Lyn Lowenstein’s project, Luxury Apartments


Food, posters, movies and painting. Just another day artistic life of Edinburgh’s

Dumbiedykes. Words: Paul Dale

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artist Lyn Lowenstein just finishing up her work.

The story so far is this. Edinburgh‘s most forward thinking gallery. the Collective. wanted to do an art project in a challenged community and Dumbiedykcs was the only inner city scheme left in a slowly gentrifying centre. Marr and others went down to the

estate and enlisted the help of

various locals. notably Andrew Wishart. a very active. positive local resident and a panel was set up to select four artists. liirst tip was Kirst Whitcn. ‘Kirsty was the one who was perhaps the most accessible.‘ says Marr. ‘She became the

court painter to the estate. if

you like. After the project she set tip an arts group for local kids that the South Bridge neighbourhood centre helped fund.‘

Stephen Skrynka was tip next. with his little red VW camper van-cuiii-restaurant and meeting place: ‘Stephen sees food as a social toy so he ptit out a call out for local recipes.‘ says Marr. ‘Then over ten weeks‘ worth of three-course lunches for anyone who got a ticket and wanted to meet other people. he made a film. At the end there was a huge banquet between llolyrood and Lochview Court. where he invited everyone who had been involved and then turned his camper van into a cinema by way of a set of bellows.’

It is perhaps l.yn Lowenstein‘s work that brought most political bearing to the project. Lowenstein explains her agenda: ‘l)umbiedykes seemed to be a place that only made the news

as a point of contrast. and as the estate becomes more and more stark the only thing they can offer people is a stock transfer. Under the guise of a reporter for the

humble Record. I talked to the locals about their affection and disaffection for the transfer. Those views ended tip as a web project where the transcripts

in the

have been transferred more or less unedited. The

other part is a banner that Andrew Wishart had saying “LUXURY APARTMENTS". which I liked because

it was akin to my own work. so I suggested we blow

it tip and hang it over the edge of the towerblock. The work for me is steeped in an understanding of the

if you like.‘

protest movement it is interventional performance

The final piece to this humane



News from the world of art

EDINBURGH’S COLLECTIVE Gallery has a temporary shop on its premises in the form of Shelf, a company set up by jewellery designer Katy Hackney and costume designer Jane Petrie offering modern retro merchandise. The stock includes Moomin mugs, Square Meal platters by A1 Products, San Francisco, limited edition screenprinted tiles, cushions, cards, place mats and Kim Jenkins’ plant containers and bags made from old vegetable sacks. For more information about Shelf, phone 020 7739 9444 or email

Shelf at the Collective Gallery (EC/\‘S ARTISTIIN-RESIDENCE Juha Huukkonen has been invited to Glasgow as part of the Network North visual arts programme coordinated by the Nordic Institute for Contemporary A". N” CA». logether ‘.'./|ill (Slasooy'. pased lorsten 'i auschmanii and Dublin based (‘irace \.'."(Z'|l'. the artists have been (:olialioiatmg to produce an ociine I'llO'éifle'Kf t)l'(),'(}Cl entitled |()"!(Z.lllli;{i.()lfj_ l ausch'nann has also "pee-c travelling around i urope Silt." ; solar~po'.'./ere('l :aptop 'naknto digital 'iiusic. entitled .‘Srer‘rier‘rzl’e. l og onto ‘.'.’.'.".'.'.!()’lltl,llli(3£i.()ltl THE SCOTTISH ARTS Council recently confirmed that the Creative Scotland Awards will be going ahead for 2003. Ten artists ‘with an established record’ will receive £30,000 each to develop new skills. Previous recipients have included Steven Campbell, Will Maclean and Roderick Buchanan. The awards have been criticised in the past and with some galleries receiving less than a CSA per annum in funding, it is felt that the

jigsaw puzzle comes from Mick money coma be put to better Peters and will be a text piece use,

involving stickers and removal AND j INN [y ['3FN[_[)H'1‘A boxes. made in collaboration with Iagiiahue of l MBI architects. “Will I'CSldcm Frill Vim HCl-‘ing- Harceloria has Joined the Judging With Lowenstein currently forging mm for gm iii/\s Award for links with colleges in order to Architecture ‘.'./lll(Ill Will decide launch an open design competition what is the “Best Building in

to redesign the area. we can only Scotland. laghabue together With hope that for the columnists of local rags at least. the Andrew Dooiaii. Professor Andy road to hell is paved on the back of good intentions. McMillan and Gordon Davies Wlll announce their decision at a presentation ceremony at the Point Hotel. l dinourgh on 9/ Septei'ilier

‘The work is steeped in an understanding of the protest movement’

shouldn’t have art.‘ The (‘ollective (ialleiys co-ordinator for the remarkable .S'r'lir'mr'ng project on the Dumbiedykes estate is talking about an editorial comment that appeared in The live/ring News" a few weeks ago. It declared the project a waste of public money (it was actually largely funded by a private investor Lloyds TSB). "l‘he residents of the estate have been as pragmatic as ever. saying that a full double page spread linking the words Dumbiedykes and art for L'l().()()() is actually pretty cheap.. laughs .Vlarr. She has seen the project through from inception to now. with the penultimate

For more information about the Scheming Project, contact the Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, on 0131 220 1260.

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