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Bodyswerve the high street and head to a museum or gallery shop to snaffle the coolest accessories. Words: Carolyn Aitken


Pop 9 camera (1)

CCA. 350 Sat/Chieha/l Street. 074 7 332 6733. $39.

This nine-lens camera is a bit like the Action Sampler. withOut the variatiOn of shots on the one print. A very cool bit of kit. it gives yOu nine small identical shots with each snap yOu take. leading to a weird patterned picture. It's much like a poor man's Warhol. when he was dOing repetitive prints. Even the crappest of photographers can eaSily pull off an impresswe and funky pic With this gadget. Michael Grave kettle (3)

The Lighthouse, 77 Mitchell Lane. 07 4 7 227 6362. E99. This funky plastic and Silver cordless kettle makes the process Of breWing up a cuppa Just that wee bit more enjoyable. There is even a little bird perched on the end of the spOut that gives a little whistle when boiled how cute. A must for style-conscious tea-Jennies.

Miriam Mirri dog bowl (6)

The Lighthouse. 77 Mitchell Lane, 0747 227 6362. £38.50. Imagine that your dog had a subscription to The Face and only wears collars from Urban Outfitters this would be right up their street. This nicely designed dog bowl enables yOu serve up the scraps of the abattOir to your pedigree Chum in style.

Propaganda salt/pepper shaker (7)

CCA. 350 Sauchieha/l Street. 07 47 332 6733. £39.99. Season in style with this silver two-in-one salt'n'pepper shaker. A winner at Good Design 2000. this product doesn't do much except make your condiments look cool. Briefcase (9)

Gallery of Modern Art. Queen Street, 0747 229 7 996. £22.50. Hide yOur alcoholism from yOur work colleagues no more With this unusual briefcase. Decorated v-rith cans of Gilde Pilsener beer and lined inside with foreign newspapers. this hand—made. and rather ragged case. will have iakeys running up to you wanting to lick it.


Eejit T-shirt (2)

Museum of Scotland. Chambers Street. 0737 247 4279. £72.99. Make like a dodgy Dorothy Paul show and indulge in some raw Scottish dialect With this T-shirt. Oh. the banter you'll be the talk of the steamie.

Carl and Wills digital door number (4)

Collective Gallery 22—28 Cockburn Street. 07 37 220 7260. $5. Give yOur front door that oh-so-trendy 808 t0uch wrth this shiny gold door plate. Push out the bits of metal to make the number you require. then wait for everyone to comment on how it looks like something from the set of Bob Holness' Blockbusters.

National Gallery of Scotland slides (5)

National Gallery of Scotland, The Mound. 07 37 624 6200. £37. Can't Quite afford some original high an? Get the next best thing With these babies. Get a proiector and one of these Cl slides and project the likes of Monet. Van Gogh and Gauguin onto your liVing room wall. Classy.

Unity tea towel (8)

Co/lecti've Gallery. 22—28 Cockburn Street. 0737 220 7 260. £8. Banish those scabby. naff, hand-me-down tea towels to the swmg bin With this funky bit of fabric that resembles a kitchen shelf. This stylish 100°: cotton towel is enough to make yOu enj0y lor even start) washing the dishes. Check Out for other de8igns.

Gird and Cleek (10)

Museum of Childhood, 42 High Street. 0737 529 4 742. £9.95. Purchasmg this modern replica of an old-skool playground faVOurite may result in yOur granny fighting yOu for a shot. Back in the days befOre Commodore 648 and Playstations. this is how the kids got their kicks.