THE FREEDOM COLLECTIVE Comrade Barr and Domski Regan (Rough Cut Kremlin Comics) 0..

Scottish Book of the Month

year questioning a president who seems to have no other agenda than the war against terrorism. Fear not. this IS no sixth form student's defence of the red white and the blue underlined by a Kenny

Bullets series. ‘.'.’fli()‘l’ Az/arelllo and artist Risso

achieved son‘ething approaching innovation in their creation of the Agent Graves character. a li‘.‘,’St()l’l()LlfS goxernment

Rogers lyric. The Eagle's Thoroughly Slll‘y but very operative who grants

Shadow is actually an enjoyable spoof of the down-at-heels 100

astute look at America's Marvel superheroes; that bullets-wort." of revenge.

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seamlessly through bowels of the GENTLEMEN

ideas of perceived and Whitelmuse. Castro and VOLUME Two,

real wealth. national Al Capone lY‘étkC NO 1

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electoral corruption with adventure cliche is O’Nei"

conSummate ease. squeezed tirl :t squeals. ‘A'HU'I'CZ‘S 8‘“ com“) Like a worm falling Despite the fact t tat tne ....

from an eagle's claw. drawing and plot Mr Moore and Mr O'Neill

Hertsgaard hurrovirs into exi osition can SOlilUillY‘OS return with a second tale

this raw turt faster and he a little la/y. this 's of derrzng-do. as their

deeper than most. nevertheless a refreshing team of heroes drawn

(Paul Dalel and ntildly subversive from the annals of

ALSO PUBLISHED read. iPaul Dale.» Victorvan fiction do battle

x with a foreign menace on (,lilMl.

Stephen King From a JONNY DOUBLE behalf of queen and at:

BUle 8 (Hodder . (3 V :L t t. 1 .,

Steughton til/“.99; A - 'now heing filmed with , .

car with supernatural §::::g%glzs£mm, Sean Conneryl saw the waterStone S GlaSgOW sa UChIEha powers: sound familiar? o. Lear ue ~ Capta:n Nemo.

Lucy O’Brien She Bop AlainJ Ouartermarn. the U rSday 1 septem ber at

// (Continuum £76.99) The plan was good . . . lll\.-’ISSII)I(} Man. Dr Jekyll

The definitive history of too good. The crime and M ss Murray

women in rock. pop and thriller was predictable . rtormerly engaged to a

soul. . . too predictable. With handsome man of

Robert Rankin The their Et‘.".’<'tr(i-V/Iliiillig IOU Eastern European origin;

Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apoca/ypse (Go/lanc/ 579.99) A serial killer is on the loose in Toy Town.

Tim Smit Eden (Corgi $7.99; The full story of the ‘living theatre of plants and people'. Margaret Drabble The Seven Sisters (VI/(Ilig 5‘7(5..()F)/ Set in London. a profound contemporary portrait of urhan alienation. The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen }


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