Classified Loveline

V White lov'ng 5am gu). 4th. tall. \lim. attractne. interextiug hut \ingle. Su‘kx )ounger female to draw interexts. (‘all me on Wt )69 5 l4.‘~l I

V Fun loving, dependable. honed. caring. \trong. paxxionate. senxithe ck \\lll_\. 6'. long lair hair. athletic huild. good looking. lit. hlue/gr'een e} ex. Seeks \imilar female. ('all me on 09069 5l43tlh’ V Male, 46, single. Ito children. ll/x. likex taking pliologt'apllx. reading. gardening. cats ck dri\ ing. looking lor \imilar “(llllllll tor a committed relationxhip. (’all me on 09069 5l-13l6

V Male, lives in lidinhurgh. 55. single parent. norking. ex il 80“. lo\e.\ lllllxlc‘. part) ing ck generth ha\ ing fun. seeking a l‘r'icla} night companion for cluhhing ck cauxing a nuixance. ('all me on 09069 5l-13 17 V Tall, dark stereotype (ilaxgou male. 36. \eckx l'emale l'or l'n'enchhip ck compart}. 26-30. .\lu\t not he mad? ('all rrre on (l9( )69 5l-l3l8

V Male earth angel. 38. 5'7". medirrm huild. hlue e)e\. \eeks celextial girl angel. 50x. \\ ith a dex lllxll \ide to help clean hix

\\ ingx. linjoy li\e muxic. art ck cinema. ('all me on ()9069 5l429tl V Sensitive, intelligent, attractive. 35) r olcl male. \\'l.'l'.\l \imilar liemale l'or l‘riendxhip ck more. ('all me on 0906‘) 5 l-l:9l

V Tall Edinburgh guy. 57. permide blond hair. pierced. Vegetarian. lich punk. (iolltx ck metal. \\‘l.’l‘.\l (iothic lad} lor lilllix. cluhx. gig\ ck adrentur'ex. ('all me on 0906‘) 51-1294

V Glasgow male, 5'1 1". \lim. clean cut. pl'tile\\lttll;tl. outgoing ck xenxitixe. likex c} cling ck hill \xalking. \\'l.'l‘.\l \lim. \llllllttl’ lemale \\ ith (iSUll. ('all me on 09069 5 l4335

V Edinburgh male, tall. dark ck claxhing. .5l)}l‘\ old. \\'l.'l'.\l uoman. 30-45. lor l'r'iendxhip ck fun. ('all me on 09069 5l42lx’7

V If you love \hopprng ck watching TV. then go to the nut ad\ert7 I‘m 33. horn in Ital). allracthe. ll/\, \egetarrun. lo\e hookx. art. \unxhine. trawl. a challenge ck to he independent. Looking lot‘ a lemalc l'riend. (Kill me on 0906‘) 5l-1293

V Passionate, handsome, funny ( ilaxgou male. 39. \cekx attractiie l‘ernale

\\ ith lertile imagination. to \iake tip \\ ith in a l‘rench \tllllllm er lield. (‘ttll me till 09069 .5l-l295

V Fit, attractive, sensitive. rnale. inc. \eekx lemale in 30x. to \hare interextrng tirrrex in Izdrnhurgh. ('all rrre on 09069 5l-lZ‘)X

126 THE LIST "3 80;, 1‘: ()4! 1/

VBright, cheerful 3O \omething. (ilaxgtm gent. /an} S( )l l. n/\. like\ art. nature. dancing. \\'I fl'.\l \elt\lli\e. Pttvittltclle |ad_\. lo elljtl} time together. ('all me on 09( )69 51-1299

V 34yr old male. 5'7". medium huild. enjo} \ keeping lit. gym. martial art\. \ocialixing ck quiet night\ in \\ ith a DVD. \eekx \imilar l'emale lor l'ricndxhip ck more. (lull me on 0906‘) 5l-l500

V Attractive stylish male. 46. enjo) \ cinema. rttuxic. hookx ck line lood. \\'l.'l‘.\l lidinhurgh girl to \hare thexe ck other pctwlttllx (ittll me on 09069 5l-13lll VLanarkshire guy, 41. ('hnxtian. \h). romantic. ln'endl}. outgoing. \Vl Il'.\l \imilar lemale. 40-45. for night\ out. theatre. cinema. concert» rextaurantx ck romantic \ialkx along the heach. ('all me on ll9l l69 5MB:

V 25yr old male. looking r‘or l'riend \\ ho \eekx humour. e\citement ck the pthxll‘llll} ol' romance. ('all me on 09069 5l4333

Wo en see mg men

V Almost 30yr old uoman \\litt \llll leel\ like l9 l‘tll klltm \ ll'\ time to mine on. Anyme underxtand‘.’ (all me on 0906‘) 5l~l5l l9

VTaII, slim, so not hlonde ck 33. needx to cure men phohia urgently .\'o p\) cho hahhle hut ( iS( )l l required. ('all me on (M l69 5 I 4306 V No sexy Edinburgh hirdx \eek I unattached. eaogoing. educated men. 24-34. l'or e\citement. Nttl lllll much to trxk l'or'l’TT ('all me on 0906‘) 5ND) VFoxy, funky female. 26. \tantx lit. conlident male. 36-36. lor \\ irrirrg. dining ck late night groox ing. lidinhurgh area. (‘all me on 09069 5 Hit Ll

V Friendly, intelligent, caring lentale. 38. hluc c}e\. hright \mile ck poxitne attitude. \eekx honext (ilaxgon mart to \hare laughter. nightx in ck night\ out. l.ike\ dancing. good com et’\;tltttlt. long walk. tra\el ck achenture. ('all me on 09069 5l-ll92

.26“ Old female. dark hair ck

e) e\. “l fl'Xl tnale. 36-56. lor lriendxhrp ck more. ('all me on (Ni 69 5|43"3 VThree cute, fun lo\ ing lidinhurgh girlx. \cek 3 morth lor l‘riendxhip+. PS. .\lu\t reall} he morer :\tl}ltllte. ('all me on 09069 514236 V Adventurous 8. bubbly 4|}r old l'eniale \\ ith mam interextx \\'l.'l‘.\l tall. caring. carelrec rrrale. 39-43. l‘or lriendxhip ck goocl trmex. ('all me on 09069 5l439"

V Soft, genuine, affectionate lir l'cmale. n/x. ix. green e} e\. (iS( )l l. lo\ e\ theatre ck rno\ iex. dancing. rnrrxic. drinkx ck the countr} \ide. Still \eeking that \peeial per'xon. ('all me on 09069 5l~l$3ll

. Bright & beautiful \Htlllilll. l‘riendl}. outgoing. lidinhurglr haxed. lm ex dancing. ttltlxle. good lurid.

ll';t\ el. \eekx attractiw. \llttt. romantic male. 35-50. \iho lo\c\ to dance. (qu me on 09069 5MB"

V Blue eyed version or l)a\\n l‘rench. 36. luxt ax l'unn} hut l ditlt'l get paid lttl' lli Seekx prolexxional gu). late 30» 30x. lieckharn ltlclk it like\ pl'clerr'cd lril' hot datex. (qu Inc on 09069 5|.l33l V Single female, 29. \c-c-k\ help in er the 30) r hurdle? l.ikc\ corned}. good chat. coritcrnpor';rr'_\ licllotl ck outdoor ad\etlltrl'e\. (Kill me on 09069 5l-l33—

V Dark haired, 5'2". 32. prolexxional. like\ going out. cinema. tennrx ck rneetrrrg Ir'rc-nch. \eekx Inale ol \irnrlar age lor great tirnex. (Kill me on 09069 5l-l i ‘5

Ukjtelligent, “mm. ' gs, confident lemale. 31. ltt\e\ literature. lilrnx ck \lttlld upcomed}.

\Vl fl'.\l \tcll educated. culture loi ing tall man. 3t Ml ). ( all me on (Mt )69 5 NW»

“Rich. someous nymphomaniac. onl} kidding! St} lixh. \ain. e\lro\er1. imaginatiie. ad\cnturou\. colitptmioltale. talkatixe. corrric ck intellectual. \orne \icex ck \kelL‘ltttl\. age 5.5. \eekx lttll. lll. ho} l\ll. non \cene pt‘olcxxionalx \\ ith Bohemian iINiltelx (Kill me till 09( )69 5M.“ l0

V Attractive, professional gay l‘cnrale. Rx. “arm. ltltttl}. rela\ed ck outgoing. errio'xx \\ ining. dining ck the limit} \ide ol’ lilc. \eekx \imilar for mutual laughter. ('all me on 09069 51-1389 V Gay female, 35. like\ a mi\ture ol' clil'l'erent thingx. \cekx l'riendxhip. maihc more. (‘all me on 09069 5l—l50—

V Lesbian, 36, likes puhx. cluhx. mo\ ie\ ck theatre. \\’l.'l‘.\l \omeone \imilar l'or l'rienclxhip. ('all tile on 09069 .5 l-l5l).5

V Attractive, professional gay lemalc. 55'. \\;tl‘lll. lunn). rela\ed ck outgoing. erljo} \ \\ irring. dining ck \ocialimrg. \eekx \imilar lor mutual laughter. (’all rrre on (M )69 5l4.‘~l4

9 30yr old gay \mman. \eekx \oulmate to rextore m} laith in line. to he in} inxpiration. m_\ \upport. m_\ l'riend ck make me he the permit I “am to he. l)o yin ha\ e \\ hat it takex'.’ ('all me on 0906‘) 51-1234 VSingle gay female. 35. genuine ck eaxi going. “I .‘l'.\l \orneonc genuine lor l'riendxhip ck ma) he more. ('all lite on 09( )69 5 l4354

V Gay female, 28. l'eminine. enio) \ cinema. mu\ic. puhx. cluhx. night\ in ck otrt. \eekx \imilar lemale I'or l'riendxhip ck maihe more. (all me on 09069 .5l—l505

V Everything but the girl. So \orllellttrlg girl needed to complete the punk. ('all me on 09069 5l-l.i2c\’ V Ally you called on the I‘m Ha}. I couldn't get hack to ion. I haie the \\ rong rrumher. (‘all again. (Kill me on 09069 514339

V Lesbian, 30, likes puhx. cluhx. romantic mealx out. line \\ incx looking lor \imilar l‘ernale \\ rth

(iS( )l l. 38?. l'or lriend\hip ck ma}hc more. ('all me on 09069 5 HF"

MerL. see mg men

V Professional guy, 35. \tock} huild. outgoing. cnjo) \ lllglll\ in / out ck eating otrt. \\’l.’l‘.\l gu_\ \ ol \irnilar age or _\oungcr. l'or lriendxhip ck pcmrhl) more. (all me on (mom 5 l 4le

V Male, 42, sensitive ck carrng. \\'l.'l‘.\l \imilar male. 3055. \\ ltrt'\ illlel'e\l\ are theatre. tll';tlll;t ck \prritual matter'x. (ienuine repliex only ('all rrre on 09069 5l~lZc\'.i

Seekin compa ons

V Woman, 54, unfit at prcwent. Scekx ualkrng corrrpanionx. \\ ho \\ l\ll to hegin \\ llll \Iiort rela\ed \\;i|k\ ck hurlcl lrom there. ('all rrre on 09069 Sit in:

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