Facing the Light: David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson Until Sun 15 Sep. ()ver 3()() of Hill attd Adamson‘s tttost famous images drawn front tlte Scottish National Photography (‘ollection. lteld at the Portrait (iallery. The Perth-born artist and illustrator l)avid ()ctavius llill

t I803 l87()i attd Robert Adamsott

I l83l [848) were tlte lil'st to realise tlte artistic possibilities of pltotograplty and tlte exltibitiott features a number of original negatives tltat have been printed for the first lime. tASl ()l lANCE IO Sf t'. Scots in Film: Portraits by Donald MacLellan t’ntil Stm IR ()cl. Arotutd 3() works by leading portrait photographer. Donald Macl.ellan whose first exhibition Black Power was shown at tlte National Portrait (iallery in London iit [908. lior tltis exhibitiott. Maclcllan has turned ltis lens on Scottish film stars. snapping Robbie (’oltrane. Alan (’umttting. Tilda Switttoit. Billy Connolly. Robert ('arlyle. l)ougray Scott and many otlters. The Golfers by Charles Lees t'ntil Stilt 13 ()ct. Tlte most celebrated intage of Scotland‘s national sport. the recently acquired paittting by (‘harles l.ees. goes on display.

Statesman: Henry, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux 1778-1868 \Ved l8 Sep. l3.45pm. l-‘reelance lecturer Matthew \Vellard gives a talk.


l4 New Street. 558 7(r()4. Mon Sat llant (r.3()pm. l'ntil late on Bongo ('lub nights.

American Pride: Fish Eye Portraits from San Francisco 8. California Wallflowers Thu 5 Sun 33 Sep. Photographic portraits from San Francisco‘s gay pride attd Scottish slide projections by l.i/ Tainsh. le-W SHOW.


31 St Leonard's Lane. (r(r3 l(rl3. Mott Sat l()am 5pm; Sttn noon 4pm.

New Ideas and Old Traditions l'ntil Strn 8 Sep. A selling exhibition of furniture from three leadittg Scottish workshops aitd from Rajasthan iit North West lttdia.


75 7‘) ('umberland Street. 557 ND”. Mott l‘ri l()am (rpm; Sat l()am 4pm. Iona: View from the Edge Sat

7 Wed 35 Sep. .\'ew paintings by Saralt (’arrington. NH’.’ Si l()Vy’.

Jennie Hale Sat 7 Wed 35 Sep. New jewellery.

Jennifer Pettigrew Sat 7 Wed 35 Sep. New paintings.


l7 1‘) Barclay Place. 477 3933. Tue Sat llam (rpitt.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of paintings including reproduction art Van (ioglt. l)a|i. Monet. Kandinsky. .Miro originals attd work by tip-and-coming local artists.

PATRIOTHALL GALLERY (WASPS) Palriolltall Studios, off 48 llarniltott Place. 335 I389. l)aily

noon (rpm.

Self Portrait Sat 7 Wed l | Sep. New work including paintittgs. prints and sculpture by Dawn .-\rchibald. NFW

Si l()VJI.

Ronnie Ryan Sat I-t \Ved 35 Sep. Paintings attd prints including figurative attd landscape works. NI‘W Sl-lOW.


35 Marclnttout ('rescent. 33‘) 3(l(r3.

Mott l’ri 9am 5.30pm: Sat l()am 3pm. Mixed Exhibition A photographic gallery and framing workshop featuring a range of framed mounted images with

space for local photographers to show their

w ( rrk,

RANDOLPH GALLERY 4(r l)undas Street. 55(r 83(r4. Tue l-ri l(lam 5pm: Sat l(lam 4pm.

Mixed Exhibition Sat 7 Sep-Sat 5 Oct. The newly opened Randolph Gallery presents a tttixed show of paintings by gallery artists. NEW SHOW.


l5 Rutlattd Square. 33‘) 7545. Mon Fri 9am 5pm; Sat l()atn 4pm.

Visions in Light: The Architecture of Basil Spence l'ntil l‘ri 13 Sep. A celebration of the work of British architect Basil Spence t l‘)(l7 7(r) wlto was influenced by certain painterly ideas the rise of light as an abstract rtteditittt. wlticlt can be seen in his buildings.

Changing Buildings: Changing Times Tltu I‘) Sep Hi 35 ()ct. An exltibitiott of draw ittgs selected by the Scottish Architects' Papers Preservation Project which looks at the lifetime of otir built em irottment attd the factors that change it. NEW SHOW.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnverleith House. 553 7l7l.

Cy “Homny t'ntil Sun 27 ()ct tlnverleitlt llouse: Wed Mon

l().3(lam 5.30pm). tree. The first Scottish showing of works by (‘y 'I‘wotttbly inclttding sculptures. paintings. collages. drawings attd photographs. The American artist studied under Motherw'ell attd Kline. attd was influenced by the Abstract lixpressionists. His work combines art attd language attd elements of the unconscious. See review.

Plantweave - Modern Stories, Ancient Skills l'ntil Sun 27 ()ct tlixhibilion llall: daily l()ams-5pml. An exhibition highlighting the artistic. cultural and ecological significance of basket making itt Scotland.


lloward Bar. (irindlay Street. 348 4848. Earth Sea Sky l'ntil Sat 38 Sep. Shirley Marshall captures the natural world itt this series of new paintings.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings (iallery. l()(l Princes Street. 335 I50]. .Moit l‘ri l(lam (rpttt.

Digital Heads t'ntil Hi 27 Sep. Paintings by Bangladeshi artist Murshida Ar/u Alpatta which explores the suppression of human values resulting frottt society 's dependence on technology.


l(l8 llolyrood Road. 335 7l8‘). Mon Fri 9am 5pm.

Drawing the Line Tue It) Mon 30 Sep. An exhibition of work by Danish cartoonists on the subject of liuropean integration.


l(r l)undas Street. 558 I300. Mon~l"ri l()am (rpm; Sat l()ain 4pm.

Alexandra Gardner .\1on t) SepWed 2 ()ct. .\'ew paintings by Alexandra (iardner featuring portraits. nudes. still lives. Tuscan landscapes. (ilasgow barbers aitd bars attd ltaliart palace facades. NEW SHOW. David Swift - Menagerie Mon 9 Sep Wed 3 ()ct. Modern automata. surreal toys and murals carved iii wood by Scotland-based David Swift.

Eileen Gatt Mon 9 Sep Wed 3 ()ct. .\'ew' jewellery attd objects by liileen (iatt working predominantly in silver III conjunction with wood. acrylic artd stone.


5 Barony Street. 478 7440. Tue Sat

l()am (rptn.

Contemporary Scottish Art and Design A gallery attd shop featuring a changing selection of hand-woven aitd embroidered rugs attd textiles from the Turkmen. t'xbek. Beluclt and Aimaq tribes of ('entral Asia.


Reiach and Hall Architects. (r Darnaway Street. 335 8444. Mon l-‘ri 3 5pm. Douglas Gordon t’ntil Fri 20 Sep. The 'l‘urner Pri/e winner. (ilasgow-born l)ouglas (iordon will be creating an

installation for the Sleeper space. In the ultimate return to sender. Gordon. who is the owner of one of the last letters that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote. posted the letter back which ltas been received by the Mcl’ies at Stevenson's llouse.


44 High Street. 557 8360. Daily

l()am (rpttt.

Mixed Exhibition A cltartging selection of paitttittgs by predominantly ltaliart artists. featuring still life. landscapes attd figurative. with all works for sale.


58 Ratcliffe Terrace. (r67 l‘Jbb. Mon l’ri 9am (rpm: Sat l()atrt 5pm.

Heidi Konig l'ntil .Mott 3() Sep. .\'ew etchings attd screenprittts.


l() ()rwell Terrace. 346 I405. Mon Sat 10am 4pm.

Triple Sat 7 Sep Fri 4 ()ct. Art exhibition of artwork by three local artists featuring stitched textiles by Lesley Anne Thomas. paintings of Arratt attd lloly‘ lslattd by (‘arolyn Burcltell and mixed media works comprising layers of resin and paittt by Anne Roberts. NEW SHOW.


33 (‘ockburn Street. (r33 (r3()(). Mon Sat

l laitt 5.30pm: Sun noon 5pm.

0 Hiroshi Sugimoto - The Architecture of Time t'ntil Sat 2| Sep. £3 (£l.5()). See also l-‘ruitmarket (iallery. See llitlist.

Daytrippers t’ntil Sat 21 Sep. Artists Lindsay Perth and (‘atriona (irant worked with young people front the l-‘airbridge lidinburgh attd (‘orstorphine Youth ('entre to create new video and photographic works which look at the Scottish seaside visitor.


l'niversity of lidinburgh. South Bridge. 650 331 1. Tue Sat l()am 5pm.

Steven Campbell: The Caravan Club l'ntil Sat 7 Sep. A major exhibition of new figurative oil paintings. works on paper and art ittstallation by Steven Campbell. the outcome of his (’reative Scotland Award. The (ilasgow-bortt artist who was part of the group dtibbed ‘The New (ilasgow Boys' ltas produced a remarkable collection of challenging works for the exhibition. his first major one-man show in almost a decade. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


l(l- ll (ieorge IV Bridge. 553 (I704. Monv‘Sat l()am (rpm; Stilt noon 5pm. Festival Exhibition t'ntil Sat 7 Sep. (ilasgow Print Studio present a selling exhibition of prints. paitttirtgs. original etchings. contemporary jewellery arid ceramics.


3(r l)undas Street. 556 (r3(r(r. Mott liri l laitt (rpm; Sat l().3()ant~4pttt. Deborah Phillips and Frank Curran Sat 7 Sat 3l Sep. Recent paintings.


For a detailed itinerary call 53‘) 3683/3930. Free.

The Drawing Room t‘ntil Fri 2s) .\'m. The Travelling (iallery‘s latest tourirtg exhibition explores drawings iit its many forms. including wall. life. abstract. animation and computer drawings. Featured artists inclttde Rachel Bevan Baker. Balint Bolygo, David (‘onnearn. lilizabeth llobbs. Alan Johnston. (‘had Mc('ail. Kathy Prendergast. Renato attd Aileen Stackhouse. The gallery will be stopping at Temple Village (l’ri (r Sep. 1.30 4pm); Dalkeitlt High Street (Sat 7 Sep. l()ant 5pm): \Voodbttrn (‘omtnunity (‘entre (Wed ll Sep. l.3() 4pm) and Sainsbury's Straiton tl-‘ri l3 Sep.

10am 5pm).

listings Art


Cafe Bar. l(l (‘ambridge Street. 338 5383. 2470/360° l'tttil Stilt 8 Sep. Photographs by Scott Mitchell documetttiug his third trip to the west coast of America.

Just Be Good Stm 8 Sep—Sat 1‘) ()ct. Multimedia paintings. drawings attd photographs by Anna (‘opland arid ('atlterine Street.


l(r South l‘ort Street. 478 78H). .Mott Sat llattt l l.45pm; Sun l3.3tt ll.45pnt. De-Generate l'ntil Sat 7 Sep. Drawings and re-tttasteretl sculptures by .\'eil Matuting. focusing oit themes of identity and sub culture.

Archy - The Computer who Dreams Tue l(l Sep l-‘ri l8 ()ct. A visual exploration by (iordon S Ackerlttan tttade w itlt the aid of a computer. NEW SHOW.


4 l)tntdas Street. 558 9544/5. Mon Fri l(lam (rpm; Sat llattt 4pm.

The Scottish Panorama t'ntil Sat 2| Sep. An exltibition of l8th and l‘)th eenttll‘y Scottish \yol'ks.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh Life, page 96.


The Mound. 53‘) I388. Mon Fri

l()attt 4.45pm.

Money Matters t‘ntil l‘ri (r Sep. A display oit the story of money through the centuries.

THE DRAWING ROOM GALLERY 38 ('harlotte Square. lidinburgh. 343 9365. .Mon Sat l()am 5pm. .\'ot

The Art of Illustration t'ntit l-‘ri (r Sep. Art exhibition of work by over 4() of tire world‘s best-lox ed picture book ztl'lists.


llolyrood Road. 5.50 7800. Daily

l()ant (rpm.

Walking with Dinosaurs t’ntil Sun 8 Sep. [8.95 this” £0.50); litlllllly ticket {10.95139 includes entry to Dynamic liartlt. lixperience the magic of BB("s acclaittted series Hit/Ame It'll/r Ditmmurs. This exhibition takes you behind the scenes of production attd explores ltow dinosaurs lixed. died and ltow the BB(‘ brought them to life. [ASl (7i l/\\<:E l0 SET.


43 High Street. 53‘) 4l43. .Mott Sat

l()am 5pm.

Hero Worship t‘ntil Sat 3s Sep. (‘hildren's heroes frottt past and present including l)a\ ie (‘rocketL Sltirley 'l‘emple aitd Luke Sky walker are celebrated iit this exhibition.


I43 (’anongate. 53‘) .4143. Mon Sat

l()ant 5pm.

My Dear John t'ntil Sat 2o ()cl. (iltlsgoyx based te\tlle artist Deirdre Nelson explores themes of ctrtmnunication through traditional letters. digital printing and needlework techniques.

NEWHAVEN HERITAGE MUSEUM .\'ewha\en Harbour. 551 4|(r5. Mon Sun noon 4.45pm.

They’re Handed Doon t'ntil Tue 3| l)ec. Art exhibition looking at the history of tlte Paisley shawl and their adoption by New ltax en lishw ixes.


5.3 High Street. Queeusferry. iii 5545. .Mott. Thu. l’ri ix Sat l()am lpitt ix

3.l5 5pm; Stilt noon 5pm. l’ree.

Food for Thought .\ look at children‘s diet and eating habits ox er the past I50 years.

:ii'i THE LIST 91