Mike Mignola (Dark Horse Comics Titan BookSl

Come the inevitable apocalypse that will follow Bush Jr's numb- brained foray into the one ceiintry his old Pa didn't manage to get a swindler's hold on. we may need a few superheroes on our side to get you through that endless barrage of hijacks and viral cluster bombs.

Hellboy could be the reSLilt of an ultra violent love tryst between Jack Kirby and Stan Lee's orange brick- man. the Thing. and Alan Moore's morose eco-warrior. Swamp Thing. But he's not. He's the son of the Devil. turned good. taught by the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence to fight weird supernatural eVil wherever he finds it. If yOLi missed the original strip in the Dark Horse irregular series then redemption maybe at hand in these three superb new volumes that highlight the glimmering majesty of Mignola's gorgeous artwork.

Seed of Destruction to... l is a good

place to start as it lays ()iit ss()iiic3 ()f tli(3

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Hellboy's history (were still in the dark about a good part of it) and includes a liver forward from Robert Bloch. It is. however. in The Chained Coffin (OOOOOI that Mignola


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iby new writing and illustrating the strip solo-stylei shox'xs his brilliant agenda: take the stories of HP L.o\./ecraft. the \.’lf3tl£t| style of King of Comics Kirby and a huge encyclopaedia on European paranoi'nal folklore. shove it all in a blender and see what comes out the other end. Here "The Corpse' is an excei,)tional piece of storytelling. The Right Hand of Doom (Titan 0... l is more of a rights~of~i)assage

collection of ad\./entures from the life of this confused ghost buster.

MeXican filmmaker

Guillermo del Toro (The Dew/Ls Backbone. Blade //i is currently collaborating with Mignola on a lil()‘-.'|(} of this series. If any one ever deserved the big screen treatment. Hellboy does. It may. for once. be a comic book adaptation worth the wait. (Paul Dalei



Max Allan Collins and Richard Piers Rayner IParadox Press 'l itai‘

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Tough love in Hellboy



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The Beginning Stages of . . .

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Cammell Laird Social



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é‘Ix'rHiE RAE Time Out


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\.'\7'. .if'Hi-II" \/ E .‘fI Uncut-trot». /\i‘it)fi.Fiti€:.


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M (1‘; t ' HAROLD BUDD, BILL NELSON AND FILA BRAZILLIA Three White Roses and a Budd



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REPLACEMENTS Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take out the Trash; Stink EP; Hootenanny; Let it Be

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