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seeking women

*9 Tall dark stereotype Glasgow male. 26. seeks female for friendship 8; company. 26- 30. Must not be mad! (‘all me on 09069 5 I43 I 8

‘9 Male, 46, single. no children. n/s. likes taking photographs. readin". gardening. cats & driving. looking for similar woman for a committed relationship. (‘all me on 09069 5l43l6

is“ Male, lives in lidinburgh. 35. single parent. working. evil S()ll. loves mtrsic. partying & generally having fun. seeking a Friday night companion for cltrbbing & causing a ntrisance. (‘all me on 09069 5 l43l7

W Male earth angel. 38. 5'7". medium build. blue eyes. seeks celestial girl angel. 30s. with a devilish side to help clean his wings. linjoys live music. art 8; cinema. (‘all me on 09069 514290

w Sensitive, intelligent, attractive. 35yr old male. WLTM similar female for friendship 8: more. (‘all me on 09069 5 l429l

W Tall Edinburgh guy. 57. peroxide blond hair. pierced. vegetarian. likes punk. (ioths & metal. Wlfl‘M (iothic lady for pubs. cltrbs. gigs 8; adventures. (‘all me on 09069 514294

w Glasgow male, 5'1 1 ". slim. clean cttt. professional. outgoing & sensitive. likes cycling 8: hill walking. WL'I‘M slim. similar female with (iS()ll. (‘all me on 09069 514285

“9 Edinburgh male, tall. dark & dashing. 30yrs old. Wl fl'M woman. 20-45. for friendship & fun. (‘all me on 09069 5 H287

W If you love shopping & watching TV. then go to the next advert! I'm 38. born in Italy. attractive. n/s. vegetarian. love books. art. sunshine. travel. a challenge & to be independent. Looking for a female friend. ('all me on 09069 514293

W Passionate, handsome, funny (ilasgow male. 29. seeks attractive female with fertile imagination. to wake tip with in a French sunflower field. (‘all me on 09069 5 l4295

6’ Fit, attractive, sensitive. male. 40s. seeks female in 30s. to share interesting times in lidinburgh. (‘all me on 09069 514298

9 Brig“, cheerful 30 something. (ilasgow gent. zany S()l l. n/s. likes art. nature. dancing. Wl .TM sensitive. passionate lady. to enjoy time together. (‘all me on 09069 5 l4299

W 34yr old male. 5'7". medium build. enjoys keeping fit. gym. martial arts. socialising & quiet nights in with a DVD. seeks similar female for friendship & more. (‘all me on 09069 5 H300

V Attractive, stylish male. 46. enjoys cinema. music. books & line food. Wlfl'M lidinburgh girl to share these 8; other passions. (‘all me on 09069 5 l430l

W Everything but the girl. 30 something girl needed to complete the puzzle.

(‘all me on 09069 514328

W Lanarkshire guy, 41. Christian. shy. romantic. friendly. outgoing. Wlfl‘M similar female. 40-45. for nights out. theatre. cinema. concerts. restaurants & romantic walks along the beach. (‘all me on 09069 514332

*3 25yr Old male. looking for friend who seeks humour. excitement & the possibility of romance. (‘all me on 09( )69 514333 “- Fun loving, dependable. hottest. caring. strong. passionate. sensitive & witty. 6'. long fair hair. athletic build. good looking. lit. blue/green eyes. Seeks similar female. (‘all me on 09069 514308

Women seeking men

959’ Tall, slim, so not blondc 8: 33. needs to cure men phobia urgently. No psycho babble but (iS()ll required. (‘all me on 09069 5 H306

w No sexy Edinburgh birds seek 2 unattached. easygoing. educated men. 24- 34. for excitement. Not too rntrch to ask for"??? (‘all me on 09069 514323

“a” Foxy, funky female. 26. wants lit. confident male. 26-36. for wining. dining & late night grooving. lidinburgh area. (‘all me on 09069 5 l4304

3*” Friendy, intelligent, caring female. 38. blue eyes. bright smile & positive attitude. seeks honest (ilasgow man to share laughter. nights in & nights out. Likes dancing. good conversation. long walks. travel & adventure. (‘all me on 09069 514292

W 26yr old, female. dark hair 8: eyes. Wl.'l'M male. 26- 36. for friendship & more. (‘all me on 09069 5 H273

w Three cute, fun loving lidinburgh girls. seek 3 monks for friendship+. l’S. Mtlsl really be monks! Anytime. (‘all me on 09069 514286

W Adventurous 8. bubbly 4lyr old female with many interests. Wlfl‘h'l tall. caring. carefree male. 39-43. for friendship & good times. (‘all me on 09069 5 l4297

W Soft, genuine, affectionate tit female. n/s. 48. green eyes. (iS()ll. loves theatre & movies. dancing. music. drinks & the countryside. Still seeking that special person. (‘all me on 09069 514330

'3’ Mt & beautiful woman. friendly. outgoing. lilinburglr based. loves dancing. music. good food. travel. seeks attractive. slim. romantic male. 35-50. who loves to dance. (‘all me on 09( )69 5 H327

0 Blue eyed version of Dawn French. 36. just as funny but I don't get paid for it! Seeks professional gtry. late 20s-30s. Beckham look-a- likcs prefened for hot dates. (‘all me on 09069 5 I433]

V Single female, 29. seeks help over the 30yr hurdle! Likes comedy. good chat. contemporary fiction & outdoor adventures. (‘all me on 09069 5 H334

V Dark haired, 5'2". 32. professional. likes going out. cinema. tennis & meeting friends. seeks male of similar age for great times. (‘all me on 09069 514335

W Intelligent, vivacious, confident female. 3 I. loves literature. films & stand tip comedy. Wlfl‘M well educated. culture loving tall man. 30-40. (‘all me on 09069 5 H336

Men seeking men

M Professional guy, 35. stocky build. outgoing. enjoys nights in /out & eating otrt.

WI Il‘M guys of similar age or younger. for friendship & possibly more. (‘all me on 09069 5 l4288 W Male, 42, sensitive & caring. WI .TM similar male. 30-55. who's interests are theatre. drama 8: spiritual matters. ( ienuine replies only. (‘all me on 09069 5 H283

r-——~. Women gmug seeking

W Lesbian, 36, likes pubs. clubs. movies & theatre. WL’I‘M someone similar for friendship. (‘all me on 09069 5 H305

“W Attractive, professional gay female. 38. warm. funny. relaxed & outgoing. enjoys winirw. dining & socialising. seeks similar for mutual laughter. (’all me on 09069 5 I43 l4

W 30yr old gay woman. seeks soulrnate to restore my faith in love. to be my inspiration. my support. my friend & make me be the person I want to be. Do you have what it takes‘.’ (‘all me on 09069 5 l4284

W Sth 9mm. 35. genuine 8: easygoing. Wl SIM someone genuine for liierxlship 8: maybe more. (‘all me on 09069 514254

W Gay female, 28. feminine. enjoys cinema. music. pubs. clubs. nights in & out. seeks similar female for friendship & maybe more. (‘all me on 09069 5 H303 W Everin-g butthegirl. 30 something girl needed to complete the prime. (‘all me on 09( )69 5 H328 W Lesbian, 30, likes pubs. clubs. romantic meals out. fine wines. looking for similzu' female with

( iS( )l l. 38+. for friendship & maybe more. (‘all me on 09069 514337

*9 Gay female, 35. likes a mixture of different things. seeks friendship. maybe more. ('all the on 09069 5 H307

Seeking companions

W Woman, 54, Imfit at present. Seeks walking companions. who wish to begin with short relaxed walks & build from there. ('all me on 09069 5 H302

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