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Lost in La Mancha i IS: 0... tKeith l‘ulton and l.ouix l’cpe. l'lx’. 2002) 80min. /.U\I in [1!.lltlllt‘lltlttpL‘l‘dle around l\\o \er} cruel ironiex: ‘l‘err'x (iilliam tailing to complete hix ten _\car iourne} to make a mm ie haxed on (‘crxantcx' Don Quixote. the xtor} ol~ a deltided old tnan undertaking a chi\alrottx quext. 'l‘he xccond iron} ix that although (iilliam‘x production of Hi" .llim \t/IU Kil/n/ [hm Quixote fell apart. l\\o other lilmniakerx. l‘ulton and l’epe. “ho \\ ere on hand xhooting a ‘making ol" documentar}. got a film out ot’(iilliam‘x failure. .'\ll of \\hich makex [ml in La .llunc/iti morhidl} interexting \ie\\ing and ~ 45;. pro\ idex an inxight into the tortuoux v: "

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Lovely and Amazing 1 15» 0000 (Nicole l lttlttlt‘t‘ltt‘l'. l-S. :llll31(';tlllL‘t'iltL‘ Keener. Brenda Bleth}n. limit} Mortimer. 01min. lt‘x rare for an American tilm to

The Importance of Being Earnest

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