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In our regular column. a team of mystery artists give their thoughts on the current art scene.


With every broom cupboard and derelict shop in Edinburgh turning into a festival venue in August. it was as hard as ever to find direction. let alone some of the venues. Once you fought your way through the crowds of name-badge coach parties and dodged your way through the constant flyer fire. yoo might have arrived intact. Only then would you find that the show had sold out before the festival had even started.

With the top performers in the best venues charging more than a Harvey Nicks espresso. it was almost impossible to schedule your life to see all the shows yOu wanted. Luckily. there was a venue showing some of the top performers in Britain and abroad and all for free. The venue was the lngleby Gallery and its festival exhibition, Abstraction (which ends on 7 September) is a display of abstract painting that any fan would pay to see.

The show puts a series of ancient artefacts alongside these paintings creating rather interesting associations. the linear qualities of these objects reflected in some of the works. There is an excellent cross- section of painting from process- based work such as that of Ian Davenport through to laborious COIOured grid works such as that of James Hugonin.

That said. it seems sad that they haven't used this as an opportunity for some of the lesser-known stars of the future to make their mark. With the festival becoming such a well- oiled machine and bigger names performing. we have to remember that the Fringe was an opportunity for unknowns to break through and get noticed. l just wish such a well-established gallery would take a risk and give the less established artists more of a voice.

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86 THE LIST '3 flu-~-

THOMAS KINKADE GALLERY Buchanan (iallet’ies. K4. Level 4. 332 8080. Mon~\\'ed. Iiri & Sat 9am bpm: Thu 9am 8pm; Sun I lam—5pm. Described as a ‘painter of Iight‘. a gallery dedicated to the American artist and devout (‘hristian Thomas Kinkade.


I I Mitchell Lane. 221 (i362. Mon. Wed. I‘ri & Sat l().3()am~5pm; Tue I lam 5pm; Thu 10.30am 5pm; Stilt noon 5pm. £2.50 (free). Price includes entry to all exhibitions.

Where the Heart Is t'ntil Sun 8 Sep (Review (iallery‘). An exhibition marking the end of a four-year project chronicling the regeneration of the Roy‘ston. one of (ilasgow‘s most neglected areas. The artist-led social project involved artists Toby Paterson and (iraham Iiagen. and two new parks have beeit created for the community to enjoy.

Our Glasgow l'ntil Sun 8 Sep (Young Designers Gallery). The results of a series of workshops which explored how people view (ilasgow through the medium of photography.

creativescotland t'ntil Mon 2 Dec (All circulation spaces). Throughout the year. the Lighthouse will be showcasing a changing display of the work of Scotland‘s creative entrepreneurs in advertising. architecture. fashion. design. film. video. music aitd digital media. The Big Issue Thu 5 Sep Sat 12 ()ct ((‘irculation Space). A collaborative project between the Lighthouse. The Big Issue and the (HA which examines the alternative to hostel life following a decision to close down all hostels iit line with government policy. NEW SHOW. mpf Thu 5 Sep Stm 3 Nov (Viewing Platform). An exhibition looking behind the much talked about mpf [missing presumed found]. a series of black books with the works ‘read me' on the cover which were left in places for people to find. NEW SHOW.

0 Evergreens and Nevergreens Sat 7 Sep Stilt 3 Nov. A major exhibition celebrating the work of Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen. widely acknowledged at one of the greatest influences on 20th century domestic design. (‘reated by the Danish I)esign ('entre in Copenhagen. the exhibition is conceived as an abstract rendition of Jacoben's labyrinthine garden in Soholttt. Klampenborg. Sec feature. NEW SHOW. Young Nordic Design: Generation X Sat I4 Sep Sun 2() Oct. The best design work from young designers and design groups from Denmark. I’inland. Iceland. Norway and Sweden featuring furniture. industrial. textile. graphic and fashion design. See Iieature. NEW SHOW. Fieldwork: Art and Architecture and Urban Regeneration Tue l7 Sep Sun l7 Nov (Review (iallery). A collaborative project involving artist Louise (‘rawford and architect Iait Alexander of McKeown Alexander which aims to generate debate about the role of art in regeneration schemes. with particular reference to the Merchant ('ity' and 'I’rongate. NFW SHOW.

Innovation Fund Thu If) Sep Mon 28 ()ct ((‘irculation Space). An exhibition highlighting the grants from the Innovation I-‘und created as part as the National Programme for Architecture

w hiclt awarded projects that enable Scotland's people to engage more w itlt the environment in which they live. NEW



Station Road. Milngavie. 578 3347.

Tue Sat Illam Ipm. 2 5pm.

Robert Lillie t'ntil Wed 2 ()ct. A tribtttc to the gallery 's founder Robert Lillie ( ISM l‘)4‘)) featuring a small selection of paintings. drawings and prints.

62 after 62 l'ntil Wed 2 ()ct. The I.iIIie Art (iallery celebrates its 4() year since opening in l‘)(i2 with an exhibition of (i2 artworks drawn from the permanent

collection including paintings. works on paper. sculpture and ceramics.


73 Robertson Street. Suite b. Floor l. 24S 37] I. Tue I‘ri noon 5pm or by- appointment.

Mary Redmond t'ntil lit 20 Sep. New work by Mary Redmond.


22I West (ieorge Street. 248 ()755.

Mon I’ri Illam 5.30pm; Sat Illam 2pm. Mixed Show t‘ntil Mon 30 Sep. A selection of Scottish watercolours and paintings.


3f» Washington Street. 22I 2I23. Mon liri

9am 5pm. I‘ree. (’af'e.

African Experience t'ntil Thu Rt ()ct. Portraits and landscapes of Africa by (‘athy Richmond and Kay Sey.


(3 Wilson Street. Merchant ('ity. 552 0702. Tue. Wed a I‘ri l lam ()pm'. Thu

lIam 7pm; Sat Illam (vpm'. Stm I 5pm. www.phoenix Collective Show I‘ntil Stilt S Sep. A mixed show of work by Scottish-based artists including paintings. photography and sculpture.


[hit 2. Merchant Square. 552 5(v27.

Tue Sat llam 5.30pm; Sun llatn 5pm. Tangle l'ntil Tue ll) Sep. New work by Julyan Rawlings. lASI CHANCF TO SEE.


(‘entrc I-‘or Developmental Arts. IS Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon Iiri Illam 5pm. Universal Print Show t-‘ri l.‘~ Scp l-‘ri IS ()ct. The 5th annual show of contemporary prints from national attd international studio artists. NLW Sf IOW.


IIS Douglas Street. 248 (xiSb. Mon I-‘ri Itlfillam 5pm; Sat Il)..‘~()am lpm. Ailsa Tanner t'ntil Sat 7 Sep. ()il paintings by the late Ailsa 'I’anner. Colourplay 3 Sat l4 Sat 3s Sep. I‘loralscapes. city scapes. sea and

landscapes by Sylvia Allen. NH"! SHOW.


o Burntield Road

(iiffnock. (v38 l2()(). Tue Iiri llam 5pm; Sat IIIam 5pm; Sun noon 5pm.

New Landscapes Thu 5 Sun l5 Sep. Landscape paintings by Alan Watson. Nicola Wakeling and Pat Kt'atnek. Mixed Exhibition Mon to Sep \v‘ed (v Nov. Affordable original paintings by gallery regulars including l.esley Banks. Peter Nardini. Sarah ('arrington. Blair Millen and (iraeme Sharp.


26 King Street. 552 2I5l. Tue Sat

Illam 5.30pm.

Kenny Bean t’ntil Sat l4 Sep. New wall-based work by Iidinburgh-based Kenny Beat) resulting from his residency at Street Level. Dissecting a number of domestic appliances. the components have been laid on photographic paper to produce a series of photograms. [ASI‘ CHANCF IO SFF.


42 “(ago Lane. 357 4524. Daily

ll.3tlam Illpm.

Fat Tuesday 'rhu 5 Mon 30 Sep. A series of photographs by (iill Millar tnade over the last few (ilasgow ('arnival parades. Nt W SI IOW.


25 Albert Drive. 422 2023. Tue Sat

noon Spin; Stin noon (rpm.

0 GreyscaIe/CMYK l'ntiI Stilt 20 ()ct. A major group show of work by artists frotn Scotland and the Nordic Regions featuring Ross Birrell. Martin Boy cc. Roddy Buchanan. Icelandic I,ove

Corporation. ('amilla l,ow. Ross Sinclair and many tnore. The show. made in collaboration with the Nordic Institute for ('ontemporary Art. encompasses drawing. painting. photography. film and video. Kim McKinney and Eoghan McTigue Thu l2 Sep. opm. Participating artists Kim McKinney and Iioghan Mc'l'iguc talk about their work.

What Will Become of Us? l'ntil Sun (1 ()ct. A two-person show of individual and collaborative works by (ilasgow -based artists Scott Myles and lied I’edcrscn. featuring photography. mixed media works and installations which explore titne. process and repetition.


23 King Street. 552 4SI3. Tue Sat

llam 5pm.

Goshka Macuga Sat 7 Sat is Sep. A solo show of new work by Polish artist (ioshka Macuga. Nt;\.v'.’ Si lt)‘."..

Nick Evans Sat 7 Sat 2S Sep. New work in the project room by (ilasgow- based artist Nick Iivans.


IS Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon I‘ri ItIam 5pm.

Reflections of Africa I‘ri l3 Sep I'TI IS ()ct. A solo show of paintings by Stella Kilgarifl lItl‘sl.


l I.5 \Vc‘st Regent Street. 22I ‘IIII‘I.

Mon Iiri II._‘s()am 5pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil Mon Bo Sep. A selection of paintings. drawings and sculpture.

WHERE THE MONKEY SLEEPS I32 “est Regent Street. 220 3400.

Mon Iiri 7am 7pm; Sat ltlam 7pm. Rest Sweet Nymphs t'niil Mott t) Sep. New work by Jenny lIogarth based around her response to six months classical singing lessons learning a loth century ballad.

Imogen Brown Iiri l3 Scp Tue 1 ()ct. Documentary style photographs by Imogen Brown.

Comfortany Dumb l~ri l3 Scp The 1 ()ct. Semi-abstract paintings by Robert McAdam.

Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Glasgow Life, page 94.


Argyle Street. KL‘I\tttgt‘()\ L‘. 237 20‘”). Mon Thu ix Sat ltiam 5pm; I-‘ri a Sun

I lam 5pm. ('afe. I-‘ree.

A Kelvingrove Centenary t'ntil Spring. A commemorative exhibition marking the centenary of the Art (iallery and Mtiseum. Kelv ingrove. The well- loved sandstone building houses one of the finest civic art collections in tiurope. featuring works by Botticelli. Rembrandt. \Vhistlet' and the (ilasgow Boy s and (iit‘ls. Endangered Wildlife t'ntil Spring 2003. An exhibition highlighting the endangered wildlife in Scotland.

Alive and Printing - the 3rd Decade t'ntil Sun I5 Sep. The (ilasgow Print Sllltlltt celebrates 50 years of printmaking with an exhibition of work including I‘iII/ill‘t‘lll Blackadder. I’v‘lL‘I' llow stilt. I)tt\ ltl \ltlL‘It. I’Ittllp Reeves. .Iohn Byrne and many others. There is also a programme of events including daily demonstrations of printmaking techniques. etching. relief printing and scrccnprinting.


The ('ross, Kirkintilloch. 57S (II44. Tue Sat lltam Iptn A 2 5pm. Hanging By a Thread t‘ntil Sat 28 Sep. An exhibition of work by local members of the Ktrktntilloch branch of the I{mbrotdcrer's (illIltI.