Edinburgh life

Other events

Dogrib Dene Community Royal Museum. 2 (‘hamhers Street. 247 4065. Free. See Thu 5.

Bits and Pieces l.auri.ston ('astle. 2a (‘ramond Road South. 336 2060.

10am 4pm. £l5. See Wed 1 1.

Wildlife in the City Royal Botanic Garden. lnverleith Row. 552 7l7l.

l0am 4pm. Free. See Sun 8.


Edinburgh Rugby v Munster Meadowbank Sports ('entre. 13‘) London Road. 66l 5351. 7.30pm. ('eltic League rughy match.


Before the Crucifixion National (iallery ol‘ Scotland. The Mound. 624 6200. 12.45pm. l’ree. Julia Lloyd Williams discusses Bernard van ()rley‘s extraordinary painting.


Herby Pots l.auri.ston ('astle. 2a (‘ramond Road South. 336 2060. ll)am—l2.30pm. £8. Decorate terracotta pots and till \vith home-grown herhs at this adult Workshop. Advance hooking required.

Other events Dogrib Dene Community Roy al Museum. 2 (‘hamhers Street. 247 4065.

Scotland celebrates Europe’s heritage

lirec. Sec Thu 5.

Wildlife in the City Royal Botanic (iarden. lmer'leith Rou. 552 717]. l0am 4pm. l‘ree. See Sun 8.

Saturday 14


Courtyard Readings Scottish l’oelt'y Library. 5 (‘richton’s ('lose. ('anongate. 557 2376. 2pm. l‘ree. The School ol' l’oets hosts poetry afternoons in the courtyard where you can read your favourite poems and listen to others reading theirs.

Spons Hearts v Motherwell 'I‘ynecastlc

Stadium. (iorgie Road. 200 720l. 3pm. Sl’l. football match.


Primitive Fire Making l-‘our Winds Inspiration ('entre. The Pay ilion. Imerleith Park. .-\rhoretum Place. 332 222‘). £25 plus materials. lake at step back in time for this workshop led by Kate lledges.

Other events

Dogrib Dene Community Royal .\ltiseuin. 2 (’hamhcrs Street. 247 4065. Free. See Thu 5.

Record Fair Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieot‘ge Street. 220 434‘). l0am 4pm. £1. Record lair.

Wildlife in the City Royal Botanic (iardcn. lnverleith Rovv. 552 7l7l,

10am 4pm. l’r‘ce. See Sun S.



Scotland’s legacy laid bare

Post festival-madness, as the crowds disperse and the churches, schools and civic halls return to something approaching their normal status, it’s all too easy to forget that Edinburgh’s cultural vibe is as strong as ever. So, it’s rather fitting that European Heritage Days come hot on the fest’s heels.

This Europe-wide event has previously attracted 20 million participants and this year is set be more exciting than ever before. The joint initiative aims to give people a unique opportunity to explore not only the culture on their own doorstep but also that of nations further afield. Doors Open Days together with Scottish Archaeology 2002, form Scotland’s


Doors Open offers the public a special chance to see inside more than 700 of Scotland’s most interesting buildings, both architecturally and historically. The added bonus? It’s all free. Locals and visitors alike can explore the normally hidden interiors of castles, stately homes, legal

courts and lighthouses.

And those who think that archaeology should stay locked in the dark ages are in for a pleasant surprise. Forget any pre-conceptions brought on by one boring history class too many. Scottish Archaeology Month wants to encourage you to get down and dirty a la Brendan Fraser in The Mummy or Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Over 100 free events are set to take place throughout the country, including excavation open days, guided tours of sites, ancient arts and craft courses

and loads more.

Prepare yourself to be educated and entertained by the wonders of

Scotland’s past. (Anna Millar)

I Events take place at various venues throughout Scotland for the whole of September: For more Il)f()/'/7l(ttl()'t log on to trait/w.scott/sharc/iaeo/ogycorg.uk or Wit/Lt:door‘soperidayor'g.uk. A/ter‘nat/ve/yé ca/l 0/3] 247 47 IS) or‘ 0147 22/ I466.

Other events

Gifts Scotland 2002 Roy at] Highland ('cntrc. lngliston. 335 6200. Broysse or huy lrom a range ol imaginative gilts.

Dogrib Dene Community Royal .\ltiseum. 2 ('hamhcrs Street. 247 4065. l’rce. See 'l‘hu 5.

Wildlife in the City Royal Botanic (iarden. lmerleith Rt)\\. 552 7l7l. l0am 4pm. l’rcc. Sce Sun S.

Monday 1 6

Other events

Gifts Scotland 2002 Royal llighland ('eriti'c. Inglislon. 335 6200. See Sun 15.

Dogrib Dene Community Royal Museum. 2 ('hanihers Street. 247 4065. lircc. Sec llilttt 5.

Tuesday 1 7

Book events

Robert Rankin \Vatct'stone's. lzh’ Princes Street. 220 2060. (ipm. £5 redeemable against purchase. Satirical scicncc liction \sritcr Rankin launches his latest work lln/lmi‘ (‘lroi'n/uli' Brut/rim rift/Iv {i/NH‘UIX/Ht'.

Workshops In Print l.auriston (’astlc. 2a (‘ramond Road South. 336 2060. Want 4pm. £7.

Advance hooking required. Artist Jo .'\r'|sscy leads a printmaking \sorkshop for adults.

Other events

Gifts Scotland 2002 Royal Highland (‘entrc. lrtgliston. 335 6200. See Sun l5.

Wednesday 18


Statesman: Henry, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux 1778-1868 National Portrait (ialler'y. l Queen Street. 624 6200. l2.45pm. l-‘ree. Freelance lecturer .\latthc\v \Vc‘llttt'tl pt'cscltls a gallery talk.

Other events

Gifts Scotland 2002 Royal Highland (‘entre. Ingliston. 335 6200. See Stilt l5.

In Print l,auri.stori ('astlc. 2a (’ramond Road South. 336 2060. l0am 4pm. £7. See 'l'ue l7.

Thursday 1 9

Book events

Steven Pinker Royal Museum lecture 'llteatr‘e. 2 ('hambcr's Street. :47 42W. 6pm. £2 redeemable against purchase. .-\ pt‘oyocathe lecture on the Blank Slate theory. challenging man's most basic assumptions. Prepare to be challenged.

Silverware and. of course. the Stone Of Destiny. used to crown Scottish kings since time began. Edinburgh Zoo Corstorphrne Road. (334 9171. Daily 9am—6pm. $77 ($24—$13). family ticket 920—572450. Widely accepted as one of the finest moss in Britain. there's plenty here to while away an afternoon. or even a whole day it you take your time. The newly—built 'Alrican plains' afford a fantastic vrew of the city.

Hopetoun House Shore Road. South

98 THE LIST 5) 1‘.) Set; 70c?

Oueenslerry. (331 24:31. Daily 10am—E).30pm. 52.70425. This stately home. part of which is still lived in by the Marquess of Linlithgow. was built in the 18th century by architects Sir William Bruce and William Adam. It houses furnishings and artwork collected by the tarnin over the past 400 years.

Museum of Childhood 42 High Street. 520 41/12. Mon—Sat 10am- 53pm. Free. Founded in 105:"). the museum has five public galleries Wllll all riranner ol artelacts

relating to childhood through the ages. From antique dolls to a 1080s BMX bicycle. there's plenty here to send you off on a trip down memory lane.

Museum of Scotland Chambers Street. 7‘1 r' 4210. Mon—Sal 10arrr-«fipni rlue 1()arii--8pml; Sun noon—13pm. Free. Devoted solely to the history and heritage of Scotland. the building contains five thematically arranged exhibitions. movrng from pie—history. through the Industrial Revolution, to

the present day. at '.'.’ll|(2ll point national heroes such as Billy Connolly and i‘.‘.l£llll(,’ (3 South get unsolved.

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Royal Mile. {>530 1000, Daily 0.30m". (3pm. S‘tSot) iS‘i-ESO S‘f>‘-: tai'iily ticket £10450. Starting life as a 13th century abbey. the palace has evolved into a sumptuous regal residence crarn'ned lull ot pai'rtings and artelacts dating back prir'iar‘ily to the li'th century.

Royal Botanic Garden

Iri‘.'er|eith How, 55);) {1 fl,

[)étll‘, E).1l()arrr-i'pr'i. free. A sea of tranquillity in the hubbub ol the city. the Botanic Garden is home to a wealth of flora fro": around the globe. Boasting a rock garden and ten gl; sshorrses ‘.'.'lilt plants from the temperate and tropical parts ot the '-.'.’()ll(l. the site also has a year round programme of events and (,‘Xllllliirlfllf; as

Well as guided tours in the

Royal Museum

I) ()ha'aber‘s Street. l)-'-i' 3.910, Mon Sat

10am fip'a -lue

10am 8pm.: Sun

noon 53pm. Free. A 10th century riruseu”: housing inter‘nationai collectons of natural history. geology. science. iéXlellOlOtl‘, and the decoratixe arts. plus two per'v‘arrent (:‘Xlliiflilfll‘vfii x'ir.‘ (‘5 life'usfl't’ a'id 1"‘0 HQ; (3.'i.'i‘e".. Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre

3:11 (Iastlehrll. the Royal Miie. OWE-333.1. [)arly ltia'w opei, sssc “$13.25) $31.50: tar‘rily tatlset S‘l-Z. lake a romp through the traditions and history ol yer national drink at this fully interactiye attraction.