lCodemasters $39.95))

DeSpite being based on a motorsport that is largely Ignored in the UK. the TOCA series has never been any less than superbly playable. The bumper- to-bumper saloon car action was strong enough to carry games that did not require prior knowledge to fully enjoy. Well. they've done it again.

Although the infrastructure has had a radical overhaul. with fantastic manga—esgue comic book graphics telling the story of your driver and their ambitious drive to the top. the actual gameplay is as involvrng and rewarding as before. Cars and tracks aplenty. each with their own subtle nuances. make progression a must while the racing itself is nerve-shredding and beautifully Judged. Everything is a challenge yet nothing seems impossible. Whether this \"Jlll make you stay in on a Saturday afternoon to watch TOCA on the teleVIsion is debatable. but for weekday nights. this is unsurpassed. llain Davidson)


Bruce Lee fXBox VU Games [39.99 More chops than Homer's supper

Medieval Total War /PC Act/Vis/on £29.99) Epic warfare.

Project Zero (P82 Wanadoo £339. 99; Photographing the undead. Honest.

Dino Stalker 4382 Capcom $89.99) ls this .'/hy they're extinct? Stuntman (PS? /.n.fo_<,'.u'1mes 5139.95); Colt Seztxeis returns.

108 THE LIST " "' 8-21, L/'

TWIN TOWERS www.teamtwintowers .org/rebuild.html

To rebuild or not to rebuild. That is the serious guestion on the lips of many New Yorkers. Hear the economic and emotional arguments for simply replicating that which was destroyed. But do they really want to stick up more skyscrapers on top of a mass burial ground?

SICK JOKES pecial/russian.html

Sometimes the only way to deal with tragedy is to have a good old laugh. This site tells of the Russian reaction to f l Septemlxar. and shows that the Cold War may have thawed but the Eastern Bloc's antipathy to the evil capitalist monsters is stiil intact in some quarters. This site leads you onto a hatch of ;()kes. which are unfortunately in Russian. But hilarious. nonetheless.

MORE SICK JOKES politicalhumor.about.c om/library/jokes/ bljokes.htm

lop Taliban porn sites: how al-anda can go about improving its public image: ingenious Osama bin laden anagrams: and a dig at Nostradamus. None of it true. Some of it funny.

SUICIDE PILOTS boplanes/cessna.html On 12 September 1994. Frank Corder flew a light

aircraft onto the White House lawn. You can be sure that the presidential shrubbery =.'.iasn't has main target. On. :3 January 2002. unhinged tee". Charles Bishop directed his own mini jet into the Bank of Amenca building n Tampz . leaving behind a note that he was oo ng it al; for hxs ‘idot' Osama. However. conspiracy theOr sts will have you believe that the pair drugged and the planes were remote- contro‘led by s tadowy agencies "on-Arab for some shadowy purpose ito concoct an excuse to attack Atgnan'star‘ and

Iran. probably». oui‘ds


RUDY GUILIANI speechescommemora

He may hate the art world and have a dubious personal life l‘.'./lll(llt Stateside public servant doesn't’h but all of America got behind the man they call Rudy ibecause that's his first namei. Here is a compilation of all his finest speeches during that traumatic time.

GROUND ZERO memoirs/

If all this cynicism is too n‘uch for you. then here's a genuinely moving Site with poems. songs. photos. stories of heroism and a chance to make a valuable donation.

iBrian Donaldsoni



(12) 120min O.

A st cker on. the case of this video imofores us not to spoil the enpy'ment of future audiences by revealing the twist. No dotibt the Oscars tbs fi!m recezvea will guarantee ‘tittire audiences. tho-tigh their erycyme'it s moot pc Russo" Croat/e lays the patl‘os on. wztl‘. a troy'xe as John Nasl‘. the Prince-to." iiiat'tematc'an af‘.:<:ted by sch zephrena. .Jeni‘fe" Connolly s suitaby' sti‘f-izr bed as his se"~sacr'fit:»rig wefe.

But Director Rm Hon-.ard is a dab T"a"d at tr‘s sort of ‘ormuiac sentiment. and at two hours. the ‘ilm more than octstays its ‘.‘."(}i(3()lll(}. Quite movsng in piaces. but mainy dial. and pretty ‘.'.'rongheader: about the delusionary azlmei‘t at .ts centre. 'Unnxersa‘ VHS and DVD rer‘tai Steve Cramer-

DOCUME NlARY BIGGIE 8: TUPAC (15) 107min 0000

After a woefully limited theatrical release this wonderful documentary gets its release on video DVD. You may know director Nick Broomfield from his films on Kurt Cobain. HOldl Fleiss and white supremaCist leader Eugene Terreblanche.

Like TV detective Columbo Broomfield's style is to bug people till the audience gets a clear picture of the Jigsaw puzzle of someone else's life.

Here he turns investigator as he tries to get to the bottom of the dreadful murders of rappers Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. It is a trail that runs blood red. deep into the heart of the LA hip hop community. Sad and occaSionally very scary. this is one of Broomfield's finest. Optimum VHS and DVD retail) iPaul Dalel


Sherlock Holmes lives on in this ridicu|0u8 take on The Her/rid of the Baskei/il/es. When the brilliant Parisian academic Gregoire de Fronsac Samuel Le Biliani and his mysterious Il'OQUOIS kang fu t'igi'ftzng servant Mani iMark Dacascosi tam up the town of Gevaiidzn in 18th century France to :nvestigate some beastly murders all hei' breaks loose. Fundamentally an enjoyable piece of historical campery clearly influenced by Tim Burton's Sleepy Ho/Iow. this boasts some absolutely wicked fight scenes. beautiful


photography and interesting chimeric beasts from Jim Henson's workshop. It is also ab0ut three- guarters-of-an-hour too long and suffers from Vincent Cassel's baddie chewmg the rest of the cast off the screen. (Universal VHS rental) (Paul Dale)


(15) 113min 00


Michael Douglas plays a wonder-psychiatrist. wonder-dad and wender- husband. so he's owed a bit of trouble. Set against the backdrop of ThalTkSglV‘l‘g. Dougas becomes innocently embrOileC in a dirty gangster plot fl‘ which a

patient of his holds the key

to a stolen ruby. O'tly Doug!as can unlock her traiibled m-nd. and to make Sure t‘e does. the bad men. headed by Sean Bean. kidnap hs daughter.

Director Gary Fieoer :Kiss the Glf/S' trses to Ref together multiple strands of plot. eac?‘ tapping :nto deep seated .‘ears. most'y ;nvolvii‘g vainerable women. Dotiglas is the central rock arotinc y-xhich these dependents Orbit. bt.t the var;otis eiements never quite fit together and the potthg forced. Mildly gripping. the ‘ilrn falls apart towards the end as the ‘ormuiaic approaCh descends into predictabiiity. iFox VHS and DVD rental) iRiitn Hedges)

SCIENCE FlCTlON K-PAX (12)115min u

Kevin Spacey has forged an impresswe career out of being the smartest guy on screen. In this far- fetched soi-fi flick he plays Prot. a ‘man' who claims to be from the planet K—Pax.

On his 'arrival' to earth. he's placed under the care of psychiatrist and workaholic Dr Powell tJeff Bridgesl in a psychiatric