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Music biz comes to Glasgow

Alan McGee backs industry conference. Words: Fred Roberts

lasgow rs to nest the frrst UK New Music COHVOHIIOH and f estryal.

Mus/cil/or'ks. Between 3‘. October and 2) November the great and the

good from all areas of the industry \'."ifi meet o take part I't a series of sernrnars and t'xorkshops covering a wrde spectrum of issues. Keynote speake's Will include (‘zor‘don Montgorne'y founder of fopp Records \.'\.«'hose low priced. hrgh duality formula has led to forrnrdable success rn the Independent sector. l’aul llrtchrnan from playloutlercom. new rnedra manager of i Mi /\f‘(t\ Melchior and Jeremy Silver from Szbearus Soft\.'.'are. who wrl' form the focus of a debate on new technology.

lynne Ramsay » director of ’r'Vr'o/vern (Ia/Iar wr.| oe rornrng deegates to discuss the role of mtrsac |.'l the f'lm which opened the t drnbur‘gh Internationa' Hm l estrval and is due to be released t November.

But rt's not Just for the estabrrshed figures. ew talent srgr‘eo and tt'tsrgn 2:: Will be showcased from rock. pop. dance. R&B to nrp hop. and wr’ g2\.e tt‘er“ the chance to Impress the alt powerful record companres.

Founder of Cf’CitIKYl Records Alan McGee. whose instant srgnng o‘ Oasis after hearing Just four songs one legendary night rn King lut's. has endorsed the conventron. "Scotland's mcsrc rndustn, has been reaching out beyond :ts borders for many years' sard the Poptones owner: '/\nd rt is < nl; rrgl". that rndustry practrtroners from across the UK and further afield should “(1%? an opportunity to experrence some of the duality acts. rndrxrduars and cornpa'tres that are based here on therr own ground'

To find out more go to website www.musicworks.uk.com

List writers triumph in festival Top awards to music contributors. Words: Mark Fisher

wo writers for [he / rst's musrc pages

had their work celebrated rn major

awards durrng the recent l drnburgh festival. Section ed:tor Mark Robertson fought off strff competition and romped home wrth the- Allen Wright Award. an annual mm for outstanding arts Journalrsm and crrtrcrsm from a young writer.

And classical rnusrc contributor ()ar'ol Marn , I. »- .v

was awarded a llerald Archangel for her long i i . term work as organiser of the National E

Robertson: salacious energy

Association of Youth ()rchestras' programme

on the l rrnge.

Robertson's wrnnrng entry was a revlev.’ of Jerry Sprrnger: [he Opera which was praised by one rudge. the rournalrst and broadcaster Simon l anshawe. ‘or its ‘cascades of des(:rrptror‘.s'. 'l le managed to explain a show bloated w tl‘ actron whrle also rnanagrng to conve\ its atmosphere of cultural madn ms and salacrous energy.' said l anshawe.

l’resentrng the award. fellow Judge and Scots/nan crrtrc \Joyce McMillan sard that the decision of the panel had been unanimous and praised the re\.'re‘.'.' for its crt ss cultural references. Robertson received S‘l()t)() and a commemoratu.e award. havrng beaten off competition from L 8 entries. Joining him on the shortlist of ten w; 5; r'lre / rs."s comedy editor Maureen f lirs.

()arol Marn's award was one of only two Archangels given over the festxal b\ [be Hera/(l. She established the l (:-st»\.'aI of l3rrt:sh Youth ()rc'testras in 1.980.

introducing a host of new performers and (tl‘.'.’{t‘yf; staying on budget.




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