OK, so the summer’s over and the hibernating instinct is creeping in. Cosy evenings snuggled in

front of the telly, steaming mugs of cocoa, nice long baths. Mmmmmm, how lovely. Protected from the harsh world it’s all so easy. But no! Resist! There’s so much more to life than becoming a potato in slippers fight the slip into vegetable habits. Or at least for one day of the week. ' The List is spotlighting the wealth of activities on offer to prevent the slippery slope into sloth- dom. As one famous children’s TV programme once said, usually hosted by a bunch of over- enthusiastic scousers: ‘Why Don’t You?’ You could learn the cha-cha, develop the perfect head- spin, parle ltaliano, finely tune that songbird voice of yours, get stuck into clay, discover your inner calm with a course in meditation, make some curtains that will hang straight, follow that passion in politics. Whatever your fancy there’s bound to be something. Maybe it’s something you haven’t thought of for years, a dormant interest that hasn’t been touched since school or one you’ve never dared try. Well, there’s no excuse now. Make the effort you’ll feel so good and that sofa will feel all the better for it.

PRIVATE SINGING TUITION www.cerocscotland.com Improve your 0 Learn to partner dance to any music. live. Latin. Charts... vocal technique 0 Come alone or with friends (no need to bring a partner). . d 0 Complete beginners welcome every week at all nights. exper'ence dance professronal srnger SPECIAL OFFER: lst NIGHT £3.00 ONLY . Dance Base National Centre For Dance WITH THIS AD. (incl. FREE membership) Beglnners W9lC0me 14-16 Grassmarket, Edinburgh . Term Starts Monday 30th September

GLASGOW: Mondays: Maryhill Community Hall. TEL' 0141 942 5460 0 en From 9th S 'ember For Bookin s

304 Maryhill Road. P 99 9

Wednesdays: Glasgow Uni. Union. 1'"; “Aug: "008E come along and dance,

32 University Avenue. west end. Autumn progrzzrrtrrre liegms 2nd September 2007 whatever your age or experience EDINBURGH: Mondays & Thursdays: “CU'M'N’ “m We, “"0" We have over 100 classes including Under 5's,

. Slrurturrr' lrtrtess, Streltlr ll Strengthen

Marco s. 55 Grove Street. Mm. funk PODDGW HlpHOpl Salsa, Carnival Samba, Tango, Ballet, Indian

Tuesdays: St Stephens hall. ‘(crrrrrerrrrrr rcrr, ltrp Dance, Capoeira, Breakdance, Tae Bo and Top

St Stephens Street. Stockbridge. 14503311941!“its?” [Ballet (EJIITtC-rrr;)0rrrr‘., inks, amongst many others...

. . . (Illl‘ElKO, C' '.' (lll(€', Oll ClliQOlill‘.‘

DUNDEE wedneSdaYS: Ollle S cafe- The Olymp'a lr(:d:tr0'rrrl t'tlrrron DGIKC' 800k early '0 guaran'ee a place

leisure centre, Earl grey Place. (lrrlrlren'sGrzsses pre 5,5 7',rs,8 12m, 1. R . Y F c o ABERDEEN: Tuesdays: The Culter Mills Club. E Yokuth Darrecmupf, Hmnemo 0 ece'Ve 00" '99 0mm"""¥

Carr Roadretercuner. Aberdeen. rrust:tram;"strut:earl" °' Pm‘essm' WW9

Thursdays: The Loft ((3 O'Donaghues. errrurl rlrmte house :lrotmrrrltom or

16 Justice Mill Lane. Aberdeen. “We d‘m‘e'm‘m 3'9 e:dance@dancebase.co.uk For all (losses doors open at 7 1'3 Beqrnners' (lass .rt 7 30pm Admrssron rs {33 00 www.dancebase.co.uk (£4 00) Membershrp rs {.l 00 payable on lrrsl nrqht FIDDLE CLASSES FOR ALL

Alwa s lancied learnrn the fiddle? MONTHLY PARTIES: -renevermlaur - GLASGOW: Partrr k Burgh H.tl|s.Olt [)umtmrton Rd 93590wa Workshop run Scottish lradiional Second Saturday of the month 8 00 )m 'trl 12 00. r M $5595”me . ', _EDINBURGH M . , . l m Comealortg andfind out more atour Enrolment " .trco s. )5 Grove Street. N. ‘wflhfiee Recital Wednesd 21st , , , Last Saturday or the month 3 00pm tr.r r 00.1th '9" °" 3’ ‘l Petrrfred Pavarottr? August at Stow College. Cowcaddens. . 7

- ABERDEEN: Aberdeen Deal Socrety. Smrthlreld Rd Classes beginon WedmsdayZBthAugustatStow w—‘i Seaet Smaua‘ Third Saturday of the month 8.00pm ‘trl 12 00am Colhge. Cowcaddens ' \ l Baffled BflIflEY?

- . Th ' IrothAu -Adutt WEEK END WORKSHOPS .mpmfi"fiwm W?“ 520 whatever your vocal style or abrlrty level, we can help you achreve éRE‘GIUlLA: week-end workshops for all levels. rn(ludrnq Newcomers mmaafly time. gmatel Dowel, hinge and confidence SAFEer OI p (' (’ (’QIIHH’IS . .

For morézlgnblgrsngzltggg contactlSara New term enrols mid September, central Glasgow, .9" 0”"‘3' I d‘d ‘d It 't' . Tel: 01324-613 209 - E-mail: hi@cerocscotland.com -1- f“; , ’f" l9.co.uk FOR 0:2: :nI :16]; :38923'3348983 Web: htt : www. scotland. m °”'Sl°"'w°bs't° . e z p H cemc co WWW-9‘3590Wfiddle-l9fio-Uk E marl: eleanor@mauae.treeserve.co.uk

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