had a hand in wrecking it in the first place. (il’l‘. (ilasgow; (‘ameo. lidinburgh. Nine Lives ( l5) (Various. Scotland. 2002) Min the. Films from the Trongate Studios. (il’l'. (ilasgow.

G O ( l8tbc) O... (Tim Blake Nelson. US. 2002) Mekhi Pfifer. Julia Stiles. Josh llartnett. 95min. A modern version of Othello. transposiiig the story to a hiin school in the Deep South. ‘0 is an eloquent and highly relevant piece of filmmaking. l'nlike any recent Hollywood take on the Bard. it has gravity and darkness. Having started from a set-up in which Odin/Othello (Pfifer) and Desi/[)esdemona (Stiles) are blissfully happy. we are shown perfection only to see it wilfully destroyed by lingo/Iago (llartnett). The film's bloody climactic sequence is devastating. and Shakespeare‘s text is imbued with new power in its modem. post-Columbine setting. reminding its this is anything but ‘just an old play". See review. (icneral release.

Ocean’s Eleven (15) 0...

(Steven Soderbergli. llS. 200l ) (ieorge (‘looney. Brad Pitt. Julia Roberts. 1 ltiiiiin. ()ff the cuff is the operative term for Steven Soderbergh's remake of the l.as Vegas casino heist thriller that Frankie and [)ino and their Rat Pack had so much fun making back in 1960. But where the Rat Pack rascals used the original film as an excuse to run riot in their adopted home city Soderbergh. screenwriter Ted Griffin and an all-star cast have worked to produce a tightly-scripted stylish movie. ()ne. however. which remains at all times self-consciously throwaway ftiii. .\'ot quite as cool as the original. but a better film. ()deon. [)unferniline.

0 Once Upon a Time in the Midlands ( 15) 0... (Shane Meadows. l7K. 2001) Robert ('arlyle. Rhys lfans. Shirley Henderson. l0-1min. When (ilasgow petty criminal Jimmy (Carlyle) sees his childhood sweetheart and ex Shirley (Henderson) on the Vanessa lieltl. show. he decides to take the proceeds of a bungled robbery and travel down to Nottingham to win her back from her geekish boyfriend l)ek (lfans). There are. however. a few obstacles iii the way for the avenging ‘cowboy'. including Dek's his era/y step sister (Kathy Burke) and her estranged ('&W—obsessed husband (’harlie (Ricky Tnnllltlsnttl. Meadows directs his all-star cast with skill. aware that the best domestic stories are those that are told with simplicity and emotion. Moments in this film can be clawing. not least the treacle-ambushed ending. but Meadows aim is generally true. See feature and review. Selected release.

Passport to Pimllco (t') 000. (Henry Cornelius. (K. 1949) Stanley Holloway. Margaret Rutherford. Basil Radford. 84min. A London borough discovers an ancient charter and declares its independence and exemption from rationing. Wonderful wit and fun as the lialing Studios satirise British red tape arid bureaucracy. l?(i(‘ Renfrew Street. (ilasgow.

Pauline et Paulette (PG) 0000. (l.ieven [)ebrauwer. Belgium, 2002) Dora van der (iroen. Julienne de Bruyn. Rosemarie Bergmans. 78min. Pauline (van der (iroen) is a (36-year-old woman with a mental age of four. who is looked after by her doting sister. Martha (de Bruyn). However. when Martha dies. her will states that for either of Pauline‘s snobby sisters. ('ecile and Paulette. to get any money. one of them must look after Pauline. The strength of Debrauwer's film lies in its simplicity. as he ptits character before plot. and ensures that the emotion of the film is genuine. Pauline is presented as a person. rather than someone with a disability. with l)ora van der (iroen's untiiannered performance being simply splendid. (il’l‘. (ilasgow; Adam Smith. Kirkcaldy'.

Platform (15) 00. (Jia [hang-kc. ('hina. 2002) Wang llong-wci. Zhao-tao, l.iang Jing-dong. 155mm. Shot without

the consent of the authorities. this melancholy epic frotii writer-director [hang-kc examines the cultural and social changes that swept through (‘hina during the l‘)80s after the death of (‘hairmaii Mao. A group of young people w ho are members of a performance troupe in a dingy provincial town help stage Maoist propaganda tracts. Show of state ftiiids. however. and influenced by the newly available commercial sounds emanating from lloiig Kong and 'l‘aiwan. the group renames itself the 'All Star Rock and Breakdance Band‘. and embarks on a series of provincial tottrs to spread the pop gospel. I’lut/in‘m occasionally feels overly detached and elliptical. yet it's also pleasingly ambivalent towards the impact of historical forces on ordinary lives. See review. Filmhouse. lidinburgh.

Punk (tbc) (Various. L'K. 1991) 80min. Assembly of documentary footage from (iranada TV‘s music series So it Goes. which provided regular coverage of the punk phenomenon as it was happening. Filnihouse. lidinburgli.

Reign of Fire ( 12) 00 (Rob Bowman. liS. 2002) (’hristian Bale. Matthew Mc('onaughey. l/abella Scorupco. l02min. ()f all the films this summer. the film with the best poster is undoubtedly Reign affirm Problem is the film completely fails to deliver on the promise of its publicity. We see no fiery attack on London. as the fall of the capital is convey ed by a montage of new spaper headlines because the setting is Northumberland (Y) in the year 2020. [)espite the occasional appearance of a solitary dragon. the greatest entertainment comes from the contest between dragon- slayers Bale and .\lc('oiiaugliey to see who can have the most risible combination of haircut and facial hair. (ieneral release.

Return to Never Land tt') .0 (Robin Budd & Donovan (‘ook. (S. 2002) Voices of llarriet ()wen. Blay'nc Weaver. ('orey Burton. Min tbc. Wendy has grown up and now has two children of her own. The oldest. Jane. has iiig witnessed the devastation caused by the blitzkrieg conditions of World War ll. no longer believes in Peter Pan and stories of 'faith. trust and pixie dust'. That is until the night before she is to be evacuated to the countryside. when (’aptain llook kidnaps her mistakenly believing that she is Wendy. Jatie rediscovers the magic unfortunately the viewer doesn't. liverything about the film is dated. from plotting to animation. Ster (’entury. Edinburgh.

Rififl ( 12) (Jules Dassin. France. 1955)

l l8min. A veteran Parisian thief returns home from prison to discover his girlfriend has been unfaithful and. enraged. executes an audacious bank robbery. Widely regarded as one of the best and most influential film noirs ever tnade. (ii’l‘. (ilasgow.

Roberto Succo ( IS) .00. ((‘edric Kahn. l-‘rance. 200l ) Stefano (‘assetti. lsild l.e Besco. Patrick Dell'lsola. 124mm. As the follow-up to [fila'nnuh this compelling drama intelligently sidesteps the cliches of the true-life crime movie. In this recreation of the life of Italy's most notorious serial killer. Kaliti manages to find some humanity in the man. .\'on- professional actor Stephano (‘assetti is sensational as Succo. ('ameo. lidinburgli. Scooby-Doo (P(i) 00 (Raja (iosnell. IS. 2002) l-‘reddie Prin/e Jr. Sarah Michelle (iellar. Matthew l.illard. 87min. Sum/iv the movie starts w ell. pitching itself somewhere between tribute and send-up of the llanna—Barbera cartoon. The casting is astute. best of all. Matthew l.illard as stoned slacker Shaggy. liven the ctiniputer-gcnerated Scooby- liitiiself isn‘t lacking in charm. But Seoubv-Ihm sadly fails to live up to the promise of its opening reel. Admittedly. the film's bold playpen colours are fun and there are some clever gags that w ill score with the show 's pothcad follow iiig. Btit the jokes soon wear thin. (icnct‘al release.


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