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25 December. 4 July. 1 April. Dates that have one meaning in the western psyche. But none has the resonance that 1 1 September now has. And yet, other things have happened on that day. Strange, silly, unfortunate, things . . .

GRAHAM McKENZIE, director of the CCAin Glasgow, chooses his five favourite jazz clubs.


1 New Morning, Paris I saw Archie Shepp there in the 70s. He played the whole gig lying on his back screaming through the mouthpiece of his saxophone. Ah, I thought. so that’s jazz.

1 1 'L'LIHL’XJM\

Z000 Baa/e Izzara’ yen We EmmVs In LA for érs 50,0

2 Tonic, New York John Zorns 5604, Dress To Km.

club on the Lower East Side. Here

the music is ‘curated’ by the likes of ,aa Kama“ ST/rrS r, [YT n Mp //bb n S A: Derek Bailey, Sonic Youth and even ' ‘3 V v “‘ 43v 0 v «M Ir (4 e 20m himse'f' B/u Crmfcn and Man/ca ev/nszV appearea’ on Me rnrernei.

' €464 \/ p ‘0 3 Bimhuis’ Amsterdam Home_ a rear Bremner marr/ea’ 7 essa Campben Fraser.

from-home for the likes of Misha «Go-7 355.34,“: Votes :0], (TS (Mn pan/amgnfl an 5V3”? \ x ' Mengleberg and Han Bennik. Has a _ . H distinctive aroma. Catch it before it MAR/,4 even xnsp/res a new pub/sang Company, “:67: ,v

moves in two years' time. Shame.

'“Lr Spam/N, Fran< Ceraer store a Cessna .xcnéf aerrafr se

47,” H" 59°" "°‘" Y°"" 0'" xn Bax/more ana’ iée nexr a’aV armea for Me Wérie lieu , so l ve never actually been there, but

We heard the audience talk their en,V To crasé on Tée am and 4,, A/MSfre—A.

way through many a classic Monk

recording. “’02 KeseV Grammer marrrea Lercqé-Anne Csuéanw . . . . . s eozm, Fras/er re/ucer D/l/r/ An 4e. as on F,/ %r 5 Einstein, Munich The thinking p p T _ " C 4 3’

man's jazz club. " my craséea’ rnfe Wena’ fraa’e Centre,

PETER DARNBOROUGH, seminar and showcase co- ordinator for MusicWorks, chooses five examples of music working.

3V3HTU4HV ,eaa/n (genera Prnogéer.

N/a/Ta (ruseée/ ma e: a near.

83 SA ( 3‘

“1.7 Harry Conn/(,4 Jr born. 1 Harry Neilson’s ‘Everybody’s "‘15 MobV born, Talkin” The theme from Midnight _ _ Cowboy and the most haunting lead @100 Nana Sl’mfrfl mar/"’54! 19mm» Sana/5-

wind instrument solo since the sax in Mr Magic by Grover Washington.

"‘42" FarrV Arbueae .«as arresrea for Me 2 The theme from Six Feet A A best shows on televnsuon. the theme ,wa T43 peasrchw as ("V4455 Honduras.

is cracking. Composed by Thomas Newman who Created the

, ""7 Ferarnana Marees ber soundtrack for American Beauty.


3 AC/Dc live The best live band. Ever

4 House of the Dead 2 I couldn't hum the tunes, but there is a great soundtrack to me blasting chunks out of marauding zombies.

835 DH Lawrence born. 1W T4: ‘3me Com,C-;é4ragrer T/mep/ece vas

parenrea’ bV Me WaferburV 6,054 CempanV : Duo Vears

,r'fer Me same CampanV preauCea’ Me «ArrST /' o\/ o /‘ 5 Halifax Building Society Its M'V" Mays“ MU” holding music (an instrumental version of Shaggy's ‘Angel'l shows how music doesn't work. Offensive to the ear, tackier than Blackpool.





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6 THE LIST :3 19 Sol; 200?