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THE Who’s getting up to what THE QUOTES

‘When I’m naked in front of the mirror, I can’t believe people

think that I can make somebody moan and scream.’

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I Next Issue The l_/st profiles the filmmaker Ken Loach. authose Suzee.‘ S/xteen Is about to be premiered rn Glasgov-J and Greenock. \.'.'here It ‘.‘.'as filmed. But Insider sees the old "ebel In 'Red Ken" rs much Ill ewdence rn

Lambasted by America

another frlm. It's one of eleven short

lrlms that make up It ()5) ()7 , a<:::usaf:o"s ."raf 'Te

representing the urea-1s of trlmmalxers K ) I , ) I . ) 1 (u"‘:r\( om," a? .' "

around the globe of the it

September terrorist attacks. l oach's

‘He has made me an

omelette. But I haven’t presented him with a work of art.’

.\/(,'(l!<l...vt/ .(l'\(,(>f,\.,\4.)(,.>

lrlm focuses not on t 1 September 2001. but it September 1048. the date the American goxernment backed a coup d'etat .n Chile. ushering in an era ot torture and 4,). death. 1 takes the form ot a letter "er 1): (5'2? e Strain" addressed to the families of urctrrns of am e" ".:1' " ("e last year's terrorist actions and narrtten ‘If you don’t have a left-wing period when you go to university, you should be shot’

«a. .,.,.,., Ir)” ,\..

by an acquaintance ol l oach. a Chilean exrle bang Ill Britain who lost tamrlt. and was tortured under the Chilean drctatorslup.

. , . . ."etm'xw's ;:”.';<,>"‘:;remix. I Other trlms that comprise f .r ()5) O, I U ' _ \ var‘y lll therr criticism of America. A M

short by Mexrcan director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Arno/es Per/es. ends wrth a message In Aralxc: ‘l)oes

‘l’m drinking and smoking my way through life. I’m a wino.’


(Bods light gurde us or bllnd us?

lndran filmmaker Mira Nair to make of t'ie (>lf§}(>'t‘§l Lauagrtr at Il+:;<:.'.'t<;1eatt'rc\/<>"r<:e? l'“ JUN [30,» Jib 7.); . U. 3, . lMo/rsoon l'r/edd'mgr tells the true ll(;|!‘~. .'.::od '.'.ar fl‘:)‘. es say" as testyaf. ital a" 't-z:.'.s:;a::<‘:r I Quiet: "gm; 7:; :2’ f";>se “ale ft:

ston,‘ of a young} Muslrm who (ll(:(l //(.".'./\ No.2": .'.n'::l‘ (lt:"‘.ij.":|t;(::3 3‘s". (Ear/eff "d war a scream 'tg; banner usfer‘ .'<: 'egaux; f’k’f’ffl.‘ ‘.‘.’llll(} attemptan to rescue other Arne-mars as l;i<,<><rt‘r:'stj. "l..'(l-f:!-f:lt;. .:l):>.r‘_ a"::tl‘-:;-r Illn‘: 'Sex {it‘ll orgies:

.. .I M.- .. ,.\ .., ,., (,(,;:,... ,. r ‘Peolehave'ust otto .Arctrms or the Mode lrade (,enue but or acre: stun as (.t, .l'.: )w Lyn. sca' .ra. ::Xl).()\lt:f) ./ D J 9

Manatee. .'.'trcn suudests ::‘:;::d‘. (Eafixeff "z: sreterrnd2.:21'ztz'tes. ‘I 7'0 read the Sleeve nOteS to see *vr'vrt "‘se :7. Larry Clark. sues "t; start/tic” '.:: I m mUCh more than eye

" candy.’

who was branded a terrorist b‘,‘ the authorities. Egypt's Youseff cerso'tal revenue '3; t" Chahine. however. ‘.'./erghs lll '.'.’iilt to terrousrr"! '7 (it) (2" a"t Alberta"? :::;"'.r\,.<:-r:;y.. trt"-::' to :::> r‘ s,

YIM; t‘ I I)\I;’.~ :: (\/;r";l‘ \I'; ~,.\r‘,, l‘ '(“ the most scathing critique of Ameuca A". get est. f5ifXJtln. exz: c‘. rflxtoaranh'. e" 'rs " a“ (’ " , I .1 \1 A (4'. wt \) 1 ' ’\ <4 wrth an attack lasting; (3|(3‘.(?l‘ minutes. sexual. (:tht or; ttlrr‘s 'Kzzs and [3.1 t. . "e' v. (Le.

nine seconds and one frame Ithe I litat other wealthy Western Kt)" R's/m "t(‘ (ates a 't;."‘t)-;,-.' (:7 '_',':;g‘ g;

lent th of each trlm. ‘.'/ltl(;ll dictatorshi .the Roman. (Iaf'mlfi lie-1:1“(l(::;(i't>t:it{tf;l‘£tl:l (T()'-L?f3-LEX -

corrlesponds to the date of last year's church. has gliso auncned an. attack :;::-;a"-;:s rit'.t,.:;n;; f)l‘(r"l'.'.l71§" a I cou'd aybsounely kICk

traded r on /\lll(‘l'l(‘(tlt forerun polio "Vt-“4F” l'wvtav'zw' tl“1‘i"‘-” s we‘- r-’- ' :1" “-"“’rl< -“~ any-bOdy S arse on breakfaSt , I. , , " \,r t, t.. t... “5/... . c. . . . t, (. EI. .. s. _. t1\,\ _,t, radlo.!

name—checking Hiroshrma. Nagasaki Scot-ands on". Peter Mullan. lls :;;:. ;: two's. rel). (3am l::f§i)(i’ltl(}(l t, 0., 3). rub. m. “(gossip ,.

and the ongoing lVll(l(ll(‘: Last .atest :izree. r‘»;; -:;I"'t:'2. iws '.‘:g;::ae'v> '."»:; LT' '.Li‘f¥“‘:l, tins: :;"‘::'.'. ng; 3),, ,2, “I”. a. ,.

conflict. Americas ,1 . 55::;.‘e's. tel's t'tr: tic-e fkiiitl‘. of t"-;,- -::'.-::"V,t“r";)r. For every vagina, M

entertarnmrmt industry ' 'i _ abuse str“<.-'e:: :r‘. “.£)\.l‘.<~§ g; us a'. there’s a penis‘. l'tat‘l ire 'ere ‘I think to myself: “Why

the 'tantis. stole; ar‘d glues at Kw“. fl‘e'i. don’t I do a job I don’t like?

the nuts of a". l' 8ft (lat'to.rc Someone’s got to.” I also

(I()lt‘.()l‘.t. Malar‘ .'.as a‘.'.ard<;:: I Seeam‘g; of threes biue. :"s ::-:3r think: “Well, it’s

the Golden Ll()." at tne Venrc 2 notes t'ta'. filthy foreign because you’re a

F'Im Fest“‘.ar. to ‘.'.'l‘..::f‘ Vatrca" filmmakers Thomas Vinterberg selfish little twat.”’

RZMlIO ."(E53t)()"(t(}(l that Mafia", ar‘d Lars von Trier are all to "o HUM (3011'? 8 COMTTS "39

\‘\/'\Q 5.x!) 0.

bible. t/arrefxc has responded wrth the single-minded ll not simple-minded

(llOiOFKI. denouncing the iilltl for being ‘anti-American’. What. Insider

'lrkens the Catholic church to the good auau‘. together. Tee C‘zer'na't Talrban'. \.".’e|‘. the Vatrcan saw f. are Dutcl‘ de‘.'a"ts. aurote tl‘e Degree

unionders. are we not lnsme'. ()5) back to basics ‘Is'rmgm 'tg

'nanrtesto a ‘:r dr'ectea the first t‘.'.c ‘lms r‘ tl‘e serres. fesfe" {t'Til ("e /t:':>:':;. l're t):>‘~.f; are not; nae/ix no Denounced by ~ the Vatican “4111*

..':I(,!‘- \r.'.‘.e':><:r\: ..'()i'\7 and

:‘t‘ a l‘ll't [)od't‘e f'lr". De...”

.(rl llrr:'.....lHn.../\'\lf»t:1:'ltltt§» 1):..‘(1'was..-tlrat}rt>.rnt>t /\"I'.,"n (it). .tftfl‘<t(l1?lf» (ll)f>('f~§>(rxl .. il‘

<;t.’tf;. s me; u: cause but a ':tt.-;>

H cor‘trzmxs', ’.'.'tt‘:'1 {3: 'i'tt?;l‘~(:tt {Wt} 'elt'ased Statesuz-e. Perhaps tl‘t: Ameman tt(1\.(?"tltft37t'.. the Vatwa" and filt'i>'(?f;f;<1:?;.ltl rml ttiel'

In that“:le 'trsntnt a-s .. '.t‘.:'l)t'..‘

.-""-rur'.-;-tl .'.It" extreh‘r