Regular weekly clubs plus one off events are listed by city, then by day, then alphabetical by title. Clubs will be listed, provided that up to date details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Lack of information may result in clubs being omitted. Edinburgh club listings compiled by Henry Northmore.

Edinburgh Thursdays


I Ballistic at ('it_\ ('al'e. 0pm 3am. l'ii‘ec. 12 Sep. 1-‘ortiiightly. Dangerously bass hea\_\ lunk and solid tunes l'i'oin Belise :tlltl \Vl'L‘L‘kafJL‘ lllooglc‘ \ltt' I)_\nainoi.

I Bar Union at Bar l'nion. 0pm 3am. l‘rce. Weekly. I’arty people iii tlia house say ‘laii" as Scratch 1).! 1y lcy iiii\es tip the hip Iiop madness.

I Immersed in Music at 1’i\o (‘alle 0pm 3am. l‘i'ee. Weekly. .\ new 1)] schedule secs rotational residents Smokey and the Bandit. Silser Storik. ('i'aig (ice and Bean} warm up tor the weekend \\ ith dixerse takes on the l'unky house model.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal lounge. noon 9pm. l’i'ee.\\eek1_\. (ilohal iax/ grooyes and soul with Bob (‘aii'n \silll 1)a\a Illeadspini taking met the “heels ()1? \IL‘L‘l .11 Spill.

I Suede at .\1adogs. 10pm 3am. l’rce. \Vcckl}. Ice ‘(tn'ly‘ l)a\ id takes its back to the heady day s ol SttidioS-l \\l111;t 1111\01 disco. lniik. soul and Rth.

I Yo! Below at Yo? Bcloss. ‘lpm lam. l'i'ec. Weekly 'l'lie sushi sly 1e bar gets Itinked ll[)1.;lllll |a// and \\ot'ltl music li'oiii 1).] [cl

Club I CC Blooms at (‘(' Blooms. 10.30pm 3am. I‘rec. \\cck1_\. ‘1 rip the light Ianlaslic to Hi \1\’(i dance action at this escr-populai‘ gay bar. I Fusion at l’o Na Na. 10pm iani. £3. 12 Sep. Weekly te\ccpt lledlln\ dates. see heloys l. 1)] Mark B iStndio (ii'aiidi plays \ iiin gems 111 the realms o1 house. hip hop. lunk and soul. I Hedflux at l’o \a \a. Illpiii .iillll. £5. 5 Sep. Iledlln\ is back \\1111 a \engeancc in its neys montth loi'iii. eclectic heats \s itli a touch ol style Ironi special guest .\Ir 'l'hiiig. loi‘iiiei I'ls' 1).\I(' mising champ. and \sidely

acknms lcdged as one ol the \soi‘ld‘s f_‘l'L‘;IlC\1 \cl'ulc'll 1).ls.

I Nexus at Studio 31 IIpiii 3am. £1.50. 12 Sep. I‘ortniglitly .\ next night that 1111\L‘\ the best o1 rock. metal. industrial and goth \s itli a touch o1 cheese. l't'oiii your hosts Smelly. Kyiion. Ba/ and Ross. lwr l/ll\ i/ii/i' u/i/\ 31 /.isl' (‘un/ lin/i/w's 21'] [no Inr Illl' [Ir/'1 (' u/

I Obscene at In Belle .\ngclc. 10.30pm Sam. ‘5 heliu'c 11pm: to alter. 30 Sep. Monthly. 1)i'iim & hass that’s scratched tip. Itinked up and totally c\ 11 li‘oiii special guest 1)y laii tRencgade llai'dysai‘ci one ol the l'ls‘s baddest producers and l).ls. \\ itIi suppoit lroiii Morphy. the ()hsccnc residents cit-\s and lllL' SL‘Hllltlltl Yttl'tl _\1( is l)l(lll1\1ll1‘k' donated to the 1)|:(‘ Sontliciii .\li'icaii l'aiiiiiie ('risis.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal I onngc. 0pm 5am. U. Weekly. 1‘I'll\ 1)a Viking \\ itli his blues and soul lollinscd by Stcyit-(i \\Illlll|11t‘lt'\\ \ocal lionsc. disco and party tunes.

I Opium at ()piniii, Ill, illpiii iani. l't‘cc. \Vcckly Rock. 1111 metal and altci‘nalise/iiidie,

I Snatch at the I 1t|111t1 Room.

10. illpin iaiii, t. ‘50 I ".‘.*III. Weekly. .\ Iillh li\.itcd lniiky tl|\\tt\'1IIIl cabaret. coitiically coiiipcicd Iiy \li llaiiy \insysoi'lli i111l1t1t'\ k manipulated III a


II ()1 IN() HOUSE- DARREN EMERSON Do This Do That, the Honeycomb, Edinburgh, Sat 7 Sep

Darren Emerson sounds like a man who needs a break. In fact, he sounds like a man making a Monday morning sicknote-call to his boss. ‘I’ve got to get rid of this cold,’ he says. ‘l’ve had it since Ibiza. You do all this travelling, you’re on and off planes, being with all these people. It’s not surprising you pick up stuff. It’s not


He has reason to be knackered. This summer, the ex-Underworld star has run the Subliminal Sessions Underwater at lbizan club Pacha, remixed Nellee Hooper, released the Underwater: Episode One mix album with Tim Deluxe, DJed around the globe and worked on his own material with Edinburgh DJ Jo Malik.

‘l’m in no rush to get it out,’ he says. ‘I’m following my nose, feeling my way around. It’s not really danceable, a few of the tunes are a bit techy, but I won’t be playing any out at clubs. I’m holding back until it sounds really good. Jo was on Gilles Peterson’s show and he played a rough cut of one of the tracks and it was like “Christ,

don’t play that yet!”’

Despite the flu, and having to cope with his young daughter, Emerson is amiable throughout the interview. Indeed, the closest he comes to being grumpy is when discussing Underworld, the band he left in 2000. ‘The new single’s called ‘Two Months Off’, isn’t it? Yeah, I’ve been playing that, I like it. But it is a bit of 8 dated techno sound. They haven’t moved it on that much.’

This will be Emerson’s first visit to Do This Do That in Edinburgh, although he’s played a number of times at the club’s original Dundee incarnation and was in Ibiza with promoters Neil Anthony and Emma Craythorne this summer. The club recently picked up a nomination as best small club in Muzik Magazine’s annual awards. He’ll be looking to take advantage of the atmosphere. ‘I guess I play broadly tech-house but I’m not scared to play a progressive house track if I think it’s good. I play very groovy stuff. I like a real groove so you’re able to

move your arse.’ (James Smart)

cod look and hip hop stylee by Babes. Biggie atid Spanky.

I Sub Machine at the Bongo (‘lub 10.30pm 3am. £5101). 5 Sep only. 1“ Ned breaks l’i'om the deep in aid of ()\l;llll.

Chart & Party

I Clubstars 2 at Subysay West lind. “pin 3am. £3 (£1 I. \Veck’l). Your chance lo \\111 a ride in the Subuay limo (bubbly inclndedt at this kitsch karaoke challenge.

I Flipside at Why Noll 1 1pm 3am. I'i'cc. Weekly. .\ night ol' harmless gatiihling l’iin gamble on drinks. music and esen cloakroom space. You cotild make it a tree night ottt il' you play your cards right.

I Old Skool Disco at Reyolution. 10.30pm Rant. {-1 (Lil. Weekly. Retro house night hosted by 1)] Tom Wilson. I Relax at l’eppei'ittinl Lounge.

1 1pm 3am. £2. Weekly. All the hits from the 80s and plenty of drinks promos to wash it down with.

I The Subway at Subway. 9pm 3am. Free before 1 1pm: £3 (£1 ) alter. Weekly. Practically a ('owgate institution of commercial dance and chart hits with the odd indie classic.

I Tease at Babylon. l()pm 3am. the. Weekly. Incorporating Student Pop Idol your chance to win £1000.

Edinburgh Fridays


I Ad Lib at the Wash. 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. The best in Latin. soul. funk and on jazz. from the ever reliable Ali Campbell. Smoking.

I Bar Union at Bar l‘nion. 9pm 3am. I’ree. Weekly. Nicola Iloey fires up the Friday {risking with a pre-elub session featuring pop house and disco classics.

I Bass:Trap Sessions at Bani Bott. 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. Wise Manga master (i-Mac hosts his weekly lix o1 hand-picked narcotic breaks and beats. including all the latest hip hop. Z-step breaks. R&B and drum & bass.

I Centro at ('ity ('al‘e. 0pm 1am. I-‘ree. o Sep. l‘tH'lilglill). (iai‘eth Sommeryille (l'Itragrooye) takes care of the soulful house action at this schinooye pre-club session.

I DJ Kid at (‘ity ('al‘e. 0pm 1am. Free. 13 Sep. Fortnightly. (Set in the mood with the drum & bass .sty lings ol‘ 1)] Kid (one o1 Manga‘s main men). Quality.

I Guaranteed Pure at Maitogs. Midnight 3am. Free. Weekly. Amanda Lyon and Steye Wilson pc‘l'lol'lll Iiye renditions of classic tunes.

I Immersed in Music at l’i\o ('al‘l'e. 9pm 3am. liree. Weekly. The award-winning ('Iech theme bar