V I saw you on \Vltlslx) tasting. lidinhurgh ('it) (‘ouncil (‘hainhcrx You. tall hlokc in black t-shirt. inc. tall girl in orange I-\lill‘l. lane} a mall \ottk‘lllllc'.’ [7450/46

V I saw you Alan “illl'xlllg \pccdil} tax tixuali around

ncn ingtonBc minc al\\;t_\\'.’ hunn)htmn). \ [7450/47

V I saw you \ch ing at lhc bar in La Bcllc' on l7th aug. You \xcrc the hot hruncttc. l \xax the gu} in thc hoxl'rcxh top. I \\i.\lt I had \pokcn to _\otl. [7450/48

V I saw you panda girl looking beautiful in bed. .\lc. c_\ clopx from to“ n of thc tllotlle‘}.\. I.L'[\ gL‘I up [0 month huxinmx again \oolt. [7450/40

V I saw you in NIothcrgrom-c Sat 24th Aug. You “etc the girl \\ ith dark hair and l \\il\ the bloke u ith the ponytail that thought _\ou \wrc gorgcotix. Tried to chat )ou up but couldn't hear L‘ux ol the noti You introducul me to t\\o gu} \. (‘an I take )ou out for a drink‘.’ [7450/50

V I saw you Mark \V. llt‘\l at \Vlllle‘ llottxc. then (‘at‘ \Vaxlt. lional}. L‘IL‘... :\l.\\l:\YS gt‘L‘ul lo we _\on. .\Il\\ _\ott and hope to \L‘L‘ )ou in IIIL‘ I‘lL‘SlI \oon... [7450/5l

V I saw you Scorpio ho) - al‘tcr drtnn n haxx at the \cnuc u \u cpl me to the top (it. tho ltill lot‘ hugs and morc. .\It\\L‘tl u at sulma). (‘ontact mu hcl'orc trawlling'.’ [7450/53

V I saw you Hclcn. \ia} hack thcn. You lull lrom _\ottr pcrch in ()pium. mil) to ll} h} in llahana. Would like to mcct tor drink or more. (iirl that “an t‘L‘lllL‘litnl to call. [7450/55

V I saw you gorgeous ('anadianx in ()pal Lounge l'it'ida} loth :\ttgti\t. I promised _\ou ticket. Split at North Bridge. ch'cr axlxcd _\our number - dohl BC great to hear from )otl. (iracmc. [7450/54


I Exciting, beautiful woman \L'L‘I\\ llllL‘otllplicalt‘tl cnjo} mcnt xx ith independent. \cnxual man intclligcnt enough to prclcr rclawd l'ricndxhip. ph} \ical pleaxurc and intcllcctual exploration lo irrational "lo\ c". 'l‘olcrant pL‘t‘xonalil). [ll\lll\'L‘ ol lattttl} lilb and L‘lllltllxlttxttl l'or trawl adxantagcoux. l.ool\\. agc unimportant.

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