Edinburgh life


Edinburgh Rugby v Llanelli Meatlouhanlx Spoilx (l‘ltll'L‘. 13‘) London Road. (r(rl 555l. 7.30pm. (’eltie league ruglr} mateh.


Celebrating Nature - Planning Events for Groups Ro}a| Botanic (iarden. lmerleith Rim. 348 397‘). Want ~lpm. L'lrl). (iordon \laelellan lead\ a \urrkxhop sexxion e\ploring the management ol' \\ ildlil‘e erentx. Martinique Landscape, 1887 by Paul Gauguin National (ialler) ol Seotland. the Mound. (r34 (r3llll. l3.45plll. l'ree. l'il';lllee\ lit)“ le tli\L‘ll\\e\ (iauguin's painting.


Celebrating Biodiversity - Planning Events for Groups Ro}al Botanie (iarden. hirerleith Rim. 553 7l7l. Illam 4pm. Urll. (itil'tltm .\lel.ellan lead\ a \\Ut‘l\\llttp aimed at people imohed in L't‘ltllllllllll) —lra\ed em ironmental projeetx.


Party revellers be advised - thanks to some serious scaling back for ‘safety reasons’, only 100,000 free passes are up for grabs compared to more in recent years. Demand should be high, so get on the case and get yourself organised.

To apply for passes (two per application) via post, send an A4 size SAE to: Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, PO Box 2003, Edinburgh EH8 8XY. Application can’t be processed if you don’t enclose an A4 SAE and applications will only be accepted between Tuesday 1 October and Tuesday 15 October. Successful applicants will receive two passes each by mid November, while unsuccessful applicants will be also informed in writing.

Saturday 28


Open Studios l’atriothall (iallet’_\‘. l\\'.-\Sl’Sl l’atriothall Sttidiox. oil-18 Hamilton l’laee. 335 I380. Illam 5pm. .'\\ part ol l)trot'\ ()pen |)a). WASPS Sltltliox open itx dool‘x lo the puhlie. Celebrating Nature - Planning Events for Groups Royal Botanie (iarden. ln\ erleith Row. 348 307‘). Want 4pm. Uri). See Hi 37.

Other events

Classic Car Show Rural Highland ('enti'e. ltlglixlon. 55.5 (r3()(). Vintage \ehielex l'rom around the eotmtr} will lie on dixpltt};

Botanical Illustration - Advanced Ro}a| Botanie (iarden. lnxerleith Rim. 553 7l7l.

lllani 3.30pm. Wt). .'\d\aneed art eourxe taking a look at nerr teehniquex to enhanee perxonal progrexx and \t) le. Celebrating Biodiversity - Planning Events for Groups Ro}al Botanie (iarden. lmerleith Ron. 553 7l7l. lllani 4pm. Uri). See Hi 37.

Book events

Shore Poets (’anon'x (iait. 333 ('anongate. 55(r J—lSI. lidinlrui'gh'x platform for |i\ e poetry and musie Ilil\ month hax readings from Ste“ art ('onn among others. l’or more inlormalion log on to: xx w“.xhorepoet\.org.nl\


Musselburgh Races \lllxxellrlll'gll Raeeeourse. linklield Road. \lll\\ell1lll'}_‘ll.(i(i5 3S5‘). 3.l() 5.l)5pm. L'll) L'l5 (under [lo l'ree £5l. l’lal horxe raeing.

Other events

Classic Car Show Royil Highland ('entre. lnglixton. 355 0300. See Sat 38.

Fungi Walk ('airnmuir Road .\'orth (‘ar l’ai'k. ('orxtorphine llill. 4.17 7 H5. 3 -lpm. l‘ree. .'\ l'un gtiided ualk highlighting the \ai‘iet) ol' l'ungi in the mood.

Monday 30

Book events

Dr Fred Reid ()ttalxat‘\. S7 (it-urge Street. 335-H‘l5. l‘ree. The blind historian talks about hi\ neu work. In .Sr'rm'li ()/ H'i/lir' l’rlllr’l‘m/i. .l .Si'nllirli .Su/r/irr In The glee n] llil/u'riu/lrm \\ ith the opportunit} to hit) liix uork.

Other events

Recruitment Exhibition .I\\\emlrl.\ Rootth 5~l (ieorge Street. 33() .13-1‘). Illam -lpm. l’ree. Recruitment lair.

Design Your Own Garden Rural Botanic (iarden. lmerleith Ron. 553 7l7l. Illam noon. UN). See Mon 33. Continuing Botanical Art |{ir_\al llotanie (iarden. lnrerleith Rim. 553 7l7l. (rfil) 3.50pm]. [70. See Mon 33.

l'w l'>;.~’"ll:':-" (,r;"’_ta"f;l‘.i;-59‘13't‘;if':.ill, "lél'fil‘qllriliKlTH'Vl'“. T1) f'l ' .J ' r éll'll"’l‘,~fl ‘3X"-:l:f’>"f}. '."-t;~ 'w'tlr «entry. l r «ta w no a "",r‘.:"<; ‘wrr pm hut/n .. Royal Botanic "‘.':""-',-' ';‘ :i'itrlzi'i‘; l"">..<t" ‘."‘> ltitttrf;t'rgi| Garden

'r:l;:'. "'t '1, ’."rr’ll"'(,’,‘ Nepali/1‘. ’)l‘, 2%) flit:- treat-"l.

ll"’,tlf;"i"‘:;lf}‘:‘r l r" 't:‘:...il .'.'l""‘t)';i".

(1"Trfl..‘:’l’)1~‘r‘.';El 'iiié’h. ll;l'.")li2l‘ l“?")t}f§ fault (if;

Ell/1X 1,“..2‘3, ‘."I;-'e'_‘; El ', f)’;'""r||‘, él'l’l l give

t,{:"'.. “in”: xvi": ,’.l. (L 8'“ f" (tell'r/mmrt.

r,“o'r:r'_~r 't'r.'.'i Palace of

"‘rdi‘ot, aw. Holyroodhouse

Museum of Scotland (.;"£l"‘l)‘r"r Si_l‘:‘:i. :1. .121"). r'x‘i'nt Sat :'

HAHN :rl)"‘ 33.." ADV 13“) ">'(

. ,. ‘41mm?"time'xfl‘flvl [fir/IAN: aw: '1. t"‘: 'r'x, él ‘i.."‘l>i..().lfr 't-tigi ’Hiil' r“‘i""," ‘r’l‘ If ".‘(r'llf'V’JFlk'ilnil'wfllit‘ll “5’ H l "on; 2' . ‘t t<;;it"l;i'f(:’;i/:l..

100 THE LIST 55w

Him: M 1e. ’r‘n’} 1’1‘ilé

.).: . -l_.r’..ii' Mix“. " 'r"*‘,_'-3'. Z";

.‘i‘. it "-ltl‘ 'L‘:"€;.'. gal/neg.


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W u”

Red Cross Survivor Challenge Sun 22 Oct. times; vary; Sports: rslrip

required. British Bert Cross 'Lotl‘ian lrv‘anelri. 5:37 9898. Come along; anti r'; sse money to help the Red Cross airl people l'l over 171) (IOlllill'IOS around We ‘.'./()"l(l. Teams; of four are out through lll()l" paces as they. show off their leavi‘ '.'./ork-vrgi alrilat'es and (:e'i‘i‘r.i'r:<;at'o'r sk ils to complete the (:lratlerrgie.

Tuesday 1

Book events

Ellen MacArthur l-"extiral 'l‘heatre. l5 3‘) \ieolxon Street, 53‘) (rlllll).

Adamson’s Photography National

Portrait (ialler); 1 Queen Street. (r34 (r3l)l). l3.45pm. l-ree. Rolrin Baillie

(rillpm. [—l l£3 l. The xteel} -ner\ ed

)trtiiig \ailor \harex her [I'lill\. trihulationx and .iulrilation in a talk and signing ol her autohiograpli). 'IirAi/iu rm I/Ir' ll'ur/rl.

Other events

Continuing Botanical Art Rural llotanie (iarden. lmerleith Ron. 553 717l. 0.30am l3.3llpm. Wt). See Mon


Introduction to Botanical Art Roral llotanie (iarden. lmerleith Ron. 553 7l7|. 1.3(lpnitk 4.30pm. UN). See

Tue 34.

Introduction to Botanical Art Ro}al Botanic (iarden. lmerleith Row 55: 717i. (rill 3.30pm. £70. See 't‘uc


Design Your Own Garden Ro)al llotanie (iarden. lmerleith Rim. 553 7l7l. 7 ()pm. I‘ll). See Mon 35.

Wednesday 2

Book events

Home and Away Seollidi l’oetr} l.ll\l';ll'}. 5 (‘i‘iehton'x (low. (‘anongattx 557 3S7(r, 7.30pm. [-1 lL'3i. Seolx poet :\lan Riaeh and (ierman poet Dorothea (irun/rxeig share their xentimentx on the ixxuex ol' mile and lrelonging.


Social Reality in Hill and

ll“."‘.?"‘,"~l" Hug, 7‘ f '. l);rl‘v. Vlmx l me. A

sea '3‘ Mirna. flit:-


Musmim Childhood

dixeuxxex the \Htl'lx ol' photographie pioneerx. Hill and Adamxon.

Book events

David Bellamy l'extiuil 'l'heati'e. 13 3‘) \ieolxon Street. 53‘) (rilllll. lpm.

pre\ ie\\.

[4 it'3 l. The popular eolt\el'\;llioni\l gi\e\ a litllx and \igll\ etipie\ ol' lti\ autolriograph}. .lollr (inwr (innit. See

The Great McGonagall Entertains \etherlrou :\rt\ ('enlt'e. 43 45 High Street. 55(r 057‘). Spin. Ur

(Lil). l)e\ ixed Ir} ('hrix Ballanee \\ ith

.lolm Sheddon ax William .\le( iongall. the poet and tragedian regaih \\ ith talex ol Seotland'x hixtor} and highlightx ol

Shalw~peare\ dramatie \rorkx.

Other events The Redcoat Soldier lidinlrurgh

('axtle. Ro}al .\li|e. 335 0340, l lam.

noon. 3pm .k 3pm. LES 1L3 Uri. li\er_\

Sat and Still. l'iiid otit \\ll;tl Me \\a\ like l'or a King (ieorge‘x Redeoal \oldier in

the lSth eenttir}.

Mind, Body and Spirit Sltlt'l‘tlelm. Stoeklrridge. 335 W35. " tineluding drinks). l'immd \\ ith a rela\ing hall hour xevion ol' Reiki.

0pm. {I3

indian head mawige. Shailxu and mneh

more. li


maureentu theelrregroupeoulx lor mor

’it.titrtilr tr‘ tl‘I? 1"“ l§r>igi"r:t (Szi'rie't fl lawm- ‘x: a '.'.'e.:i‘.’i t“ ‘:t";i ‘v:\r"

z‘r'<‘/.r":l ‘."egiltrttt=.

lizrgié1ti";igi'<::kti;i'ile'r grit) Te" tram": paws; ‘i<ri" t’re f<:~"ri>e';i‘.e gi'v: fizrirutgit

izti'ff. :r We 'ltl. ZN,-

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rot/vi (7"fitlléll“"7€" :“

€?‘."(T’"lf§ él"£l (Z'X"l7'.17"f; ilfl,

we? £15§§l.r<l(?:lfif..'fl ' ‘."e 5;..i'ii‘te'.

Royal Museum

'2 (3"ziit‘t‘e's; Sf'eef. .”‘-'-' ~11"El.l\fl:r'r Slit

Whit“ frt"“;

"(roe Erin"; The

'lZai'v trim“


"int: A ‘il‘."

lll’l‘ :‘(l‘.. :;~.~v~~,

.trt"l.‘u.l.::' I.".' i‘t="".i"<>"‘, -i‘~><"l‘f."‘:;

.r' a /I‘ ."r ;I\ 'I“)

/.'. ($43 Scotch Whisky

Heritage Centre

.r’Fr-Zilgifzte" .i"i""‘”.zt

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