FOLK KATE RUSBY Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, 20 Aug coco

Gomez: odd that a group of boys looking like they’ve just taken their Highers should make the music of geriatric Delta bluesmen, pining for ‘Tijuana ladies’ rather than Kylie’s arse. So too Kate Rusby, 28 and waif- like, nattering about ‘me ‘ouse back in Barnsley’, then stepping up to the mic to sing like an angel about dark places way beyond her years.

Lost love, murder, infidelity: all the folk staples are here. While Rusby promises us that the set will be an upward curve from ‘songs about death, to the happy stuff’, one of the last songs played is by notorious misanthropist Richard Thompson: ‘Withered and Died’. Happy stuff indeed.

The banter between songs (think a young Victoria Wood, but from Yorkshire. And funny) is in startling contrast to Rusby’s pure, yearning vocals and the driven music of her excellent five-piece band. The audience is totally drawn in by her wit, warmth and intensity, and by the end are all

but ready for a group hug.

Anyone left wondering what relevance songs about melancholy 18th century sheep-stealers and the like could have for a young woman in the noughties, it’s because melancholy is a feeling and, as Rusby says, we all

It’s never grim oop north



Barfly, Glasgow, 29 Aug 0000 Funhouse is a new live musioclub night promising a whole load 0' soul and a touch of out And to be honest they're not far off the mark.

First band of the night the Needles are loud and proud with a taggy- edged set of rock Wllll a nod and a Wink towards punk and a tiny hint of rockabilly. The punk theme continues with the Grease Monkeys. who have a rough mix of punk and rock but lack a little attitude. Technical hiccups didn't help but the excess guitar riffage more than made up for it. This continued for the headliners and the best band of the night the Wednesdays who despite the loss of a mic still managed to give a kick ass

Don’t be a Stooge, get to Funhouse

set with full on pounding fast ‘as-fuck rock. Three brothers all the way from Alabama who definitely know how to do it properly. even on a Thursday. (Jane Hamiltoni



Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Mon 2 Sep coco.

After 109:3 days and 109:3 nights in the ‘album niaking' wilderness Suede have rolled back that big rock from in front of the recording studio tomb and on the third year have risen to produce a do/en new puckered~pop hymns. This is really Suede's third ior fourthi coming of their chequered career and if any evidence is needed that they are glad to be back then look no further than Brett Anderson. His arse slapping pretensions have been buried alongside Bernard Butler's guitar solos. replaced with Meatloaf's love child guitar genius and an arms flailing maniac singer, grinning from ear to ear and doing pull ups off of the Liquid Room lighting rig.

The new material has a generally celebratory tone so when. packed in beside "Metal Mickey”. ‘She'. 'The Power'. 'Trash'. 'Beautiful Ones' and a sublime reading of My Insatiable One”. this is an adrenalised greatest hits set with the focus on 'great'.

An intimate show like this may be preaching to the converted but it‘s still a

New wave of nu-buck

still have those. (Richard Rees) near perfect sermon. ilvlark Robertsoni Ticket information: Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Glasgow: Virgin li..<;'ia'ia'“ (Batteries. 1-3.”)? $101) - Credit card bookings from: Ticket l iiik: 28/ 53:31 ‘: 8’. \.r"v.’a‘, Ahead: 31%) Edinburgh: Virgin Princes Street. Wt: 912%.: - Ripping Records Soith Bridge. 21/“) [(Etc - Way Ahead (31-11 31:39 80:53:;

I Terry Callier liquid Room. lidiiihurgli. 34 Sup.

I The Parkinsons King lul's. (ilaxgmv 26 Scp.

I Raging Speedhorn (iaragc. (ilaxgoxv 33 Scp.

I McAlmont and Butler ()Ml'. (ilaxgmv 3() Sup.

I The Divine Comedy and Ben Folds Harrou land. (ilztxgtm. l ()Cl.

* Jetplane Landing (Hilltouw. (ilaxgoxv I ()ct.

I The Coral (iai'agc. (ilaxgoxv 3 Out.

I Sigur Ros ()uccn'x llall. lidinhui‘gh. .3 ()ct.

I Cinematic Orchestra

liquid Room. lidiiihurgli. 3 Out.

I The Shining (iai'agc. (ilaxgim. 3 ()ct.

I Coldplay and ldlewild Sli('('. (ilaxgmv 4 ()cl.

I The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (iai'agc. (ilaxgou. 4 ()L‘l.

* Jerry Cantrell (illl'tlfJL‘. (ilitsgim. .5 ()L‘l.

I The Pretty Things

liquid Room. lidiiihurgli. (i (M.

I Dio llai'i'ou land. (ilaxgoiv 7 SUP.

46 THE LIST 7', :‘w, ."

I Lost Prophets

llai‘rou land. (ilaxgmv 3 Out. I Capdown liquid Room. lidiiihurgli. X Scp; (‘alliotixtx (ilttxgou. ‘) SUP.

I Death in Vegas (‘).\tl'. (ilaxgoxv II Oct.

I Vex Red liquid Room. lidiiihiirgh. ll ()Cl.

I Beth Orton l{o_\;il (‘onccrt lltill. (il;l\:_'o\v l4 ()L'l.

* Motorhead tllltl Anthrax Barron laud. (ilaxgmv l-l ()cl. I A-ha ('l_\dc AlltllltH'ltllll. (ilaxgou. l5 ()ct.

* Soft Cell llal‘t‘ou land. (ilttxgim. l5 ()Cl.

I Supergrass llal't‘ou'land. (ilaxgou. l7 ()cl.

I Paul Weller lil'dL‘llL‘tltl Art'na. (ilaxgoxv lo l7 ()ct.

* The Polyphonic Spree liquid Room. lidiiihui'gli. l3 ()L‘l.

I JJ72 llari'ou laud. (ilaxgou. l 3 ( )L‘l.

I John Martyn liquid Room. lidiiihui'gli. 18 (kt: chlimx l‘ci‘r}. (ilaxgoiv 3() “Cl.

I Kathryn Williams liquid

Room. lidiiihurgli. If) ()t‘l.

I Soil liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 30 ()ct.

I Kosheen (‘).\lt'. (ilaxgou. 3() Out.

I Robert Plant Barron land. (ilaxgou. 3.3 ()cl.

I Alicia Keys ('l}dc Auditorium. (ilaxgou. 25 ()ct. S()l.l) ()l'l~

* The Vines Burro“ land. (ilaxgmv 37 ()cl.

I Toploader (‘in Hall. \ltllllL‘l‘“ C”. 27 (kt: Bai'rouland. (ilasgou. 3| Out. I Jon Spencer Blues Explosion liquid Room. lidiiihui‘gh. 27 (M.

I The Electric Soft Parade ()Xtt'. (ilil\gtt\\. 28 (lot.

I Fugazi Barron land. (iltixgim. 3‘) ()L'l.

I Suede Burro“ land. (ilaxgoiv 3() ()ct.

I Hundred Reasons llai'roulaiid. (ilaxgoxv l Nov I Papa Roach Sli(‘(‘. (ilasgou. 3 Nov

I Girls Against Boys King llll'x. (ilaxgou. ‘) Nov

I Underworld llai'i'ou land. (iltlsgou. l-l ()L'l.

I Fishbone (iai'agc. (iltlsgim. l5 Nov

I The Stranglers ()fxlt‘. (ilasgoiv lo Nov

I Doves Barron land. (ilaxgou. l‘) Nov

I Alice Cooper (‘l_\dc Auditorium. (ilaxgoiv 32 Nov I Badly Drawn Boy llai‘i'ou land. (ilaxgou. 33 Nov I Ryan Adams l\llct' llall. lidinhui'gli. 2-1 Nov

* Richard Ashcroft Bai'i'ouland. (ilaxgoiv 3-1 Nm; ('oi'n li\cliangc. lidinhui'gli. 25 Nov

* Foo Fighters Sli(‘('. (ilaxgou. 35 Nov

I Dolly Parton ('l_\'dc .-\iiditoriuiii. (ilasgou. 3t» 27 Nov

I Moby Sli('('. (ilaxgou, 3() Nov

* The Streets llai'i'im land. (ilaxgoxv l DL‘C.

I Stereo MCs Barron land. (ililsgon. 2 l)L'C.

I David Gray Sl-1(‘(‘. (ilaxgoxv 2 S()l.l) ()l'l & 3 l)L‘L'.

I Shed Seven Barrimland.

(ilaxgmv .3 l )L‘L’.

I Manic Street Preachers Sli('(‘. (ilaxgoxv 4 Du:

I Spunge (‘).\tl'. (illhgtnv 5 “CC.

I Blondie .ind INXS Brachcad Arcna. (iltlxgtnv 5 “CC.

I Beverley Knight

Burro“ land. (ilaxgmv 5 Hm: I Teenage Fanclub liquid Room. lidinhurgh. (i Dcc; llarrou land. (ilaxgoxv N Dcc. I Groove Armada

Barron land. (ilasgmv b Dec. I Jools Holland (tide Auditorium. (ilaxgmv 6 Hum I Elton John Sl-L('(‘. (ilaxgou. T N l)L‘L‘.

I Magnum liquid Room. lidiiihui'gli. ll lh‘t‘.

I Madness Sli(‘(‘. (ilthgtiu. l5 l)L‘L'.

* Primal Scream (‘oni liu‘liangc. lidiiihui‘gli. lo Doc: Barrouland. (ilaxgoiv l7 lk‘c. I The Almighty (iai‘agc. (ilaxgow. ll Doc.

* The Music llai'rouland. (ilasgoiv l2 Jan.

I Sophie Ellis Bextor ('|_\dt‘ :\lltllltll'llllll. (ilaxgmv IN .laii.