Two viewers feverishly prepare for the arrival of a

Scottish Six


No six please, we’re Scottish Is it finally time for a Scottish Six? Words: Allan Radcliffe

or me. the summer of 2002 will be remembered as the season British television finally collapsed into intemperate flag-flying jingoisrn. With

every month came another opportunity for broadcasters to remind us of

the glorious New Britain we apparently inhabit. Particularly baffling for Scots viewers was the obsequious foreskin tugging of the golden jubilee. ‘The nation

celebrates.‘ piped David Dimbleby in an accent cut from the windows of

Alexandra Palace circa 1940. as tourists crammed the London Mall. What. you wonder. would Dirnbleby have made of the crowds that didn‘t throng the streets of Edinburgh to watch her majesty trundle up the Royal Mile. or the blowing tumbleweed that greeted her visit to a deserted George Square ill Glasgow?

The silly season continued with the hysteria surrounding lingland‘s World Cup perfonnance which was. as ever. impossible for Scots to adopt a mature neutrality about. lnevitably we tuned in with the sound muted for fear of mention of 1966. With team England safely dispatched. the TV studios took on the atmosphere of tents coming down as the circus left town. The fact that some of us had invested cash in teams such as Turkey seemed outside the realms of possibility. This national bias was more pointed during the Commonwealth Games. response when the plight of injured athletes such as Mark Lewis Francis were considered more Of newsworthy than Scots and Welsh successes cast such as cyclist Chris Hoy. .

ldon‘t dispute there are people ill the UK medla to who care deeply about David Beckham's broken foot and the Queen‘s party. There just aren't that many of trs north of the border. has been And surely. in this age of political devolution. it‘s time Scotland was granted a more independent broadcast-media reflecting this country‘s particular audience needs. with an eye on the international scene away from the increasing parochialisrn of the London-based media.

The concept of a ‘Scottish Six' a main evening national and international BBC news bulletin produced in Scotland was lirst mooted and rejected ill l‘)‘)7 and is due for review after the 2003 parliamentary elections. The main objection from television executives is the usual Scottish cringe that it hasn‘t been done. so we won't try. Is this fair“? Scotland has a strong independent print media tradition. while radio programmes such as BB(‘ Scotland‘s Lesley Riddoch show regularly cover national. UK and global issues.

Over all. the response of the broadcast media to devolution has been pathetic. Though many Westminster news stories are now irrelevant to Scots viewers. our television news still has a parochial regional feel. l'l‘V's response has been even weaker. but the BB(‘ is a public service broadcaster and. at a time when political control is being wrested from the centre. it has a duty to reflect this in its programming. Ultimately if Scots go on struggling to identify with the ‘Great‘ Britain depicted on TV. we will end up switching off in droves.

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