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Signs 1 l2.-\) .0. (.‘xl. Night Sh}aiiialari. IS. 2002) Mel (ilhxott. Joaquin Phoenix. Rory ('ulkin. l20min. Si\ monthx alter an exent w lticli xhattered hix religioux laith. e.\-minixter (iraliam llexx t( ithxott) awakex in the middle ol the night to find hix children in the middle of a corn iield xtaring at a giant crop circle. lx it the work (ll? local pt'attlxxlet'x or

‘r 2:5”..1'.’ '

The Scottish Borders

Scotland '5

34 THE LIST 7') 1‘) 80;) 2802’

Iyle and Shirley Henderson share a laugh Once upon a Time in the Midlands

a na\'igationa| aid l'or alienx'.’ 'l‘he xet up ix xell'-conxciouxl_\ reminixcent ol‘ 'I'lit' lliir n/ [he ll'nr/i/x. hut Sh}amalan exchew x xpeetaele ll] l'a\our t)l‘ ner\e iangling xuxpenxe created otit ol' the ltlt)\l mundane domextic xituationx. Sh)amalan hax a llitcltumlian graxp ol' citieiiiatic

technique. keeping audiencex in a xtate ol'

near hyxterical an\iet} l'or almoxt two


W shon break destination‘

liourx. Sadly. the laxt lix e minutex are anti-climactic and the lilm‘x denominationall} unxpecilic religioux inexxage ix hoth dtihioux and w ixh} -- waxh). See re\ icw. (ieneral releaxe. Silence We’re Rolling (l’(i) tYnuxxt-t' ('hahine. l".g_\pt/l-‘rance. 200l ) l.atil'. Ahmed \Valik. Ahmed liedeir. l00min. (‘hahine'x latext lilm dexcrihex the adwnturex of an attracti\e htit \ain di\a .\lalal\ and her laiiiil) and l'riendx. l‘iliiilititixe. lidinhurgh.

Skate Shorts tlhel Warmth, 3002) Min the. A programme of xltatehoarding xhortx including air hound action. trickx. tracking xhotx and xlo—mo. (‘('.'\. (ilaxgow.

A Slender Smile tl’(i) t\'axude\an .\'air. liidia. 2001)‘)5min. Feelgood. pan cultural xtor) celehrating the heattt} ol lil-e irrexpecti\e til. Ulle\ age. ('entrex around the relationxliip hetween Krixhna and :\nunaltikutt). a couple who ha\ e grown old together and are content w ill) the ximple thingx. l’ilmhouxe. lidinhurgh. Snow Dogs (1') O. tBi-ian l.e\anl. l'S. 2002) ('uha (iooding .lr.. Jamex (’ohurn. .\'ichelle .\'icho|x. 09min. ’l‘hix unremarkahle l)ixnc} coined} l'ollowx a .\lianti-haxed dentixt ax he dixco\ erx lllx prex ioiixl} unknown l':\l'\llllll rootx. ’l‘hough competentl} made and leaturing a reliahle lead and caxt. it xtill xtrugglex to raixe a decent laugh. .\'ot unw'atchahle. hut nothing xpecial. (inc-world. l‘alltirle. llamilton: SB('. llamilton.

La Spagnola 1 IS) .0. iSit-xe Jacohx. :\tixtralia. 2002) l.ola .\larceli. .-\lice .-\nxara. l.ourdex Bardolome. 00min. :\ hlack coined} drama ahout line and re\enge. dexpair and xltl'\ ixal. I.” S/menu/ii ix xet in the .-\uxtralia ol'l‘)(i0. 'I‘lie lilm‘x pre\ailing xpirit. how e\ er. ix etttphatieall) Meditcrranean. and l.ola. the Spaniin woman ol‘ the title. ix a wallxing compendium ol l.atin clicliex: \oluptuoux. tier} and operatic. When her fellow immigrant huxhand Ricardo dexertx her l.ola plotx re\enge. htit it ix her neglected tlttttgltlel' .-\lice who xeelttx lllxel} lt) hccome the main \ ictim ol' her ohxexxion. Some will lind l.u S/menu/ii'x humour and llx cultural xtereot)pex a little crude to their taxte. lior othet‘x. tlx hlend ol coined} and melodrama w ill pro\ e deliciouxl} piquant. l'(i('. lidinhurgh. The Sparrow t l2) t‘l‘ouxxel' ( 'halime. lig}pt. I‘l7 i) Mahmoud el .\leligur l20min. ('liahine locuxex on the catac|_\xmic dixaxter ol' I‘M)? and tele the

xtor} ol‘ a journalixt who purxuex a human ol'licial exploiting the exent for perxonal gain. l’ilmhouxc. lidinhurgh. Spider-Man 1 l2.’\) 0... tSam Raimi. 1S. 2002) 'l'ohe) Maguire. Kirxten l)lltlxl. l2 1 min. .\ hig hudget hloclxhuxter haxed on a hcxt—xelling xuperhcro comic hook )‘Ull‘tl he right to e\pect xpectacular el'lcctx and hlaiid xtor_\‘tel|ing in a l'laxhy hut ultimatcl} dull lilm. (io xee :lIIm-k (If the ('lum-x lor that particular e\crcixe in hringing in the ho\ ol'lice httckx. Spit/walla”. h) contraxt. lx a deliglitl'ull} une\pected mix ol xpeetaele and engroxxing human drama. lt’x xui'prixing that Raimi. who made hix name with the liighl} xl) lixed genre paxtiche (If/1e I‘ft‘i/ Ih'ml) xholtltl lioettx xt) much on character. The caxt acquit themxelx'ex well. although l)al'oe hamx tip the \illain). But Raimi'x lead. 'l‘ohe} .\laguire. hringx .iuxt the right amount ol‘ know ing humour to l’arlter/Spide}. which ix emblematic of Raimi'x whole. w inning approach to the lilm. Re-ixxucd with the new l2.v\ certilicatc (which meanx kidx under l2 ma} xee the lilm il’ accompanied h_\ an adult). (ieneral releaxe.

Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron it') 0.. tlx'ell) .v\xhur_\ and l.orna (‘oole IS. 2002) .\latt Damon. .lamex ('romwell. Daniel Studi. 34min. Spirit ix an animal lahle in which none ol' the non-human characterx xpeak. \Ve do. how e\er, get inxide the heart and head ol' the mm ic"x epon) motix equine hero thankx to narration h_\ .\latt Damon icon\e_\ing Spirit‘x thoughtx) and xongx h} Br} an Adamx thix l‘eelingx). :\ho\ e all. Spirit. a wild muxtang |i\ ing in the Old \Vext. _\earnx to run li'ee until a laxxo landx him in the handx or the 1S carah'}. While xome \ iew erx w ill he rouxed h} Spirit'x quextioning ol. the [S lll}lll ol .\lanil'ext l)L‘xlllt}. otherx w ill he xtirred h} the qualit) ot' the animation. which xeamlexxl} integratex traditional hand- drawn animation with computer-generated imagex. ('ircuit ('inema. l,i\ingxton. Split Wide Open t 15) tl)e\ Bette-gal. India. 2002) A} exha Dharker. Rahul lime. l.aila Rouaxx. l00min. Set it) modern day liomha}. S/ill'l Hit/e ()pen pitx thoxe localx who hax e emhraced the modern world ~ mohile phonex. l'laxlt carx - againxt the impo\ erixhcd xti'eet urchinx. l‘ilmhouxe. lidinhurgh.

Spy Kids 2 - The Island of Lost Dreams tt') 0.. tRohct'to Rodi‘igtieI. IS. 2002) New Vega. l);ll'}l Sahara. Rohci'to Rodriguex. (’arla (itigino. .\lin thc. Taller and conxidei'ahl} more tenacioux. (‘armen and Juni (‘orte/ are feeling prett} damn contident alter xa\ ing their xupcr xp) parentx l'rom peril in the tirxt inxtalment ol' what will undouhtedl} hecome a lamil} adwnturc xericx. .\'ow xer\ ing in an all new Sp} Kidx xuh—di\ ixion ol' the ()SS organixation. the pluck} prepulwxcentx are all xet lor their lirxt xolo mixxiott to dixco\er the ont ixland ol\i\i where the} muxt locate and dextro} a 'l‘ranxmoolter de\ ice capahle ol‘ xhutting down all eleelt'ieit} on earth. Although thix xequel doex not. could not match the originalit) ol' S/n' Kit/x. it'x xllll great fun It) watch. (ieneral relcaxe.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (Hi) .0 t( ieorge l.ltcax. l'S. 2002) Natalie l’ot'tlttan. lla}den ('hrixtenxen. liwan .\1c(iregor.

'Last Wednesday on the radio we ended up having the Livingston chairman Dominic Keane sin ing his favourite Ivis Presley song!

Tam Cowan, see Comedy, page 65.