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NEW CLUB COMEDY COOP O’Neill’s, Glasgow, Sun 8 Sep

'We always try to befriend our audiences off-stage.‘ says Darren Henwood. 'And going out and drinking heavin after a show generally does it.‘

Alcoholic carrot dangled. but the Comedy Coop compere knows it'll take more than boozin schmoozed bribery to make his new weekly stand—up night successful. With time being called on several fledgling comedy nights in Glasgow's Merchant City over the last couple of years. Just what can he and six fellow comics hatch in O'Neill's pub to make this one fly? ‘Flyering doesn't work.‘ he says. 'Big expensive. extravagant stunts featuring special effects and naked dancing girls is the only way I've found to guarantee an audience each week. Well. that and putting on the best comedy show for the best value. wrth the best atmOSphere in the best city. with the possibility of meeting George Best.‘

A bold boast. especially given the implication of Witnessing Bestie guaff his last. but like Georgie's organs. the Coop can be replaced if one of them suffers a breakdown. and it's their flexibility and sheer number that makes Henwood. James Campbell. Dave Heffron. Edd Hammill. Jamie Mackenzie. Neil McFarlane and Nick Gray. an inspiration to comedy

promoters and grocer collectives everywhere.

‘We all have different roles.‘ says Campbell. This ranges from running the website. taking money on the door (just $24. £3 concessions) and performing in his own ‘flirting wrth the manager' shift. letting punters see ‘acts do what they want. as opposed to cow-towing to

constraints applied by more commercial comedy clubs'.

‘If O'Neill's works out. well have the resources in place to branch out and build our own little comedy empire.’ adds the power-hungry Heffron. Opening night DrOll‘lSGS The Live Floor Show's Reverend Obediah Steppenwolfe Ill. alongsrde BBC Comedy Awards' runner-

up Des Clarke. so why not support the glorious revolution? (Jay Richardson)

Craic @ the Sac (‘ul de Sac Southside/Attic. 1 179 Pollokshaws Road. 649 1819/649 4717. 8pm. £4. Bit-part star of‘ High Heels and Low Lifes Junior Sitnpson headlittes. Alan Anderson comperes and the Southside Sottl Assassins mart the decks.

The Comedy Coop O‘Neill‘s. Bell Street. 8.30pm. £4 (£3). New weekly comedy ttight compered by Jamie McKenzie and Darren Henwood. The first night sees the Reverend ()badiah Steppenwolf‘e 111 offer up his irreverent homily. with support from Beat 106


presenter Des (‘larke attd Bearsden posh bloke Neil Mcl-‘arlane. See preview. Michael Redmond’s Sunday Service The Stand. 333 \Voodlands Road. 0870 600 6055. 8.30pm. £4 (£3). More sabbath day preaching from Michael Redmond and his guests Shappi Khorsandi. Brendan Moohatt and a host ()1 Velvet Virgins".


Whose Lunch is it Anyway? The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 1pm. Free. Freestyle l'unniness and hangover-

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66 THE LIST 15-13} Sop 2002

banishing antics from resident duo Pattl (iraham and Stuart Mttrphy.

Sunday Safari The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8.30pm. £4 (£2). Allan Miller leads another comedy expedition with gttests Jolttt Him and (‘harlie Ross.

Monday 9


Red Raw The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8.30pm. £1. Around eigltt newcomers take their first steps on the cotnedy road. shcphct‘dcd by host Teddy attd headliner Kirsty Moss.

Tuesday 1 0


OOT: Out on Tuesday The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £6 (£5). (lay-friendly cabaret with host ('raig 11111 and featuring l'rsula Martinez. Sttt & Pattl and gamesmistrcss Jill Peacock.

Wednesday 1 1


OOT in Glasgow The Stand. 33.3 Woodlands Road. (1871) 6111) (i055. 8.30pm. £6 (£5). (‘raig Ilill oversees another night of camp shenanigans featuring musical comedian l'rsttla Martinez. Sttt & Pattl and gamesmistress Jill Peacock.


Gala Benefit Night The Stand. 5 ’ork Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £6 (£4).

Scotland's comedy stars turn ottt in aid

of Maggie's (‘enlre.


Tam Cowan Live King‘s Theatre. 297 Bath Street. 287 5511. 7.30pm. £7.50 £15.50. Prepare 1‘ora night of topical jokes. rip-roaring interviews attd interrogation as Tam joins Jonathan Watson as they poke fun at the key movers and shakers of the l'ootic world. ittclttding Martin ()‘Neill attd Dick Advocaat. See preview.

Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleurs. 1'(i(' Bttildittg. Rent‘rew Street. (1870 787 0707. 7.30pm. £6. JoJo Smith. Brendatt l.ovcgrove. Smug Roberts and Pattl Thorne.

The Stand The Stand. 33.3 Woodlands Road. 08706006055. 8.30pm. £5 (£4). Adrian Poynton. Teddy. Tango man Ricky (‘allan and host Raymond Mearns.

Edinburgh The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place.


ramblings from the Reverend

558 7272. 9pm. £5 (£4). Bttndle 01100 Steve Harris tops a bill which includes John McBride. Kirsty Moss and host Bruce Devlin.


Tam Cowan Live King‘s Theatre. 297 Bath Street. 287 551 1. 7.30pm. £7.50 £15.50. See Thu 12.

Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleurs. 1'(}(‘ Building. Renl’rew Street. 0870 787 0707. 7.30pm. £12. See Thu 12.

The Stand The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. 08706006055. 9pm. £7. Ireland’s musical madman Joe Rooney pttrveys tnore melodic mayhem. Support comes from Steve Harris. John Ross and compct'e Jane Mackay.


The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £7. Burly Australian comedian ('olin (‘ole delivers his last and furious set. Hostess with the mostess Sttsan Morrison also introduces Adrian Poynton and Teddy.

East Kilbride

Bob Doolally: The World Cup is Not Enough liast Kilbride Arts (‘entrc. ()1d(‘oach Road. 01355 261000. 8pm. £7 (£5). The former football manager tttrncd vodka-soaked comtnentator tackles ottr obsession with the beautiful game.

Saturday 1 4


Tam Cowan Live King‘s Theatre. 297 Bath Street. 287 5511. 7.30pm. £7.50 £15.50. See Thu 12. Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleurs. l'(i(‘ Building. Renl'rew Street. 0870787 ()707. 7.30pm. £12. See Thu 12.

Phil Kay King Tut’s \Vah Walt llttt. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm. £8. Scotland's tree-form comedy maestro takes you on a surreal

journey ittto his unpredictable


The Stand The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. 0870 600 (1055. 9pm. £8. See Fri 13 only with comperc Susan Morrison. Madcap Comedy Club State Bar. 148 Holland Street. 883 2334. 9.30pm. £5 (£4). Sec Sat 7.


The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £8. Sec liri 13 only with compere Jane Mackay.