We welcome submissions for this section, but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Glasgow life listings compiled by Jane Hamilton.

Book events

Shawn Levy Borders Books. 38.5 Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 7pm. l‘ree. The popular writer reads from his new work Rem/y Slt'ttt/v (in.’. a story set in London during the sw inging 60s.


The Art of Learning trail 6 Sep. 'l‘ramway. 35 Albert Drive. 387 9843. 9.30am 5.30pm. £100 (£50). A dynamic conference for teachers and artists.

Other events

Scottish Screenwriters Group Borders Books. 383 Bttchanan Street. 333 7700. 7.30pm. liree. Regular event for like—minded people to meet and tliscuss the finer points of screenwriting.

Book events

Mel B ()ttakat”s Bookstore. [inn 6. Buchanan (ialleries. Buchanan Street. 353 1500. Noon 1pm. Be amused or indeed bemused as the former Spice (iirl signs copies of her allreyealing autobiography. (‘tirt'li (1 litre.


UK Asian Championships liootball ('omple\. (ilasgow Green. 387 4433. 6pm. liree. learns from all over the [K compete in the preliminary matches of this football coiiipetitioti.

Glasgow Rugby v Leinster llughenden. 33 lltiglienden Road. 353 3468. 7.30pm. £13 £14. ('eltic league rugby match.


Introduction to Scottish Mountain Walking t‘iiiil () Sep. 'l'iso (ilasgow ()titdoor li\perience. 50 ('ouper Street. '1‘owiiliead. 559 5450.

7 9pm. £38. A two day kick start course to get you ottt on the Scottish mountains. 1‘ind otit abotit what to wear. what gear to take and how to navigate.


Archaeology Conference Western llllil'lllitl'} lecture 'l‘heatre. 647 7936. 10am 1pm. l-‘ree. .loiii iti (ilasgow 's contribution to Archaeology Month with this conference focusing oti archaeology and its relationship with our national and regional iiiuseittns. l‘or tnore information

w w w.glasarchsoc.org.ttk

Art Gallery & Museum,

Kelvingrove ‘.i'!"...:; l.i,"(3(lll().". o1 ArgyleSltt;-.;'.. LIT-#1104! tux-an ‘til a't ()l)j(i(?lf$ from Mon lim 5". 53:6.

10am Splitlttt". ".ist;

llatii fitir'ilitn: l‘iiu“ r:.'.:1"l

exatiipt: o" ‘af-w '. ,'

£11(Lllll(;filtl"": .i

1)(:1llltilt€:"l rah/72' ' '.'1 ."

.‘xotk it, such rut" -- : . ’1" lifill‘liltil‘dl. litt‘. -- .'. ,' -x t. .i! ‘.""/ll:fill(:."lif"1(L.: :-: z ' 2


"-::";i<:ts and annual

Burrell Collection I) Poiloksiiaws Road, 4*:‘1’5::':',-.MotiTlth. Sat ' ..:1" ftll'll: 1n 8. Sun

' fii;i'i.1ree.8‘i

'. litweil's world

,.."’.l the globe, housed i;;:..i|ly designed. .'.i.'li'l|1l(_] building. Glasgow Cathedral at 1? Sheet, 551')? 8108. fiat 9.80am lpiii 8 .8411) frpiii. free. :liiii(:h has '."i:; 5,:tr: strict:

: :i.'.'t.-t church


UK Asian Championships Football Complex. (ilasgow (ireen. 10am 6pm. 1‘ree. See Fri 6.


Performance Poetry Workshops ('('A. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 353 4900. l lam 6pm. Free. ((‘lub Room). Limited to ten people. Workshops to help participants develop their written work into performance.

Other events

Kelvin River Clean Up River Kelvin. meet at lla’l’enny Bridge House. access via Kelvin Drive near Kirklee Bridge. l0.30am 13.30pm. liree. Join the lit'iends of the River Kelvin as they play their part in Scotland's Biodiversity week by giving the river it‘s monthly clean tip. Busby 8. Clarkston Horticultural Society Annual Flower Show (‘larkston Hall. (‘larkston Road. 630 1435. 3 4.30pm. 80p (40p). Annual show with over 500 exhibits in flowers. vegetables. handicrafts. photography. baking and wine.

Life After Dark Linn Park. Merrlylee. 637 1147. 7.30pm. Free. Join the (‘otintryside Rangers and the (‘lyde Bat (iroup to find otit what happens to the animals at night.

Sunday 8


Great Scottish Run (ilasgow Green. 348 9909. 10am. £33. The biggest participative sporting event in Scotland celebrates its 3lsl birthday. A half marathon that takes you from the Saltniarket through the south side of the city and back to (ilasgow (ireen. Junior Great Scottish Run (ilasgow (ireen. 348 9909. 10am. £8. A shorter. 3km. run for kids aged 17. UK Asian Football Finals lhrox Stadium. lidmiston 1)rive. 0870600 1993. l.3()pm. lirce. Watch the tension mount as these footie finals take place.

Other events

Greatest Ever Celt (‘ly-tle .-\uditorium. l'llllllesltm Quay. 0800 056 7400. 6pm. £139.58. (‘eltic l‘ootball (‘lub celebrate their team's greatest ever players with a dinner. evening entertainment and special appearance from Billy (‘onnolly.

Continental Market l'iitil Sep 15. Saticliiehall Street. 387 9993. Free. Browse thesestalls full of food frotn across litirope and taste something a little bit different. Part of Health Week 3003.

Monday 9

Other events

Italian Language Cafe Borders Books. 383 Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 7pm. l-‘ree. (iet into holiday mode with some Italian practice led by the l'niversity of (ilasgow Department of Atltilt and (‘ontinuing liducation.

contains the shrine of St Mutigo. who died around (SlQAD: however most of the present building dates from the 13th or 15th centuries.

Glasgow School of Art The Mackintosh Gallery. 167 Revilrew Street. 3:33 4:300. Glasgow School of Art is Charles Bennie Mackititosh's greatest achievement and it continues to intrigue and inspire Visitors from all over the world.

Glasgow Science Centre

:30 Pacific ()uay, 420 53000. Daily 10am 6pm.



Foody Fe I it


What festival? It's the second annual public food festival held at the SECC. Can I eat all day? If you really want. but it's more of a chance to learn about different types of food and suppliers. with a range of food and drink demonstrations thrown in for good measure.

Anyone we know? Prepare to have your taste buds taiitalised by Tosco's Celebrity Cookery Theatre. with demonstrations from Nick Nairn. Ainsley Harriot. Phil Vickery and Paul Rankin. as well as a Tasting Theatre presented by the

Master of Wine. Rose Murray Brown.

Anything else? Yett've got good food and line Wine what else do you want? And With over 70 companies exhibiting you can be sure there'll be something

tasty for everyone.

I FoodFest 2002, Thu IZ—St/n 15 Sep, 11am—9pm, SECC. Firiri/eston Ot/av.

248 3000. F7 (535).

Chef Demo Sessions t‘iitil Sep 14. Buchanan (ialleries. Buchanan Street. 387 9993. Free. (‘elebrity chef Nick Nairn leads these demonstrations on how to cook and eat healthily. Part of Health Week 3003.

Tuesday 10


Health and the City (‘ity Chambers. George Square. 387 9993. l0.30am. l’ree. A conference looking at 150 years of public health and the role played by the local authority. Part of Health Week 3003.

10 Minute Talk llunterian Mtiseum. 17niversity Avenue. 330 4331. 13.45pm. liree. Aileen Nisbet gives this talk entitled ‘1)own the l’lugliole’ describing the process of conserving a Roman drain cover.

Other events

Badger Watch Scottish Wildlife Trust. 01555 665 363. 8pm. £5. Marvel at badgers in their natural surroundings. Meet at Scottish Wildlife Trust (‘entre at New Lanark.

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Writing Group Borders Books. 383 Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 8pm. l-‘ree. Regular event to meet. discuss and learn more about writing for these different genres.

Health Exhibition Banqueting Hall. (‘ity Chambers. (ieorge Square. 387 9993. 10am 3pm. l’ree. A major display of highlighting work for combating

poor health in (ilasgow. Part of Health Week 3003.

Glasgow Science Centre

Wednesday 1 1

Book events

Irvine Welsh Barfly. 360 (‘lytle Street. 343 3l77. 7pm. £3 from Borders bookstore. The novelist who took Scotland by storm with his infamous portrayal of (ilasgow 's seedy underworld. reads from the sequel. I’o/‘no.


Commemoration (ieorge Square. 423 1333. 6pm. A commemoration for \ ictims of terrorism and war organised by (‘.\'l).


Kilmarnock v Partick Thistle Rugby park. Rugby Road. 01563 545300. 7.45pm. £17 (£101. Sl’l. football match. Motherwell v Celtic l-‘ir l’ark. l-‘irpat'k Street. .\1otliet'w ell. 01698 333333. £16 £11 £5 £7. SP1, football match.

Rangers v Hearts lbi-os Stadium. lidmiston I)t'i\e. 0870 600 1993, 7.45pm. £19 £33 t£l ll. Sl’l. football match.


The Art Of Dining l’ollok lltttlse. l’ollok ('ountry Park. 3060 l’ollokshaws Road. 616 6410. 3.30pm. £5 t£3.75). A themed tour of this lidwardian country house.

Book events

Iain Banks Waterstone's. l53 l57 Satichiehall Street. 333 9105. 7pm. £3 redeemable against purchase. The best- selling Scottish author reads from his highly anticipated I)(’(lll.'lfl'. This brilliant

53.51? S“~'. 5‘3 Situated t"-;‘: sit-:7- 3" (ail'iltfl‘ it"fs'. Kilt. (‘ilasqox'fsl 8‘ astio.’ attractor :: .i "i:"-;" of iiifoiriiat'tt‘. c" ::.1-.3.':;t-.,- and tecivxtltg. Holmwood House

iii Ntil'WTH (Etittiz‘ait. on .3179. Dani.

fi..5\il‘l'l. i‘.~,..)ti

:t: limit. 1.30 til/FCC [Xi-squirt 1.“. the ‘tltiititt Tilt". .tti'ttar‘,

am: teat. Azexatitte'

'(‘ireek' lllt‘fllf;.)l‘. tlizs house is at‘ excellent (3thllll)'t} of "is ;i.is:sit:a‘ style

House for an Art Lover

lM‘ttl' t ' 'tl'rs.