Art listings

Edinburgh Museums continued ROYAL MUSEUM

2 (‘liambers Street. 247 4219. Mon Sat l0azti-5pm tTue 8pm); Sttti tiooti 5pm. Free.

Millennium Clock A chance to view Russian mechanical sculptor liduard 15ersudsky's millennium clock. a kinetic sculpture. measuring nine metres high. Creating the Past t'ntil Sat 14 Sep. Ti.e result of a collaborative project between experimental theatre/live art company Reckless Sleepers arid young people from Edinburgh which examines how the Museums' collections cart be used to inform otir understanding of the past. Focus on the Forth t'ntit Sat 14 Sep. An exhibition of photographs taken of the sea bed of the Firth of forth. The photos show the diversity of living samples atid marine biology which exists on the sea floor

Forbidden City: Treasures of an Emperor L'ntil Sttn 15 Sep. £4 (£31: under 12s free: .\'MS members free. The Royal Museum is the sole venue worldwide for this landmark exhibition of priceless treasures from the Forbidden (‘ity in Beijing. Two thirds of these objects have never before been seen outside (‘hina and are drawn from the collections of the Qianlong limperor who ruled China from 1736-1795. The objects include a sacred cup decorated with rubies. sapphires and pearls. an ornate ceremonial suit of armour and a coronation portrait of the limperor by the Italian artist (‘astiglione LAST C'iANCE TO SEE.

The Forbidden Cashmere Collection L'ntil Sun 15 Sep. Running alongside the forbidden ('ily exhibition and inspired by. is a display of cashmere garments ctittittiissitittetl by Ballanty'ne ('ashmet‘e by leading contemporary designers.

Ecurie Ecosse, Scotland’s Motor Racing Team t'ntil Thu 31 ()ct. An exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of Scotland's most successful motor racing team. Ecurie Ecosse. Founded in 1952. they went on to win the Les Mans 24 hour and again in 1957. Top drivers included Ron Flockhart. lnnes lreland. .\'inian Sanderson and Jackie Stewart.

Roots - Unexpected Origins of Ordinary Things L'ntil Sttii 3 Nov. An exhibition demonstrating how every day things has been influenced by exotic and ancient cultures from around the world. Mediating with Spirits, Shamans in Korea L'ntil Fri 31 Jan. An exhibition exploring shamanism. an important element of the Altaic culture that came to Korea in the 13th century B('. The show features dioramas and ritual objects used by shamans. many of which have been donated to the National Museums of Scotland by the Korean government.


Blackford Hill. 668 8405. Mon-Sat 10ant~~5pmz Sttn noon—5pm. £3.50 (£2.50). World in a Spin L'ntil Mon 30 Sep. Exhibition and activities looking at how the spinning earth creates night. day and the changing seasons.



't'nivet‘sity' of Dundee. 1.3 Perth Road. 01382 345330.

The Fleming Collection tintil Sat 7 Sep (Foyer «’5; Lamb Galleries: Mon—lat 9.30am-—8.30pm: Sat 9.30am--4.30pmi. A major exhibition of paintings on loan from the Fleming (.‘ollection.

DUNDEE CONTEMPORARY ARTS 152 Nethergate. 01382 909900. Tue-Wed. Sal 8c Sun 10.30am—5.30pm: Thu 62 Hi 10.30am~8pm.

O Miroslaw Balka: tiedtothetoe 1'nti1 Sun 20 Oct. The 1)(‘.-\ hosts the first major solo l'K exhibition for the renowned Polish artist. Mitoslaw Balka. Working

92 THE LIST 5—19 Set) 200?

with content and material from the immediate environment of his sttidio at ()twock. near Warsaw. Balka explores notions of memory and loss in a selection of sculptures. installations. drawings and video works.

0.17 a Guide for the Perplexed: Little Poetry Magazines t'ntit Sun 20 ()ct 1(‘entre for Artist Books). Art exhibition looking at poetry and art maga/ines of the 20th century.

Loss 8. Longing: Poetry Prints l'ntil Stiii 20 ()ct. A selection of poetry prints by Don Paterson iii response to Miroslaw Balka‘s exhibition. Polnische Grafik t'ntil Sat 14 Sep. l-‘irst seen duritig the Iidinburgh Festival. graphic images exploring traditional and innovative printmaking technique by eight Polish artists.


25 26 Mid Wynd. Mid Wynd Industrial listate. 01382 225982. Tue Stin

noon 5pm.

When That Great Day Comes l'ntil Stiti 8 Sep. The work of live (ilasgow-based artists encompassing sculpture. installation. photography and drawing featuring Heather Docherty‘. Linda Anne McCartney. Kate Davis. lili/abeth Robertson and Shireeti Taylor. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


Albert Square. 01382 43208-1. Mon Sat 10.30am 5pm: Stin 12.30v-4pm: Thu 10.30am 7pm.

BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition l'ntil Sun 22 Sep. .\'ow in its eighth year. the popular wildlife photography exhibition featuring the w inning atid comtnetided entries.

To Look on Nature t'ntil Sun 15 Sep. Drawn from the permanent collection. art exhibition examinittg the theme of wildlife and wild environments including oils. watercolours. drawings and photography. featuring Keith Brockie. Derek Robertson. (‘olin (iibson. Horatio Mc(‘u|loch arid Paul Sandby. The McIntosh Patrick Award t'ntil Sun 15 Sep. Annual competition iii painting. drawing arid printmaking open to 86 Art & Design students.


West Henderson \Vy'ltd. 01.582 22528.2. Mott Sat 10am—4pm; Sun 11am—4pm.

Wonderful Mechanical Genius

t'ntil Sttii 3 .\'ov. 1.2. Popular exhibition focusing on the textile heritage of

Tay side.

Outside the Cities


THE VENNEL GALLERY 10(ilasgow \'ennel. 0129-1 275059. Mon- Tue & Thu Sat 10ain--1pm 8;

2 -5pm.

Graham Fagen l'ntil Sun 29 Sep. New photographic and video by (iraham Pagen influenced by his experiences of growing up iii Irvine.

Isle of Bute

MOUNT STUART GALLERY Mount Stuart. 01700 503877. Mon. Wed & l‘ri Sun 10am-5pm.

Sea Shore Along Brendan’s Path t'ntil Mon 30 Sep. Drawing oti the great American tradition of landscape photography. Thomas Joshua (‘oopet' presents new photographic works from the coastline of Bute. See review.



35 The Stirling Arcade. 01786 479361. Tue -Sat 1 lam 5pm.

Transference Sat 7 Sep -Sat 12 ()ct. New work by Patrick ()‘(irowney and 1‘rances Ryan featuring video. printmaking and photography. NEW

81 lCVV.

Disney on Ice - Beauty and the Beast Tue t7—Sun 22 Sep. times vary. 52960—81260. Braehead Arena. Kings Inch Road. Rentrcw, 01/11 885 14/11. The delightful Disney musical is brought to life in a magical ice setting.

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Activities And Fun

Spittal Junior Art Group Sat 7 & Sat 14 Sep. 10am noon. £36 per term. Spittal (‘otnmunity ('entre. (‘arrick Road. Rutherglen. 01355 261000. Advatice booking required. Ages 8 12. (let your creative juices flowing with this fun an atid craft class.

Stories and Secrets Drama Sat 7 & Sat 14 Sep. l’ree. llttnterian Museum. t'niversity Avenue. 330 4221. Ages 3 5. Let your imagination run wild at this four- week story telling and drama course. Colourstrings Music Classes Tue 10 & Tue 17 Sep. Free. llunterian Museum. l'niversity Avenue. 330 4221. A four-week music course for parents and toddlers.

Eastfield Junior Art Group Sat 14 Sep. 10am noon. £36 per tertn. liastfield (‘ommtinity ('entre. Dukes Road. (‘ambuslang 641 8319. Advance booking required. l-‘un weekly arts arid craft class for ages 8 12.

Back to School for Summer! Sun 15 Sep. 2--3pm. liree. Scotland Street School Museum. Mttseum ()f lidtication. 225 Scotland Street. 287 0500. Join teacher Miss Baxter for a living history class set in Victorian times. Arrive 15 minutes early to dress tip iit period costume before seeing props. a genuine gas mask atid the dreaded belt.


Harry Potter (PG) Sat 7 Sep. 1pm; Spy Kids 2 1P(i) Sat 14 Sep. lpiti. £2.25 tfamily ticket £91. (ilasgow 1-‘i1m

Theatre. 12 Rose Street. 332 8128. See l'iltn Index.

Human Body tl’( i i; Everest tt'i: Dolphins tt'i; Into The Deep (1'). times vary. check l‘ilm listitigs for showing times. 1.5 (£3501. IMAX Theatre. (ilasgow Science (‘entt'e. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000.


Oscar and the Deep Sea Pearl Sat 7 Sep. 2pm. £4 (£31. Scottiin Mask & Puppet Theatre (critic. 8 10 Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindale. 339 6185. Ages 4 l 1. Join ()scar the mouse on an exciting underwater adventure with ltis friend Pin the fish iit this story presented by Mousetale Puppets.

The Ringing Singing Tree Sat 14 Sep. 2pm. £4 1L3). Scottish Mask & Puppet 'l'heatre (‘entre. 8 10 Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindale. 339 6185. holding Theatre (‘ompany ‘s tale of the prince and his quest to find the magic tree to win the heart of the vain btit beautiful princess.


Children’s Storytime Sat 7 is Sat 14 Sep. 1 latti. Borders Books, 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. Happy respite from all

that shopping. Suitable for 3 8 year olds.

Activities And Fun

Quickies For Kids Royal Museum Of Scotland. 2 ('hambers Street. 247 4219. Free. 'l'en—minute talks for children held every Sat arid Stiti at 2.30pm. Make Chinese Music Sat 7 Sep.

2 4pm. Free. Royal Mttseum. 2 (‘hambers Street. 247 4169. Advance booking required. Ages over 13. International performer arid teacher (‘heng Yu. in conjunction with musicians from the [K (‘hinese l'insemble. teach songs and melodies iii this ftiii children‘s workshop.