V I saw you )titr etrrl} hlonde angel-yin inrpailed _\our\ell‘on a ehair \at night-I'll look alter )otr. Smouter‘ \\ [745l/73

V I saw you on the hoat li'orn Bellini to Stranraer‘. then tlte (illhgtm train. Yotr had a great \mile and ama/ing e} ex. I “ore a kill and had no gtllx. [7451/74 V I saw you at .-\lton 'i'tmerx on Satur‘da} the 7th Septernher iii the queue lor '()hli\ ion' - .\ hlorrd haired. hltre e_\ ed gu_\ \\ ith a lip \IUd. Something \\;I\ ineredihl} intrigtring and id [in e to hear from him -jane [7451/75 V I saw you outxide eea. all hunehex dark \kin & reall} etrte \mile. )ou \\ ere telling jokex to a homelexx pet'xonYY I laughed. )ou told rue l'or e\er'_\ latrglt there'x a tear tk made me hu} a hig ixxtreff I fell in lo\ e111 'I‘hink _\our1'riend /hti}1i‘it‘itd'.".’ ealled }trtr 'l .ee'. Where did )ott go in that earl”? eea again'.’ XX [7451/70

V I saw you 1.in/i B aka ’l'hea llte red ltead in \Yoodlandx Rd. jumping on m_\ haek. hut not Ior mueh longer ax )ou're lea\ ing \oon txohi. l,o\ e al\\a_\ x...Ihe Man In lilaek. \ [7451/78

V I saw you tron theatre har laxt l'rida}. i \\a\ in opert \hir't and ll'till\L‘i'\. tr u ere irr \\ ith matex arotrnd (Lillpm [7451/70


V I saw you _\oung 'I‘onr (‘ruixe look-a-like in ('(“x l'rida} 31) .v\ugu\t. You're \o etrte. lie iii} top gun‘.’ [7451/34 VI saw you heliin llte liar at llte('il) (are. You- ginger .'\doni\. .\le - legg} lira/ilian \ i\en. I.o\e rite long tittte. [7451/35 V I saw you in lil_\ llal. ()xeat'. I’lL‘;l\L‘ [IUII‘I eome haek. (it) li\L‘ \\ llli I’L'IIIIIL'I (ilth \IIIL‘II. Doodle. [7451/3o V I saw you and )our \ixler perlorming llte 'I‘riek} Riek) .\Iagie Shim during tlte textual. ('an I he )otrr gorgeoux axxixtant thix '\ear'.’ .\ [7451/37 V I saw you. ('it} ('ale- )0“ got lotx o1 hair. like to knou \that\ under that l'u//. [7451/38 V I saw you (iol’tloti in l‘ingerx liar on 'I‘uexda} leth .'\ug alter llead (iamex. l’leaxe get itt totreh.'1'ortr. [7451/30 VI saw you looking glanroroux on the dexk at the ( ieorgian llouxe. \Yliel't‘ tlitl )titl get Ililll \hau l'.’ SL‘C _\ou in ( ia} l’ar'eeTY [7451/411 V I saw you mimex at llre (it) ('ale »- Bridget and 1)a\ ina'.’ Yotr drank ll\ under the tahle - imprexxn e \lllll girle Would like to redeem Ulll'\L‘l\L‘\. J tk I". \.\\. [7451/41 V I saw you the mix} rtroonirrg erett in the Inn. Bar 30/8/02. We are going to mixx )ou polka-daneing l)an. l‘rom I.N.S.Ii & I’ran. ['/45|/42 VI saw you at Iguana on m_\ leax ing do. You‘re in) ho} l‘riend and I [m e )(ill and we'll meet again e\ en alter I'\ e gone home to Australia. l'll mixs _\ou. [7451/43 V I saw you at the (‘it_\ (‘al‘e har. Yotr - tall. dark. handxome llliiiik _\ottt' narne’x (iregg 1. .\le ~ tall. hlonde and eax}. Yott I\11(i\\ who I am. [74.5 l/44 V I saw you Shugg). m} ho}. 'lhank _\otr lot“ ntaking rtre \mile inxide and out. Ytrlll‘x il _\otr want me. Slig \. [7451/45 V I saw you You \\ ere m} llopp} -haired hipp} huxker. 3 ixxuex ago I ol'lered )ou in} liongox. :\I't‘ _\otr \ure _\ou don't want to pla} \xith me'.’ [7451/53

V I saw you at the 'i‘rax-erxe looking \ttrnning on _\our

()utl} irrg lxland. Johnn). he good [0 me lilitl I'll lL‘l _\Ull keep llte tahle. the door. [IIL' lloot'. tlte rrtaltrev. the slum er. .. [7451/40 VI saw you Strnda} l/‘) 18110. .lel \Yaxh .\lonlro\e 'I‘erraee.

llax ing pt'ohlemx e) ele linixhed earl}. Sil\ er 'l‘o}ota Rm -S reg. You axked iii} opinion ax _\ou were selling ear. Me: 110“ hlaek \'\Y (ioll'. like to meet lor a L‘tillt‘c/tll'iiik \tHiiL‘IlliiC'.’ [745 l/47 V I saw you (a \egax it iIlIL‘i’\\til'tl\... .\le: girl in hlaek. \ll\ er. leather tk red lair} light headdresx. You: The l'ahulotrx & e\traordinar'_\ eiti/enx of Iidinhurgh \\'ho\e reaetionx tirade in} night \peetaeular! [745l/4h‘ VI saw you tall handxome

\hax ed head hiker iii the Blue Moon through the \urumer. .v\l\\a'\ \ \\ ith li'iendt \1. I'm the good looking matr \taring at _\ou \\ ith admiration. \\‘I.'l'.\l'.’ [ 7451/4‘)

VI saw you Mr Spike} ('hin. .-\\leep in the Strnxhine. 1 “ant to deep \\ ith )ou and _\our l'riendx in the rtroming \llli ol‘e\er} eonlineul. ‘Ilie Bad .\'trr\e. [745 l/5()

V I saw you at l).l Shadott. Iind ol’ the night. _\ou \\ ere looking heautil'ul tk l \aid \o. l eouldn't hang around. hut il' _\ou \\ ant to rrreet again... [7451/51 VI saw you l)a\ id at ’l'raxer'xe lio\ ()l‘liee. adonix like ereature a\ee heard. glaxxex. heautil'ul \lilIlC. lilth) laugh. and a great a“? What a paekage. \thal a irrari...the da} )titr got married rue and in) \ixter er'ied? [7451/52 VI sawyrou Ian. ll')otr lane} a drink \\ itlt the prettiext girl on the \ite then get in toueh \\ ith her. [ 7451/53 V I saw you darting round the edinhurgh muxeum ol' dental \lll'g‘t‘l‘} (ii/(it). i \\;I\ hidng heltind a diar‘ama admiring )out' limegreen t—xhirt. mile to me l'or iltl\L‘Iiltll'L‘\. [7451/54

V I saw you the inxanel}

\e\_\ axxixtant in lidinhtrrgh \Yhiplaxh’l'raxh. Your ama/ing lo\eline\\ hax rtre redueed to poxlirtg an ad in "l‘he l.i\t'. pleaxe get in toueh hel'ore i get an) more pathetiel [7451/55 VI saw you in Pam. 'l’op ol' the liill'el Ion er. ('old. ner\ou\. htrt happ). \Yax a \hort hut glorioux \teekend. You ptrt a hig lat \mile on in} laee. 'l'hank _\ou. [7451/5o VI saw you .\'atline. at the llone} eomh. Yotr uth to took at the 'I'ra\er\e dtrring the lexlnal. I ga\ e )ou a prexenl tk )Ull/ dixapix‘ared. (iel in totreh. [ 7451/57 V I saw you in 'l‘exeo .\lelro latrghing at the little ho} eating ra\\ hroeeoli. I'd like to we that latrgh again \omeda}. [7451/5‘) V I saw you Salixhur} Road. \Yednexda} 1 1 Sept. around ‘1am.You. Long dark hair. hlaek trouxers. hlaek jaeket. e}e1ing to“ ardx .\Iinto Street L'I‘t)\\i‘()lltl\. You are 1o\el_\. hut I \Hillltl

ne\ er hax e caught up \\ ith )ott on l'ool. (‘ould I eom liiL‘L‘ )‘ill to \[tip lol‘ u etil'lt‘e'.’ [745 I/(iII

VI saw you beautiful thalt‘i Axian girl in the Ilone} eomh on the Saturda} night Darren [immerxon “ax p|a_\ irtg. You \xere \\ ith a di\lre\\ed lriend. We talked about l'itlilililll'g'li k il'x people. I'd lti\ e [U prmeynr\xrongfl[7451/01

V I saw you on Surrda} in _\otrr hr'ight orange tilllt'\ \\ illt _\otrr hand on the tiller and the

\\ ind in _\our hair looking like the happiext girl in the \\t)|'ltl. You looked heatrlilul and l lo\ e _\titl. [4/45 l/(i.i

V I saw you milking along .\lel\ ille In on ‘)/‘1 about one. You the girl \\ itlr \hort hroun hair me the gu} \\l1li dark hair and hlaek leather eoat. \Ye C\L‘lillli§_‘L‘tl glllliL‘L‘\ L‘l'tixxilig‘ tlte road paxt each other. 11. it \\a\ meaningful L‘i‘ti\\ to m} \ide ol' the road. [745 Ht»:

V I saw you in m} dreamx. You lel't her and \a\ ed rue from in) sell. I'm ex er \o loxt. l ean't find in} na}. ‘) )L‘ill'\ arid eounting... [7451/03

VI saw you in .\‘li in the summert 1’) o1"%. l)o _\ou ex er rememlx‘r"? You do it to )otrrxelll ('an't get no \leep ean u'.’ l'or‘exerl'riendx \jm tk dhe [7451/04 VI saw you on the IISS l‘r'oru Bellaxt to Str'anraer on the 7th Sept. l \\a\ the one in the kill. _\otr \\ ere the one falling axleep. [745 l/(io VI saw you and Shah Rukh at the [ '( i(' lidinhtrrgh 24/3. We talked ol'heing hlonde itr India. htrt I \lit lllltl'\ e added it lL‘\\ more \\ot'd\. (‘are to l\liti\\ \xhieh'.’ [ 7451/(r7

V I saw you ohxeene ragga gal. look at tile \\ ith tlroxe hig hroun e} ex. [' \till don't repl_\. are )Ull \poken lot"? I hel 1 eotrld treat u better... [7451/(i8

How to place an‘

V Exciting, beautiful woman \eek'x trneontplieated enjo} merit \\ ith independent. \L‘Iixllill rnatr intelligent enough to prefer rela\ed l'r'iendxhip.

ph} \ieal PlL‘ihllI'L' and inlelleetual e\ploraliou to irrational "lo\ e". 'I‘olerant per‘xoualil). dixlike ol larnil} lil'e arid enthuxiaxm lor lra\el ad\anlageou\. I.ook\. age. unimportant. 1io\ .\'o. l’/45l)/l VLange handsome dog weld 40+ tron \Iiitikt‘l' lor’ lriendxlrip/ rorirarree \\ illr hix petite pretl} liil\ll‘t‘\\. l’.S. She CIIIU)\ good lood. lirte \\ iue and tra\el. l’/45 l/l

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