their blistering set). This. though. is small fry compared to the most Woodstock-like of actions by their lead singer Adam Doll who. during a particularly harrowing instrumental break. took a shit into a paper cup and tossed it into the crowd. On a similar theme. urination award of the weekend must go to the scary clown from Slipknot for peeing onto a drum kit while his compardre was still playing it.

I And finally. news just in: Spider- Man is to be re—released With a brand new certificate from the British Board of Film Classification - a ‘12A'. The newly-created certificate Will allow children under the age of I? and preViously excluded from seeuig the film to now see Spider-Mari if accompanied by an adult. (Interestingly. the 12 certificate was created SDOCIiICZIHy for the release of another superhero caper. Tim Burton's Batman. with a view to bridging the gap between PO and If) certs. allowmg in young teenst Sprder~Marfs distributor Columbia TriStar must be pleased: the new certificate and younger audience WI“. no doubt. increase the blockbusters box office performance. to date 5‘2r'ni in the UK and S‘t()3m in the US.

‘She seems to have become confused.’

Mar/e Fahey. editor of

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‘He needs to be stopped.’

A member of the Gambino Mafia clan sends out a chilling warning to Michael Pel/egr'irio who published his made—up memoirs of life in the Mob.

‘Everything from being afraid I’m going to run out of cream for my cornflakes to someone chopping my privates off.’

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‘l’d be brilliant as Bond but the fact is I’m gay and that’s the only thing that counts for film bosses.’

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‘I didn’t realise people would be able to walk around it.’

Kylie gets all twrtchy about her Mada/tie Tussaud's r‘epreseritatron wrth her on all tours in that basque dress. big boots and black knickers number:

‘I shot and skinned a rabbit at the weekend. I had to slit its throat and peel the skin back. And I love little animals.’

You have to wonder what Tara Palmer- Tornkrnson would do to something she hated.

‘This is not just a phone for celebs, it is for anyone who appreciates beautiful craftsmanship.’

A representative of the company that enticed Giulio”) Pa/tr‘ow to fork out t‘l:">.()()() on a mobile.

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